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    -This topic is for posting your monthly pre-orders as well as showing off your latest loot-

    Sorry for the delay in getting the OT up, but it's here and live now. I know due to push-backs some of you have ended up with a fairly heavy June! For me the damage has been light. I only have 3scales coming and I payed for two of them months ago.

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    Still waiting for Momohime to show up, she was shipped on the 16th, left Japan on the 21st, but haven't seen her land in the UK yet. :(

    As for June, this was supposed to be my pre-order free month, and I was gonna order the new sideshow Wolverine statue, but now it's a 3 figure month, and my electric bill went from £38 a month to £110*, so even if all these late figures came out on time, the electric bill blues still would have fucked my month up.

    First we have a figure most of us are waiting for, and we know for sure that she's actually coming out this month too.

    Then we have two Oda Non inspired pieces, that may or may not come out this month:



    All in all I've been looking forward to all of them, I miss getting packages all the god damned time, so if they come out yay, if they don't boo...

    * View spoilerHide spoilerLong story short when I moved last year there was a pay as you go meter in the house, we had it changed to a real meter but for what ever reason Scottish power took 6 months before they started charging us a direct debt for our usage. A few days ago my wife found out our bill was going to increase a ton next month and when she dug into it she found out that in January our account was in debt, it took that long before they took account of our energy usage for the period they didn't bill us and now they realized that £38 a month isn't going to get that debt paid. It would have been nice to get a letter in the post or a god damned email informing us of this, because it's direct debt account we never looked at our account until recently.
    -Baka Zeitgeist
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    Awesome OT name Milk.

    Was gonna be a 2 figure month before delays happened.


    Balzac is Phat so I highly doubt she'll release.
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    ohmygoditsjrod4 år sedan#10957441
    Balzac is Phat so I highly doubt she'll release.

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    Well, both my steins;gate kimono figures, and Cordelia were delayed to this month. Cordelia I think is releasing now, but I combined the orders so I wont have my girl for a while
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    Wallets never die, really.:P

    Anyway right on June 1st my SAL order of Marth Nendoroid came in from Amiami.



    After almost a year and a half since his revealed concept art, he finally here. Love him beside the elbow joints, which irks me of how a bit loose they feel.

    And now for Sherlock Hound figma which I became even more excited for, who is suppose to come this month, but hasn't appeared on the schedule yet. Either he will come later in the month (which I likely get him in July then) or is delayed again, which seems less likely.
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    Is it really June? I don't know, looking at the figures I have on order, I think it might still be April, because I'm feeling a whole lot of deja vu right now! ;P


    Originally, June was supposed to be a light month, but delays seem to have the uncanny ability to fill lighter months with tons of late figures, saving me nothing. Oh well!

    Also, I just picked up the latest in my set of Senran Kagura dakimakura covers: Murasaki. She's a real beauty, but quite lewd, so NSFW from here on out!

    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/600/Baka_Bishie1464986264.jpeg
    Such a tease, though strangely the "front" doesn't actually contain her best pose and expression, as I can show you below.

    In a bizarre twist, Murasaki's regular Hejibo uniform side is actually more lewd than the opposite. I really have no complaints here, she's basically perfect. If I did have one thing to comment on, I do wish she was a little curvier to match her representations elsewhere, but it's a minor quibble I can overlook since so mech else here just owns.

    That's not to say her flip side is at all bad. She's quite the looker in her formal gothic dress, especially with that fine lace hosiery.

    But in the end, I'm just a sucker for the more embarrased/nervous side of the girls in uniform, especially when they look so good together. I'll most likely be moving to group them according to school as I get more, but for now, this arrangement is very pleasing to look at. :)
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    God no, June is going to kill me.

    NFSW :
    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/-OJ-1448811480.jpeg

    I have also Kratos which should be shipped either at the end of June or early July.

    I can already cry of joy and despair. My wallet won't survive :(
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    ^Something will get delayed, probably Nozomi since Nico got pushed to June.

    Meanwhile, Alter Nozomi ITEM #317823 is my only preorder for the month.


    And I have received the rest of my in-transit stuff. At the end of last month's thread I said it was a race to see whether my SAL or EMS packages would get to me first; I got both on June 1st though the SAL one made it to the post office the day before. Anyway that was Kotobukiya Fuyuka Yukishiro ITEM #276198 and Max Factory's Black Magician Girl ITEM #236322. Can't do my own pics but there's a review of BMG with nice pics on this page: hyperd.blog66.f...



    Very happy with both of them. :)
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    That Butt window.
    I'll probably get out the light tent and take pics of stuff I've recieved recently next week so that'll be a large dump. Shoud receive my May order mid next week.
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    Felicia looks great :)

    I also think that Nozomi will be delayed but i truly wish that she's not for two reasons.

    Firstly this is the figure that i want the most to get with Nami.

    Secondly i would like that all my figures scheduled on June be released for my AmiAmi order because if i have the bad surprise to have customs fees it's always better to be forced to pay once stupid file fees than several times.

    Otherwise Buy Nippon received ITEM #117498 yesterday, i'm going to wait that they receive the pillow cover that i bought to ship them together.

    I hope that Airmail or SAL won't be too expensive i would like to get Insane BRS as fast as possible.
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    Fuyuka. :) Felicia is the other one ITEM #276191, who I'm even more anticipating now with how great this one turned out. I haven't found any good production pics online yet, but she pretty much turned out just like that prototype. I feel like sometimes Koto's QC isn't the best but this one came out great.

    ohmygoditsjrod4 år sedan#10994653That Butt window.
    I know lol. ^^;

    Just my speculation, but I think if Alter can get Nico out by the middle of the month then Nozomi can still make it. She might get a delay of her own anyway, but what I'm thinking is if Nico gets pushed to the end of the month they'll delay Nozomi so they don't come out at the same time. So far it looks like they are spacing this line out a bit so they hope people will buy them all. For myself, I don't currently have any preorders for July either so it doesn't matter much to me other than I'd like to have her sooner than later.
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    Only these little cuties for me this month... Déjà vu xD

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    June is a massive month for me. I've had one Back to the Future item delay already but at the moment it looks like at least half will release this month.
    Also featuring some repeat offenders.

    Welcome to Despair~
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    Alter just confirmed Isuzu Sento for 06/10.
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    Cordelia just got in.


    And here's the current FE Awakening collection. Hopefully they move on to Fates next and make View spoilerHide spoilerSetsuna.

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    When it rains it pours. I haven't kept track but between the end of last month and this month, I've had a bunch come in. I might drop a photo if I can figure it out.

    This month Sorceress, a few more Disney Infinity figures before they sell out, maybe a few pre-ordered statues, a couple of older figures plus Yuusha Marudea.
    I want vintage anime and videogame figures!
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    Nice pics Kewl
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    Twas a glorious day, Momohime finally showed up and BIJ undervalued it so I paid no custom tax.:

    View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/Luse6661465379547.jpeg
    -Baka Zeitgeist
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    Congrats on getting Momohime without the scratch on her hair.
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