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5★ - A very good shop
I recommend this shop to purchase Portrait of pirates, there are many choices and the prices are really great. The sending is fast and neat.
10 år sedan
5★ - My personal heaven <3
Perfect packaging, prices are very good and they are very cooperative and cool guys!! I love them!

The figures are always safe and I'm really glad to buy from them. STRONGLY RECOMMEND!
10 år sedan
4★ - Great customer service.
I've bought quite a few figures from them, unfortuanetly I've had quite a few busted up packages arrive.

Some better packaging could have saved, some nothing could've saved short of putting in a wooden crate.

What they lack in packing they make up for with great customer service and have always fixed their problems and have had great communication. Anyone can have a flawless transaction, its the transactions that have problems and how they are resolved that tell you the difference between a bad vender and a great one. I'd recommend them no problem.
8 år sedan
2★ - Last Stop Shop
On the surface, Animarket seems to be pretty great: they offer Megahouse Limited + Exclusive figures and promise great customer service.

Well they only deliver on the ability to pay set USD prices and receive your figure at the Japanese release. Aside from my first email, which was inquiring about how long they'd hold items in my VPW, subsequent emails have received no response at all, even to the ones seeking help due to obvious defects on a L+E POP

Tack on expensive shipping (EMS prices on the HK SAL equiv) and while I won't say I'll never buy from them again, they're not my first choi
7 år sedan
1★ - Did they abruptly shut down?
I've been trying to get x3 of my items since last year to be shipped to me. I've emailed them multiple times before I started digging and it seems like they have un-linked all their social media, and basically ran away from everything.

No phone number, no address, no response to emails. I'd be cautious about shopping there. It looks like they're hightailing out of the business and leaving a lot of unfulfilled orders.
6 år sedan
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