• Thank you! :D
    2 år sedan
    Ahhh, thank you so much for your kind comment! It was really encouraging since you have such a magnificent collection yourself ^u^
    2 år sedan
    =D fosho~ Hibari is the only one for meeee~ but yeah, I really wish they'd get some KHR Nendoroids, lonnnng overdue for em!! There's still so much KHR merchandise coming out, so that must mean it's making money kufufu... and I totally feel ya, my mom thinks I'm crazy for buying so much... especially my Hibari collection XD wheeeeeeeeee!
    2 år sedan
    lesbian CEO of obsessive merch buying
    angelbott2 år sedan#28823424Hello! c: Your collection is neat! ^0^ I know I am old for ask mfc user another on too long time on here..how you do for add picture on banner under your avatar and background they look so good on your page! :)
    *look at him* okay *click* You're welcome. c: he is handsome heh. xD

    Ah thanks!! I like yours too!! It's a custom banner, but it might be a supporter thing? I'm not entirely sure. ><
    2 år sedan
    angelbott3 år sedan#25571981I read your comment you kind of will quit on MFC because..sore eye update MFC.. ;w; I wonder you have blog of collectors webs. I don't mind to bookmark c: I plan to make plurk for notes lists of my fandoms collections. c:
    Yeah this really sucks. I don't have another website (so it REALLY pains me to have to part with MFC), but that's actually a really good idea! I might do the same as you if my spreadsheet tracking don't turn out as nice. xD
    3 år sedan
    angelbott3 år sedan#24085742heh cute ice creams of gin and hiji. xDD
    Thanks^^ They are very refreshing too^^
    3 år sedan
    angelbott3 år sedan#23764553you're welcome! c: Thanks! c: ooh..so this is asshole you say this.. xD haha. xD
    Lol yeah he's that 'asshole', also sorry for the late reply, I haven't had much time to be on MFC~
    3 år sedan
    Sekhmet Killing Stalking
    angelbott3 år sedan#23655356So sad with MHToy Shop. T,T /pouted orz /sob
    Yeah it is :/ I'm pretty sure I didn't have anything on order with them so I guess in that regard I'm lucky but still :(
    3 år sedan
    angelbott3 år sedan#23730493Your collection is very neat! XD your avatar is cool. c: I forget who he from. x,x; orz
    Thank you btw! Likewise on your collection. My avatar is Hanamiya Makoto from Kuroko no Basket~
    3 år sedan
    angelbott3 år sedan#23540127Your collection is cool! xD
    You don't mind for I ask what's you half paid from MHTS items is? =o I hope they need to explain to us.. it not funny..:c


    It was Chiaki from Danganronpa and a nendoroid. Fully paid for as well :/
    3 år sedan
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