• HAha sry :D ITEM #156713
    couldn't reply because I know I could not pay him but new month is on the sky ;D
    5 år sedan
    Hey thanks for the message what do you want for him? :)
    5 år sedan
    lazymez 捨て駒だよね。。。
    Zorgen5 år sedan#2424616Hello) Its great doujinshi with my OTP. I got it near year ago on mandarake. And I pay a lot for it indeed( But I'm happy with it) Do you know is this one include on it? ITEM #260790Seems like we share same OTP, haha. This is one of my favourite circles and I'm trying to collect them all. It's just that some anthologies are so goddamn pricey.

    I actually went extra mile, and edited all five of those anthologies to list which stories they've got in. Check them out if you're interested. I happily even found one publication ITEM #261028 I've never seen before, while in process.
    ITEM #260790 has my favourite cover ´v` it's included only in one anthology ITEM #260817.
    5 år sedan
    lazymez 捨て駒だよね。。。
    Holy--! I'm impressed you've got your hands on ITEM #260816 . It's my doujinshi holygrail, but I've never seen it pristine for under 8000 yen for last 3 or 4 so years. That price tag is hindering me, plus the fact I've already got original releases for most stories included in it. Yet I still want it so bad...

    Did you get incredibly lucky with it, or were you a early bird? Or actually caved in to pay current price? Nonetheless, I'm burning jealous. xD
    5 år sedan
    I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

    Happy Birthday ! =)
    6 år sedan
    Zorgen6 år sedan#2175903Hello) Can I ask you to make photo of ITEM #93921 and ITEM #135839 and ITEM #109921 near each other without stands to see their scale please?

    The Kuji figures can't actually be removed from their bases. I can still take a photo if you want though?
    6 år sedan
    Zorgen6 år sedan#2034591привет)) ты из какого города?)
    Здравствуй. Прости за столь долгий ответ. Редко сюда захожу... ТоТ
    Я из Харькова ^^"
    6 år sedan
    Zorgen6 år sedan#2069551Hello. Do you still selling chrome Zidane?

    No sorry
    6 år sedan
    Zorgen6 år sedan#2014768Hello. Do you still selling chrome Zidane?


    no sry.
    6 år sedan

    7 år sedan
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