• Fellow Singaporean who likes Psycho-Pass and Kondou Takashi, and has Mikorin as your banner? Sent you a friend request :D
    3 år sedan
    I'm so sorry to bother you again but can you help me crop this ITEM #356475 thumbnail to show the whole cover instead of just the characters (media cover rules right?) It's not in draft and I can't edit it. Many thanks! :D
    3 år sedan
    Aww thank you -ww-
    Yep I like it too ;3

    Edit: I just look at your profile and jeez I LOVE it ! So many stars and pretty colors *.*
    hikaridranz3 år sedan#15888252your profile's neat and pleasant to read :D
    I like the divider too (●´ϖ`●)
    3 år sedan
    Hey sorry to bother you but I found that ENCYCLOPEDIA #1602 is linked as "other" for the first and second season of the anime encyclopedia entries and I can't change it to "main character" because it's not in draft. Could you help me change it please? Thank you :D
    3 år sedan
    hikaridranz4 år sedan#13603900:/ Toycoin just emailed that local retailers are affected since Megahouse stopped distributing here, so they cancelled orders and offered an alternative that's SGD200, upfront payment.

    Welp, that's disappointing. Actually I haven't ordered her yet, planning on ordering from Megatrea myself in the end (probably tomorrow before the preorder deadline, just got my pay ^^;) The alternative at SGD200 is too much for me D:
    4 år sedan
    Hello again. I'm very confused, I spent a while trying to search for this but I can't seem to find any Sonny Angel at all in the database.
    I bought a Sonny Angel blind box today and was confused when I couldn't find any of them on here when I got home. I was wondering why he isn't on here.
    4 år sedan
    Hi there too! Fellow Tales fan! =)
    4 år sedan
    hikaridranz4 år sedan#11438511assuming you were the one who commented about the GEM Ruki & Renamon on TC chatbox, it's up for PO le :P (commenting just in case you haven't seen it)

    Sorry for the very late reply, I haven't been logging in frequently ^^;
    Thank you for notifying me~! Glad that they're available through ToyCoin, I think I'll preorder once I sort out my budget ^^
    4 år sedan
    hikaridranz4 år sedan#11046385stopping by to say I like your illustrations ٩(・ᴗ・ )ゞ
    and you have Tekkon Kinkreet Kuro Side
    I only have the White Side LOL

    Thank you!! Right back at you with your lovely portraits.

    LOL yay we complete the set!
    4 år sedan
    Hi, thanks for guidence....
    4 år sedan
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