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    I know this club's not that active recently, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to create a whole club solely for books relevant to the hobby, so I'll just start off with a thread. The purpose of this thread is to compile a bibliography relevant to MFC interests, for anyone who might be interested in reading up on these.

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    [table of contents under spoiler tag]
    [font size 90 - brief comment on the book, if any]
    Feel free to PM me if you need MFC-related help, or check out Language Sandwich club for help with translations
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    2004: Japan Foundation. Otaku: Jinkaku= Kuukan= Toshi (Gentosha)
    Content ListContent List[論文/Essays]
    「おたく:人格=空間=都市」(森川嘉一郎)(Otaku: Personality-Space-City)
    「新横浜ありな in アキハバラ」(大嶋優木)(Shin Yokohama Arina in Akihabara)
    「おたくのセクシュアリティ」(斎藤環)(Sexuality of Otaku)
    「同人誌≒おたく、そして表現 」(米沢嘉博)(Doujinshi=Otaku and their Expression)
    「おたくの越境」(宣政佑)(Transgressing the Otaku)

    Venice Biennale 9th International Architecture Exhibition Japan Catalogue.
    Content in Japanese, English and Italian. ITEM #11432 bundled in the book.

    2006: Allison, Anne. Millennial Monsters: Japanese Toys and the Global Imagination (University of California Press)
    Content ListContent ListList of Illustrations

    1. Enchanted Commodities
    2. From Ashes to Cyborgs: The Era of Reconstruction (1945–1960)
    3. Millennial Japan: Intimate Alienation and New Age Intimacies
    4. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The First Crossover Superheroes
    5. Fierce Flesh: Sexy Schoolgirls in the Action Fantasy of Sailor Moon
    6. Tamagotchi: The Prosthetics of Presence
    7. Pokémon: Getting Monsters and Communicating Capitalism
    8. “Gotta Catch ’Em All”: The Pokémonization of America (and the World)


    Allison has other relevant essays in various books/journals.

    2006: Phoenix, Woodrow. Plastic Culture: How Japanese Toys Conquered the World (Kodansha International)
    Content ListContent List

    Toys in the Postwar Period
    -Kaiyodo and Japan's Postwar Society
    -Kaiyodo's Godzillas

    Character Merchandising and Mascots
    -Fast-food Toys: creating a new group of collectors
    -Event Promotion: from sporting mascot to art toy
    -Sanrio: fulfilling our dreams

    Urban Vinyl
    -Bounty Hunter: 50% toy, 50% punk
    -Presspop Gallery: if someone else is making it, it's not for us
    -Junko Mizuno: it's all part of my self-expression
    -Michael Lau: freedom, fun, and quality
    -Eric So: if Bruce Lee can make it, why can't we?

    The Toy as Art
    -Takashi Murakami
    -Yoshitomo Nara

    Toys into Mainstream


    Plenty of full-page photos. Feels more like a coffee table book.

    2007: あさのまさひこ. 海洋堂マニアックス (竹書房)
    2007: Asano Masahiko. Kaiyodo Maniax (Takeshobo)
    Content ListContent List
    00章/ フィギュア用語の基礎知識
    01章/ 「ペイントマスター」という名のジョーカー
    塗装を制すものが市場を制す! 海洋堂塗装班が担う「絶大なる後方支援」
    02章/ 業界(フィールド)を切り裂く最強ツートップ
    03章/ アートとオタクの素敵な邂逅 村上 隆の「これでいいのだ」
    04章/ ワールドタンクミュージアム鼎談
    05章/ an origin(オリジン)
    古きを知って新しきを知る ガレージキット「はじめて物語」
    06章/ オタクが「芸術の祭典」へ 出向く理由
    ヴェネチア・ビエンナーレ第9回国際建築展 日本館『おたく:人格=空間=都市』総括
    07章/ ヴェネチア・ビエンナーレ 第9回国際建築展 日本館出展作品
    08章/ 「オタク×アート×社会」の現在・過去・未来
    スーパーフラット最終章 『リトルボーイ』in ニューヨーク
    09章/ 「おまけフィギュアブーム倒壊」の真実
    世界最狂造形集団 海洋堂の「功罪」、企画部部長 白井武志“37,000文字”ロングインタビュー

    To be translated?

    In Japanese. ITEM #270521 bundled in Amazon Japan-exclusive edition.

    2009: 櫻田 純. 面白すぎる「おもちゃ」研究序説 (中経出版)
    2009: Sakurada Jun. Omoshirosugiru 「Omocha」Kenkyuu Josetsu (Chuukei Publishing)
    Content ListContent List
    (Keyword summary for each chapter in smaller font)
    第1章 あのおもちゃの真実 / Chapter 1: The Reality Behind the Toys
    Gunpla Boom, Kamen Rider Henshin Belt, Tamagotchi, The Gang of Five, Mazinger Z Chougoukin, Barbie Dolls, Tin-sheet Planes, Plastic Models, TV Commercials for MamaRange, Bisque Doll, Toy Soldiers, Teddy Bear,
    第2章 おもちゃの幕開け / Chapter 2: The Beginning of Toys
    第3章 世相とおもちゃ / Chapter 3: Social Conditions and Toys
    第4章 おもちゃ界の技術革新 / Chapter 4: Innovation in the Realm of Toys
    第5章 おもちゃの意外なルーツ / Chapter 5: Unexpected Origins of Toys (?)

    [To Be Updated]

    In Japanese.

    2012: Galbraith, Patrick W. Otaku Spaces (Chin Music Press)
    Content ListContent List
    N/A. TBU, maybe.


    2012: Edited by Mizuko Ito, Daisuke Okabe and Izumi Tsuji. Fandom Unbound: Otaku Culture in a Connected World (Yale University Press)
    Content ListContent List
    Editors' Note on Translation
    Introduction (Mizuko Ito)

    Part I. Culture and Discourse
    1. Why Study Train Otaku? A Social History of Imagination (Izumi Tsuji)
    2. Database Animals (Hiroki Azuma)
    3. Japan's Cynical Nationalism (Akihiro Kitada)
    4. Strategies of Engagement: Discovering, Defining, and Describing Otaku Culture in the United States (Lawrence Eng)

    Part II. Infrastructure and Place
    5. Comic Market as Space for Self-Expression in Otaku Culture (Hiroaki Tamagawa)
    6. Otaku and the City: The Rebirth of Akihabara (Kaichiro Morikawa)
    7. Anime and Manga Fandom as Networked Culture (Lawrence Eng)
    8. Contributors versus Leechers: Fansubbing Ethics and a Hybrid Public Culture (Mizuko Ito)

    Part III. Community and Identity
    9. Making Fujoshi Identity Visible and Invisible (Daisuke Okabe and Kimi Ishida)
    10. Cosplay, Learning, and Cultural Practice (Daisuke Okabe)
    11. The Fighting Gamer Otaku Community: What Are They "Fighting" About? (Yoshimasa Kijima)
    12. "As Long as It's Not Linkin Park Z": Popularity, Distinction, and Status in the AMV Subculture (Mizuko Ito)


    I haven't read this yet so will see if it's relevant when I get to read it. There's a section on Comiket.

    2012: Steinberg, Marc. Anime's Media Mix: Franchising Toys and Characters in Japan (University of Minnesota Press)
    Content ListContent List
    Introduction: Rethinking Convergence in Japan

    Part I. Anime Transformation: Tetsuwan Atomu
    1. Limiting Movement, Inventing Anime
    2. Candies, Premiums, and Character Merchandising: The Meiji-Atomu Marketing Campaign
    3. Material Communication and the Mass Media Toy

    Part II. Media Mixes and Character Consumption: Kadokawa Books
    3. Media Mixes, Media Transformations
    5. Character, World, Consumption


    No comments for now.

    2013: Condry, Ian. The Soul of Anime: Collaborative Creativity and Japan's Media Success Story (Duke University Press)
    Content ListContent List
    ix Note on Translations and Names

    INTRODUCTION * Who Makes Anime?
    ONE * Collaborative Networks, Personal Futures
    TWO * Characters and Worlds as Creative Platforms
    THREE * Early Directions in Postwar Anime
    FOUR * When Anime Robots Became Real
    FIVE * Making a Cutting-Edge Anime Studio: The Value of the Gutter
    SIX * Dark Energy: What Overseas Fans Reveal about the Copyright Wars
    SEVEN * Love Revolution: Otaku Fans in Japan
    CONCLUSION * Future Anime: Collaborative Creativity and Cultural Action

    Chapter 4 covers mecha in general + Bandai, Gundam, and Evangelion. Small snippet on character goods in Chapter 2.

    2014: Galbraith, Patrick W. The Moe Manifesto (Tuttle Publishing)
    Content ListContent ListIto Kimio: From Social Movements to Shojo Manga
    Kotani Mari: Memories of Youth
    Otsuka Eiji: From Shojo Manga to Bishojo Magazines
    Sato Toshihiko: On Magical Girls and Male Fans (Part One)
    Nunokawa Yuji: On Magical Girls and Male Fans (Part Two)
    Pop: Talking about Moé at the Heart of Akihabara
    Momoi Halko: The Voice of Moé Asks for Understanding
    Toromi: Notes from Underground
    Shimada Humikane: Bridging the Gap between Mecha and Moé
    Maeda Jun: The Crying Game
    Ito Noizi: Girl Drawing Girl
    Honda Toru: The Love Revolution is Here
    Morinaga Takuro: For Love of Money
    Higashimura Hikaru: The MoéStudies Research Circle
    Soda Mitsuru: The Philomoé Association
    Morikawa Ka'ichiro: Learning from Akihabara
    Ito Go: The Pleasure of Lines
    Azuma Hiroki: Applying Pressure to the Moé Points
    Saito Tamaki: OtakuSexuality

    I haven't read this yet, but considering I see plenty of figure photos in there it's likely relevant.

    2015: Edited by Patrick W. Galbraith, Thiam Huat Kam and Björn-Ole Kamm. Debating Otaku in Contemporary Japan: Historical Perspectives and New Horizons (Bloomsbury Publishing)
    Content ListContent ListForeword: Otaku Culture as 'Conversion Literature' Otsuka Eiji (International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Japan)
    Introduction: 'Otaku Research' Past, Present and Future Patrick W. Galbraith (Duke University, USA) Thiam Huat Kam (Rutgers University, USA) and Björn-Ole Kamm (Heidelberg University, Germany)

    Section 1: The 1980s
    1. 'Otaku' Research and Anxiety About Failed Men Patrick W. Galbraith
    2. The Birth of 'Otaku:' Centring on Discourse Dynamics in Manga Burikko Yamanaka Tomomi (Yokohama National University, Japan)
    3. Opening the Black Box of the 1989 Otaku Discourse Björn-Ole Kamm

    Section 2: The 1990s
    4. Traversing Otaku Fantasy: Representation of the Otaku Subject, Gaze, and Fantasy in Otaku no Video Shen Lien Fan (University of Utah, USA)
    5. Introduction to Otaku Studies Okada Toshio (Osaka University of Arts, Japan)
    Section 3: The 2000s
    6. The Construction of Discourses on Otaku: The History of Subcultures from 1983 to 2005 Aida Miho (Hiroshima City University, Japan)
    7. Train Man and the Gender Politics of Japanese 'Otaku' Culture: The Rise of New Media, Nerd Heroes and Consumer Communities Alisa Freedman (University of Oregon, USA)
    8. The Transformation and the Diffusion of 'Otaku' Stereotypes and the Establishment of 'Akihabara' as a Place Brand Kikuchi Satoru (Shinshu Unviersity, Japan)
    9. The Transition of Otaku and Otaku Okada Toshio
    10. 'Otaku' as Label: Concerns over Productive Capacities in Contemporary Capitalist Japan Thiam Huat Kam


    Dunno if relevant. Will have to read first :p

    2017: Simone, Gianni. Tokyo Geek's Guide: Manga, Anime, Gaming, Cosplay, Toys, Idols & More (Tuttle Publishing)
    Content ListContent ListContents
    - How to Use This Book
    - Otaku Museums and Libraries
    - Exploring Godzilla's Tokyo
    - The Wonderful World of Japanese Manga
    - The Home of Japanese Anime
    - A Video Gamers' Paradise
    - Level-5's Hino Akihiro
    - Pokemon Go Mania Sweeps the Globe!
    - Japanese Toys--An Alternate Universe
    - The Cosplay Experience
    - Cosplay and Halloween
    - Japanese Idol Mania
    - Akihabara: The Center of the Otaku Universe
    - Exploring Akihabara
    - Trading Card Games
    - Kanda Myojin Shrine
    - Akihabara Nightife
    - Akihabara Eateries
    - Special Akihabara Events
    - Exploring Jimbocho
    - Exploring Harajuku
    - Harajuku According to Chocomoo
    - Harajuku Eateries
    - Exploring Shibuya
    - The Prince of Tennis and 2.5-D Musicals
    - Shibuya Nightlife
    - Shibuya Eateries
    - Funky Shimo-Kitazawa
    - Shimo-Kitazawa Eateries
    - Exploring Shinjuku
    - Godzilla Hotel Gracery Shinjuku
    - Shinjuku Festivals nad Events
    - Shinjuku Manga Cafes
    - Shinjuku Eateries
    - Takadanobaba
    - Shinjuku Nightlife
    - Exploring Nakano
    - Nakano Nightlife
    - Nakano Eateries
    - Exploring Koenji
    - Production I.G. Anime Studio
    - A Visit to a Game Center
    - Exploring Asagaya
    - Exploring Kichijoji
    - Museums and Libraries in West Tokyo
    - Exploring Ikebukuro
    - Otome Road and Sunshine City
    - Studio Dward and Domo-kun
    - Ikebukuro Festivals and Events
    - Ikebukuro Eateries
    - Maid, Butler and Danso Cafes
    - Exploring Roppongi
    - Around Tokyo Tower
    - Roppongi Eateries
    - South Tokyo Festivals
    - Exploring Odaiba
    - Dojinshi Fairs
    - Hotel Grand Pacific Le Daiba Project Room-G
    - Odaiba Eateries
    - Rebecca Koga aka Celestial Shadow
    - Odaiba Festivals and Events
    - Other Otaku Areas Around Tokyo
    - Other Shops in Tokyo
    - Other Museums and Libraries
    - Other Festivals and Events
    - Festival, Convention and Fair Calendar
    Travel Tips
    Otaku Glossary
    Photo Credits

    All-in-one guide to hobby spots in the city. As an introduction to the culture it's better than I'd expected before reading.
    Feel free to PM me if you need MFC-related help, or check out Language Sandwich club for help with translations
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    Reserving 3rd post for further info, for what I'm not sure yet :')
    Feel free to PM me if you need MFC-related help, or check out Language Sandwich club for help with translations
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