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18 månader sedanDanteMagicaDanteMagica
Happy Birthday ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪
01 år sedanDanteMagicaDanteMagica
NoahGreen (1 år sedan) #16681200I have that Archer and i fell in love when i saw him. It was a instant PO to me. That expresion, his dark skin... absolutely fantastic. I like Makoto from Alter and Ren (Max Factory) with his tattoos and everything. I Agree with you about more R18 male figures but not bondage stuff. I'm not a fan of that but i PO Aoba anyway 'cause he's Aoba and collect everything about DRAMAtical, but yeah, i'd prefer another pose or scene. Wish Native/Max Factory made Koujaku
Love him and all japanese stuff.
yea I really do want to get Aoba and all the Dramatical Guys, I'm still thinking about it
01 år sedanDanteMagicaDanteMagica
NoahGreen (1 år sedan) #16669106Yeah! I really love Super Lovers! (Actually i have a Wall Scroll) and Yuri on Ice!! is the next. I had on my list, besides GSC is going to make their nendos :D. I love old yaoi too like Junjou Romantica. I see this video sometimes and *-*
[ext link ]
I'm a romantic hahahahaha
We are all born to need romance! Yea I want more Male figures, my favorite male figure is probably my 1/8 Archer by Alter, it's so hot to me lol. Aside from that I love the Free! Figures both the Alter and water gun versions. I just wish they would make more +18 male figures that aren't so bondagey and characters that are more shounen. Oh and by the way you made my day when you mentioned the Nendos for Yuri!!!
01 år sedanDanteMagicaDanteMagica
NoahGreen (1 år sedan) #16644758Prince of Stride. It's an otome game, but then they made the anime serie Prince of Stride: Alternative. It's like Free! one :D.I'll have to check it out :) have you seen Super Lovers! or Yuri on Ice!! (i don't know why so many anime have "!!" in the title lol)
01 år sedanDanteMagicaDanteMagica
NoahGreen (1 år sedan) #16634275Always!
Love your profile by the way *-*
woah what anime is that?
01 år sedanDanteMagicaDanteMagica
Gay collectors unite!
01 år sedanBearcatBearcat
Heya :) I noticed your comm on the Aoba page and came to check out your profile to realize we have a lot in common taste wise be it game or tv show or figure related, so I thought I'd friend you :) hope you don't mind!
01 år sedanSkyBlueSkyBlue
NoahGreen (1 år sedan) #13450047I was gonna write you for it hahahahahaha I love them *-* Alter makes a really good figures. MakoHaru gonna be absolutely fantastic. Did you see something else that take your attention in WF? i want lots of Nendos :___)
I missed some DmmD boys BTW

My heart nearly stopped when I saw this beautiful figure. It’s so gorgeous~ Oh I sure did! There were so many male figures! I’m so happy~ Here’s what I’m interested in item #464652 item #460017 item #460018 item #455587 Definitely a must-have!
Then a few interesting ones that I may get depending on their release month and price ^^ item #463570 item #464625 item #464570 item #250358 item #460678 (I want Soma before I commit to these God Eater figures :D)
And I’m floored by these figures from my favourite series when I was younger. Ah the nostalgia~ item #464229 item #463456 item #463457 item #455250 item #464581 Never expected a KOF nendo! Oh there were a lot of nendos I want as well but I’m not gonna list them (it’s too long >.<) Gah I know right? Like I really want Lamento nendos and more DMMd boys ;A; I’ll keep bugging GSC till I get my boys made X’D. How about you, anything you’re interested in WonFes? :D
01 år sedanSkyBlueSkyBlue
I am so stoked for this!!!! item #464652 (^0^)9
01 år sedan (1 år sedan)SkyBlueSkyBlue
NoahGreen (1 år sedan) #12853854I completely agree with you. Market has changed about male figures. Now the only problem i see is "Pink Tax". Didn't notice that males figure are really more expensive than females? It's not fair T_T. They "censored" them too. I mean you can see female figures with all kind of details and then male figures almost have a good booty or nipples. I miss nipples!!! but at least now have more and more male figures i guess...
OMG a Naked Koujaku *nosebleed* If native made him i'd die. TBH I'll be happy just to Max Factory scale of Kou/Noiz. I'd love a Ren nendo like this
Ohhh Gokotai is sooo cute. When they show the prototype with this litle tigers *-* hope Mutsunokami scale. I love him, but this WF I don't expect anything specific. I have to control my orders X_O

Ah yeah that is still a problem. Male figures are generally more expensive than female figures and I still don't get it like why? Probably because they can and they know we'll buy it anyway. And I absolutely agree with you about those details that were conveniently and cleverly left out. Like there's tons of female figures with layers and layers of clothes but still their details are sculpted to great lengths. And then we have male figures who are half naked but are eerily missing their nips o.0 For example, Ryouma item #287883 he looks stunning with those back and leg muscles but where's his nips?! >A<
Hopefully Max Factory will continue making scales for the rest of the boys (I constantly bug them about it X'D) and the nendos as well! Oh, Ren looks so cute~~ ^^ Yeah I'm cutting back on my orders too especially with the JPY so strong but I can't help getting excited~ Omg WF is just five days away!!!
Oh and did you see the recently announced Mako item #460017 and Haru item #460018 figures?? I am super excited for these two because I totally wasn't expecting it at all! ^^
01 år sedanSkyBlueSkyBlue
NoahGreen (1 år sedan) #12587706Not at all! ^^ I couldn't say "No" to DMMd Fan, not only that you like Final Fantasy and KH *-* So i'm gald to accept you!
I can't choose between them :( I love both (Kou and Noiz) and actualy they are my favorites pairing. If Native announces another DMMd figure i think i'm gonna die hahaha or another guy like Makoto. I Hope Aoba won't be the only 18+ male figure but I'll be happy with a scale from Max Factory as Ren or Aoba.
About TR guys, i'll get all nendos but not scales. I can't afford them and only like 4 of them for now, so... :( Are you waiting to see something in particular in Wonder Festival?

Things have really improved over the years especially this recent years where we really see more and more male figures both in scales and nendoroids (Thanks to the all male line-ups like Altair and Orange Rouge. MH is also picking things up with their SOC ^^) Like did you see those delicious All Out boys? *q* Oh I really hope Aoba won't be the first and last 18+ male figure ;A; I'm hoping other manufacturers can see how well native Aoba does so they know there IS a market for adult male figures. I've said it before and I'll say it as many times as it takes me but I'll do anything for a Noiz scale! Of course in my twisted fantasy, I would love to own a butt naked Koujaku and Noiz figure just so I can stare all day at their tattoos and piercings X'D
Wow that's amazing! They'll look absolutely adorable together~~All the endless possibilities to pose them interacting with each other :D I'm thinking of only getting my absolute favourite sword boy scales first then we'll see how it goes from there :3 I'm just excited to see all kinds of announcement and prototypes but I guess I'm most excited for the painted Gokotai scale and hopefully a proto of Sanzo and Natsume. How about you? ^^
01 år sedanSkyBlueSkyBlue
NoahGreen (1 år sedan) #12559446I love BL *-* and DMMd is one of my favorites. Koujaku x Aoba or Noiz x Aoba *-* hope this Wonder Festival show more Nendos or scales. I'd love a Koujaku or Noiz scale. Happy to know a DMMd Fan too ^^
And about TR boys, i'm not sure if we finnaly see two of them on de same mounth... Erina was delayed too because the same problem, and still waiting for release date... Kashu could go to next mounth with Tsuru. I hope not but... :/. On the other hand, i have no problem with all PO i'm gonna have this mounth so... ^^

Thanks for accepting the FR! I had to send one after I read your profile and Makoto was so adorable~ Yay~ BL fans unite! I love all pairings but my OTP is definitely Noiz x Aoba ^^ Me too! Really hoping for DMMd scales and Mink nendoroid (Please GSC~ ;A;) It'd be a huge deal if native announces plans for a second 18+ male figure \(^0^)/
I may cry if there are two sword boys released together (tears of joy of course ^^) You getting all of them?
01 år sedanSkyBlueSkyBlue
NoahGreen (1 år sedan) #12533482Yup, Kogi's date was December but (thanks god *-*) were delayed to January. So i'm not surprise with the rest. Maybe Jiji will not delayed but i'm sure he will.
Don't worry! ask whatever you want ^^ I don't remember who they are X_O I am not good at remembering names, but for some reason ponytail guy reminds me of Koujaku and i love DmmD *-*

Hope you don't mind me replying here as I don't wanna go off-topic at Kashuu's page ^^ I do think Jiji will get delayed if Tsuru is released in August. I don't think GSC will release two of the swordboy scales in the same month :'D Guess I won't be seeing Naki till next year...
Ooh indeed he does ^^ Your profile pic is a very beautiful illustration. Yay for DMMd fan~♡
01 år sedanmelon_gabengcuimelon_gabengcui
o(〃'▽'〃)oGive me five!Nice to meet you!
NoahGreen (1 år sedan) #12045576Hi! first of all, thank you to send me a FR ^^, you're so kind. As you said, we have the same taste hahaha (I love your Tomoe figure *-*). I'm really glad to accept you ^^
01 år sedanmelon_gabengcuimelon_gabengcui
We share the same flavor of collections--male figure!
(・ω< )★And I think you're a quite interesting person through your introduction.Your comments on Aoba impress me a lot.///w///I'm from China and my English is just-so-so.Hope we can be friends and share more thoughts.
11 år sedanDanteMagicaDanteMagica
I totally agree with you on the comment about Aoba, I forgot about the figures you mentioned but they are a tad light like you said, if the volume was turned up just a little more lol
02 år sedanthorkastthorkast
que vaaaa si te mande un MP por alli :O no te llegóo?NoahGreen (2 år sedan) #6028858¿yo? ¡que va! pensaba que el desaparecido eras tu :( aunque si te refieres a que hace tiempo que no entro en FA puede ser *^^*. Yo ya pensaba que te había saturado o algo jajajaja
02 år sedanthorkastthorkast
estas desaparecidoooo :O
02 år sedanthorkastthorkast
jajaja yo en teoria ya tengo todas las mikus que me gustan ^^ la ultima esta en camino... y si acaso me cogeria la snow miku magical pero voy a esperar... Y Felia es muy bonita pero si te gustan las nendos esperate porque si o si GSC la hará de hecho ya la tiene dibujada en version nendoNoahGreen (2 år sedan) #5094439¿Ves? empecé tan tarde que no llegué para la de Red :( y los precios que veo son una burrada. Me daba cosa coger a N sin tener los demás. Y la Miku la miro casi todos los días men Manda, así es como he conseguido la de Harvest ^^. Mira que dije "No voy a comprar ninguna miku" y ya voy 5, a cada cual más bonita *-* Ando detrás de alguna miku más, pero con calma. La que me muero por reservar y no sé cuando lo haré es Felia. Dudo de si entra por SAL con los precios que marca de envío, y eso es lo que me tira para atrás U_U
02 år sedanthorkastthorkast
siii! N esta de camino y se viene a hacerle compañia a Red y Cinthia ^_^ seguramente pronto anunciarán la prox nendo de pokémon!
Pero tanto N como la miku seguro que las encuentras en mandarake :PPNoahGreen (2 år sedan) #5070371Madre mía, creo que si intento ser mas torpe no lo consigo jajajajajaja No veía de donde salía la notificación.
Envidia la que me das con ese Nendoroid de N y la Miku Senbonzakura *_* yo empecé tardísimo en esto, y voy muy poquito a poco. Me superáis todos los figuradictos de calle jajajajaja Envidia os tengo yo ^^

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