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  • HarukaHaruno19914 år sedan#15013435nice to meet a love live fan !? xD
    whats your favopair in LLsunshine ?

    Hi, thanks for the friend request. Nice to meet you, you have such an awesome collection!
    As for your question... I don't really have a fav pair but if I did it would probably be Chika x You. How about you? ^
    4 år sedan
    Nice to meet you too! I can see you are in idol hell too! XD

    I added those prize figures to my wish list because Dia and Mari looked the best of the set. Also they are my best girls, Dia being the absolute #1, haha. I might get Kanan too, to complete the third years, but I wasn't as impressed with her pose. I'm waiting to see better pictures, though!

    My favourite pairings in Sunshine? Hmm..
    Probably Kanan x Mari. However, I like any pairings within the third years! I probably automatically say Kanan x Mari, because that's what the anime was pushing. Do you play the mobile game, School Idol Festival? The Kanan x Mari Ultra Rare cards are so beautiful *3*

    I also like Yohane x Hanamaru. Also, Riko x You, but I'm not as keen on this one. The third years are best!!! Haha
    4 år sedan
    lol sorry my auto correct changed dia's name to did lol so sorry :)HarukaHaruno19914 år sedan#15013041ah ok :-O
    what you mean with this sry..xD. >> i like mari did too
    (i cant speak so good english - im german) xD
    4 år sedan
    i like mari did too, i ship everyone with everyone in sunshine lol, ya i can kinda see what you are saying about chika, but i still like it, also it is still a prototype so it could be fixed HarukaHaruno19914 år sedan#15013036dia+mari fit perfect. thats my favo pair.:-) kanan mari dont fit a bit.
    chika not bad but the eyes are little to big in some pictures.^^ just take a look.
    4 år sedan
    Mari Kanan probably, ep 9 killed me. I just ordered my chika nendo, what is your fav LL sunshine paring HarukaHaruno19914 år sedan#15012074nice to meet a love live fan. what your favo pair in ll sunshine?
    4 år sedan
    HarukaHaruno19914 år sedan#14970492haha ok...xD
    everything with one.. xD im confused now but i think i have understand it.lolxD

    Ayyy, you got it! Nice to meet ya :)
    4 år sedan
    HarukaHaruno19914 år sedan#14967433a nice one .....day ? xD

    And in The Matrix... The One... is only Neo. HAHAHAHA. GET IT? Oh, no here I go again. Sorry lol.
    4 år sedan
    HarukaHaruno19914 år sedan#14967433a nice one .....day ? xD

    Nonono, a nice one is just having a nice one. Like it can only be one. Just one. Have you ever seen the movie, The Matrix? It's like having just one reality. The one where robots control the world :D. See, it's one!!
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    HarukaHaruno19914 år sedan#14945992what one ?

    A nice one :D
    4 år sedan
    HarukaHaruno19914 år sedan#14927569with pleasure *_* please.
    A nice day you mean ? xD

    No, just one D:
    4 år sedan
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