Take care of your figures!Cleaning mould?

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    I recently purchased ITEM #77410 preowned in sealed condition.

    Nothing looked awry until I opened the blister and found her cape and the plastic sheet around it covered in a very thin layer of some sort of greenish coloured mould.
    It had a gross smell to it, definitely not like the chemical smell of plasticizer.

    I tried to give her a wash in soapy water, and while the mould is no longer visible, she still has that unpleasant smell lingering.
    Anyone else had a similar issue and know a way to get rid of the smell? I was hoping it might just air out now I've cleaned it?

    I've received plenty of figures with plasticizer stickiness, but this is a first for me. It is very peculiar, as the box itself has no sign of damage and doesn't smell mouldy itself.
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