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FGO Fes this year.... maybe not
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Heya, your inbox is full, but yes the shipping is correct. ^^
9 månader sedan
Man, I just cleared it! I've been getting far more messages in the past few days than in a long while! ^_^; Cleared again, sorry for the wait!
10 månader sedan
Yeah, saw that it was full and am cleaning it out now. No worries, nothing to be done about sold-out items. I definitely appreciate you picking up what you can!
11 månader sedan
Hi! Thank you very much for asking, because MFC didn't alert me to it for some reason! I just responded. <3
11 månader sedan
Hi! Sorry for not seeing this sooner. I'll have to clean out my inbox later, haha.

I'll PM you my paypal after I get that sorted out. If Morgana is unclaimed, could I get him too? Thanks
1 år sedan
The receiving box seems to be full.
1 år sedan
Sorry about that, I hadn’t noticed that my subscription had ended!
I would like to wait if you don’t mind holding on to them a little longer. Thank you :)
2 år sedan
Gah, sorry! I somehow totally missed your response. Thanks for contacting me again! Sent a PM~
2 år sedan
Hi! I did get your PM, but I've been getting an "inbox is full" message and was hoping it would clear up soon. I, erm, didn't think to post on your profile, because I do it so rarely that it just didn't cross my mind. Stupid, I know. >_>; Mine's pretty close to full too, so could you respond to this comment to tell me when yours is open (if it isn't already) so I can PM you? Thanks!
2 år sedan
Hello! I sent my shipping payment for the persona 5 charatoria but your inbox is full so I just wanted to let you know here!
2 år sedan
Europe's friend for everything manga, anime and related merchandise!


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