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  • Good so far

    Everything acurate at time of writing (2020-09-11)
    - Good stock of items.
    - Prices in EU are competative with others.
    - Shipping kinda pricy but not too bad especially fine for a smaller company.
    - Packages come in larger box with packing paper.
    - All items are insured so no need to worry about problems in shipping, also I have read lots of very good things about their support but haven't talked to them myself.
    - Generally open and transparent company

    Shipping and Items
    I purchased 2 figures from Otaku Square. Both arived in perfect condition, and are genuine. Packaging was ok enough, the best packaging I have seen so far is from Dekai Anime but not too far behind. The 2 figure boxes where contained in one single large outer box (of course) with some packing paper, not too much but enough to keep them fine.
    Shiping was fine, arived a couple of days after the expected date but that is fine and to be expected given the world's current issues. You can track the stage the package is in on their website, (if it has been shipped, if it's processing it will say it's "open")
    Shipping prices are a bit mean with free shipping on orders over the €300 mark. I think this should be at least more around the €120 at least if not €90, but if you're a smaller companny I can understand why you would want to charge shipping like this. The price wasnt too bad for shipping I belive it was around €20. All options are fully insured so no need to worry about anything breaking or being damaged. (I have heard their customer support is very good and concidering thats what they strive for in a buisness, more power too them!)

    Selection of items on offer
    They have a very good sized selection of items on offer, it would be nice to see certain things in stock that are known to be in high demand.
    From what I looked at a lot of the figures are scale figures, but they do also have others and they also stock both pre painted and non pre painted figures. I'm sure most will buy pre painted but it's nice to have the option. They also stock Adult/Hentai figures wich is relaly good as they can sometimes be a bit harder to get outside of Japan and the USA, so seeing them come to a more European and also global market is really good.

    Website Design
    Their website is modern in design and very usable, everything is generally where you expect it to be and layed out in a readable way. Their searching for tags options on the left hand side could be a little bit more intuitive, just have a search box instead of having to click the search symbol then type something, but it works and gets the job done. Adult content is kept in it's own catagory wich is nice.

    The Company In General
    They are very open with who they are as a company, this is really, really good buisness practice and I am both reasured and love the openess the company has as trust requires transparency and consistancy, and they have the transparency part done well (I can't yet say for consistancy as I have not ordered enough from them). For instance, they have their VAT number on the bottom of the page linking to the Netherlands, Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce) official website with their company listed under that number, They also publicly display their adress down their too with the phone number and email adress aswell! This is all really good, it's allways a good sign when a company openly displays these things on their website in an easy to reach location.
    I have seen others say very positive things about their customer suport, I have had the fortune to not have to contact them however they are very open with being able to contact them as they suply not only a contact email but also an office phone number you can call too.
    Otaku Square also has pretty decent FAQ that cover, well... most Frequently Asked Questions, the only one I couldn't find was something along the lines of "what does my order mean being open" wich would also be good to have their too. Their FAQ lists their payment options wich are a lot of em, see bleow for more detail.

    Payment Options
    The payment options are very good, Otaku Square say that at your disposal you have:
    - iDeal
    - Credit/debit card (unkown what card types but most likley Visa, Master Card, and American Express)
    - PayPal
    - Bancontact
    - Bank transfer
    - SOFORT banking
    - EPS
    - Giropay
    - KBC / CBC
    - Belfius
    - ING Home'Pay

    Oh my god, how many payment options do you need?! All we are missing is some crypto and cash and I think we got all of them allright! (I'm sure cash will never be a thing as it is a Dutch company at the end of the day, who pays in cash in the Netherlands?... Heck, who excepts cash in the Netherlands??)

    Also To Note:
    Otaku Square is a Good Smile company partner, listed on Good Smiles partner list. They are also an MFC partner wich is a good thing too.
    I purchesed everything with my own money and without any contact from or with Otaku Square at all (except buying the items and being a normal customer) I found them on My Figure Collection partners list. Over all had a good experiance. Yes I would recommend them. And I will be going back again.
    2 år sedan
  • Good First Buy Experience [Fast Shipping & Well Packaged]

    They had a figure i had been wanting for awhile, but was not available anymore in most european shops. I found this shop from my own country and the price, delivery time and free shipping looked quite good. The few reviews they have were also quite positive, so i took a gamble and ordered the figure. Once the figure was in stock it was send very quickly and arrived the next day in a well packaged big box. The figure looks great and i am a very happy customer!
    2 år sedan
  • Good packaging

    Just thought I'd leave a review since there don't seem to be too many floating around.

    I pre-ordered two B-style figures. Free shipping to the US was nice. They packed the figures so thoroughly that even though the packaging box was soaked from the rain, the box for the figure itself was completely dry.

    The only thing was that they never sent a shipping notification, so I was worried they'd forgotten about the order.
    2 år sedan

    We are sorry to hear that the shipping notification never reached you, would you perhaps be able to check if it ended up in your spam box? This sometimes happens, and is a pain since your track and trace code should also be in this e-mail.

    We're still happy to hear that your figures arrived in good shape, and hope to be at your service sometime in the future!
  • Good service, regular customer

    I've ordered many times here, and had great customer service every time.
    The free international shipping is great, and saves me headaches of dealing with customs!
    3 år sedan
  • Good alternative in europe

    Has pretty big selection especially when it comes to 18+. Prices can be quite high, but that is cause they account for cutsoms i assume. But's also why i would shop here, cause i don't have to pay extra customs when buying here beacause its within the EU.

    Shipping was fast and relativly cheap, also free shipping over 300euro(pretty high pricepoint but still something)

    Often allow you to pre-order for longer than other sites.

    But best of all
    3 år sedan
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