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Great shop for ordering in Germany if you are not in a hurry.

This is a rather small web store in Germany. It appears to be run by only one person, he does all the email correspondence, packing and dealing with the figure distribuierter. I will explain my ratings as follows: Item prices 7/10: He makes sure to have the best price out of all the German web stores. If you can show a cheaper price this store runs a best price policy and will give it to you. However, since figures in Germany are extremely expensive in the first place, anime-figuren will still be more expensive than just buying in Japan including shipping and taxes. I also noticed from stickers on a few figure boxs that the distributor seems the same that Figuya uses, which limits the price range. What I mean by that is that some figures come at an absolutely stupid price and you have to look out for that. Most of them are reasonably priced though. Item selection 5/10: The shop barely has any figures at hand for immediate purchase. Most things are pre orders. It is understandable that you can't waste resources on having an extensive storage or order many figures that you are not sure of if they gonna sell well, when you run a small business. On the pre order front the updates for new figures are rather unreliable, the front page gets things in but many figures you just have to know from websites such as this one and then ask per email if he can order it for you. Website 8/10: It's a nice website with full order history. The current hot shit is being displayed in large banners, other items appear in order of last added to the shop. I have to say though I've had it several times already that the website was very slowly loading or the mentioned large banners were somehow bugged while scrolling or would not link the item properly. Not always an issue, but it does happen every now and then. There is a customers gallery where you can upload your purchases too. Customer service 10/10: The absolute best of the best. Mister Schüttler works his store alone and yet always finds the time to reply to your emails, mostly late in the evening/early at night CET. He is being very friendly and passionate about selling things, open about brands that have caused issues for customers in the past up to a point that he does not sell them anymore unless specifically ordered. I had many vivid exchanges of figure knowledge, news or just general opinion through email with him. One just notices this guy really likes figures, he does not only do this as a job but also with dedication. And if your figure is damaged you can send it back to him and get a refund. Stock management 10/10: Very caring about having his things together. He has a list for every customer and their pre orders and keeps updating it whenever you order something new or something has been shipped out to you, and he sends it as a PDF file to you every time so you keep an overview what is when. Nothing gets lost, you get what you ordered. Just a well structured business really. Payment options 10/10: Credit card, Paypal, pre shipping bank transfer. Packing 10/10: The packages are exactly as large as needed for the figure box plus air bolstering all around. Nothing is being wasted here. Taped very thoroughly to prevent any possible opening of the box. Shipping rates 7/10: Free shipping if you order above 150€, otherwise it's about 4.90 I believe. But the shop offers to store your pre order figures below 150 until the next figure arrives at no additional costs to save you the shipping costs (if you want to wait that long). Shipping rapidity 2/10: Okay, this is the one big weakness I would name for this shop. First it takes about 2 months longer for a figure to arrive in Germany over the Japan release. Then when your figure arrives you get an email asking you to pay. And then the figure gets shipped out a few days later. As for figures that are marked in green for available, they mostly have to be shipped from the distribuierter to the shop, and then from the shop to you so it takes over a week as well. The actual postal way from Bielefeld, where the store is, to my home address takes one day. Everything else is way from Japan to Germany, way from distribuierter to the shop, and time until the package is ready for sending. Another small con is that a lot of times the owner of the shop is unaware of delays for figure releases. So you sort of have to get the info on JP releases yourself and then slap two months on top of it. Shipping options 5/10: All packages were being sent out with DHL. Didn't see any other option but it works well. To close out this review I would like to put an emphasis on how friendly and reliable the owner of this store is. It evens out some of the weaknesses, but is hard to reflect in a points based score.
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