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5★ - Excellent site
Avec la carte de membre (-10%) et la possibilité de précommander avec un acompte, on ne rate aucune sortie!

Prix attractifs, réactivité du SAV, envois soignés, rien à redire!
1 år sedan
5★ - Excellent site je recommande
J'ai plusieurs fois effectué des commandes et pré-commande sur ce site, je n'ai jamais été déçue. :)
C'est un très bon site et ils sont arrangeant en nous donnant la possibilité de payer en plusieurs fois pour des commandes chères.
Les colis sont toujours bien protégés. :)
6 år sedan
5★ - Really good shop
I'm quite pleased with everything, shipping to Germany is cheap and fast, items are packed really good.

Item prices are comparable to other european stores, they offer a 10% discount for "members", but since it is a paid membership (30€/year) you have to order a few items (or one Sideshow statue) each year to make up for it, if you like to buy from europe it's probably worth a shot.

Item selection is also pretty good, sometimes they still have items in stock that are long sold out.
8 år sedan
5★ - nice
this is a good shop, serious and passionate, I have had no problems during my order, I recommend people to Belgium, France and luxembourg
11 år sedan
4★ - Well-versed underdog shop
I've been a satisfied customer of this shop for around 5 years and it's a great alternative to Archonia, especially for Belgians.

They have a wide variety of figures available, even limited releases in some cases.

Their prices are a bit hit-or-miss, but with their member card (pay € 30 once for a 10% reduction on all items, for 1 year) the prices are a bit more attractive.

If only they'd market their webshop a bit more internationally, they'd expand their user base considerably. But alas, I've never seen their name pop up on any foreign anime- or figurine-themed sites.
11 år sedan
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