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  • Great shop!

    Bought my Astolfo Taito figure and my Yamatonokami and Kashuu Nendoroids from Ninoma.
    Each time the figure was packed really well.
    The only thing that took a while to get shipped was my Yamatonokami Nendoroid and sadly it got stopped at the customs as well even though it being labeled as gift by Ninoma :/..
    All in all, they've got really good prices and my figures al got to me in perfect condition ^^ would shop again!
    3 månader sedan
  • My favorite online shop

    My favorite shop, everytime I search for a particular figure, I go to ninoma to compare with other online shop and they always offer the best prices. Even when nobody has a figure, sometime the Ninoma shop has it in stock and at a good price.
    When I receive a figure, it is in the 45€ + gift format so I don't pay taxes (When the order is close to 45€) and always well packed.
    They offer SAL shipment for France when AmiAmi or other shop only have EMS or DHL available.
    7 månader sedan
  • Nice

    I ordered a figure which was already released and Ninoma was the only shop selling it at a fair price. The shipping delay was a bit long (17 days) but the figure arrived quickly by airmail and was well packed.
    8 månader sedan
  • Great for prize figures

    Bought a dozen of prize figures and few scales within a year. They all came well protected and shipped soon after the order was processed. Customer service was responsive to my personal inquiries before and after i ordered. Probably one of my to-go store since the items i'm looking for aren't always available on amiami. ><
    8 månader sedan
  • False advertising.

    Bought a couple of items. it said 97% off, payed with paypal, tomorrow morning they refund me and cancel my orders. Refund will come in a couple of days which doesn't work for me. Incompetent and ignorant. AVOID!
    10 månader sedan
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