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Ofuda Imports is a Santa Monica, California based "fandom focused" importing company, specializing in collectible figures, cards, books and merchandise associated with video game, manga and anime series that have not yet been or will not be licensed in the United States.
"Fandom-focused" means that we specifically focus on merchandise released in Japan for the original market - items that are generally rare, difficult or expensive to obtain and are often simply unavailable domestically. While we may not stock volumes of your favorite US licensed manga or merchandise produced for the English-speaking market, we do have a wide selection of Japanese figurines, collectibles, and assorted merchandise for fandoms ranging from the new and shiny to the old school classics.

We are staffed by a group of friends who are active in various anime/manga based fandoms and aim to make participating in the material side of fandom more affordable and accessible for everyone. With our first-hand understanding the of the unique challenges and demands of fandom-specific shopping and collecting, we want to make your experience with Ofuda Imports fun, comfortable, and easy.

New products will be added regularly as we continue to process our existing backlog of inventory, and as Japanese manufacturers roll out their merchandise and stock orders arrive at our warehouse.

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