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  • Sephirona
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    Since this club consists of Arlong Park users, introduce yourself and also tell us who you are on APforums!

    I'll start. *u*

    I'm Sephirona, also known as Sephirona on APforums.net. I am a crazy collector of OP merchandise (mostly Portgas D. Ace and Rob Lucci) and I'm /still/ looking for WINTER ISLAND SECRET ACE. DAMMIT!
    I'm always eager to chat about One Piece, and always willing to buy figures of my favorite characters should you want to part with them. Wink.
    Nice to meet yous. (;
    ~ ASCE ~
    ace squid crew extraordinaire
  • flyingteapot
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    Well, I'm with the same nick on APforums.net also, so nice to meeet everyone once again! (o3o)/

    I'm a rather simple collector ^^;

    I started out collecting MegaHouse's Portrait of Pirates at first and then that intention was changed with the awesomeness of Banpresto's Grand Line Men series announcement.

    I collect the characters I like or interested in these days because most POPs turned out to be impossible to get for me unless I'm willing to pay x times it's worth on online stores - which I thought I'd rather wait for a re-release if it's a character I'm not very into :P

    I ADORE the mini OP figures but knowing myself, if I start going after them I (or rather; my wallet) will never see the end of it so I'm really doing my best to hold myself back~~~ ><

    One Piece is getting SO MANY merchandise x)

    Once again; nice to meet everyone~
  • OneManCollection
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    10 år sedan
    Hello ppl,

    I am OneManCollectablez and this is my OneManCollection!!!.

    I buy Figures of OnePiece
    But my intrest is escalating to Dragonball and Queensblade.

    I also review some collectablez i have bought on my youtube page.

    My fav person in OP, Hmm thats a good question. But my real fav is luffy. YEAH LUFFY, i like what he stands for and how he kicks the asses of any1 who hurt him or his friends.

  • Shichibukai
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    Hello my name is Shichibukai and my name on arlongpark is (big surprise) also Shichibuaki! I am a big one piece fan and my favorite one piece collectables are the POP figures and i also like Banprestos GLM series, the FC series and WCF series. My favorite one piece characters are Luffy and Franky and my favorite villains are Lucci, Enel and Crocodile and i also like Whitebeard and KUma but to tell the truth i like nearly all the characters in one piece.
  • TabascoBoshi
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    9 år sedan
    Hi, I'm Tabasco Boshi and I have the same name in the Arlong Park Forums. Probably you have seen me in the forums asking stupid questions (I'm relatively new in collecting figures, I started in July).

    My favorite manga/anime is One Piece and when I saw the Sogeking P.O.P I decided to start collecting One Piece merchandise. I couldn't get the Sogeking P.O.P but I saw the Strong Edition P.O.Ps and I decided to get them. Fortunately I had a lot of money saved and now I have all the crew as you've probably have seen. Then I saw the WCFs and I'm planning to get all the Straw Hat pirates in their first appearance and some others that I like. I'll get the P.O.Ps I like the most too.

    My favorite characters are Usopp, Buggy and Jango, and also I'm from Spain, so sorry for my bad English.
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