• omg it makes me super happy if people are reminded of me when they see Basara ;v;

    thank you very much for the link!!!
    I hope i'll remember to check the artist's etsy once the store opens again lmao
    1 år sedan
    fortykoubuns Fujo Trash Receptacle
    Thank you for the rec! It makes me so happy to see that there are still circles out there releasing Keith doujin even if it's just a little bit ;_; he deserves all the love ;_____; (now only if there was a decent scale out for him siggghhhh). TY again ^_^
    1 år sedan
    omg your avatar is too cute. TwT he is OC? or where he from? =o
    3 år sedan
    Oyamatsumi 大山積命
    Ohayou !
    Welcome to you on MFC :3
    5 år sedan
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