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    Since they're both around the same time and this club isn't super active as it is, I figured a thread for both of these would probably work.

    Now then-- Among other things, at NYCC, we've been shown the following:

    SHF Tyrannoranger: ITEM #126883
    SRC DaiBouken: ITEM #127072
    MonsterArts King Kong: ITEM #127088

    While TN'12 hasn't happened yet, we've already got some nice stuff to look forward to - from things coming out then to things they're showing off:

    SHF Kamen Rider Fourze Effect Parts Special: ITEM #120824
    SHF Kamen Rider Den-O Chou Climax Form: ITEM #120823
    SHF H-01 (Tiger and Bunny): ITEM #91567

    Ultra-Act Ultraman Nexus: ITEM #127215
    SHF Kamen Rider Wizard: ITEM #125573

    I'll update this as I see more, and if anyone has anything to add, feel free and go ahead! I imagine we'll be seeing all kinds of cool stuff over the next few weeks.
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