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I've been on MFC since 2012. I really enjoy writing figure reviews, and one of my goals is to eventually produce a review of every figure in my collection that doesn't have a review on MFC. I hope people enjoy reading them as much as I like writing them. If there is some figure in my collection, you'd like to see reviewed, let me know!

Current review queue:

Kotobukiya 1/6 Konomi Yuzuhara "Innocence" ITEM #39565

Max Factory 1/6 Nana Astar Deviluke ITEM #331480

Phat 1/8 Katsuragi ITEM #144273

Sega Hatsune Miku "Pansy" ITEM #581660

Kurushima 1/5 Hakufu Sonsaku ITEM #11438

Daiki 1/6 Mei Senou/Honey the Hugger ITEM #618732

Skytube 1/6 Hazumi Ohmune ITEM #464557

Plum 1/7 Tomoka Minato "Spats" ITEM #544780

Phat Futaba Sakura ITEM #524815

Native 1/7 "Shoujo M" ITEM #11740

Max Factory Sakura Kinomoto ITEM #462460

Amie-Grand 1/6 Ryuubi Gentoku ITEM #80238

Sega Rin Kagamine ITEM #440641
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Hehe, that is understandable! Seems like a lot of figures have been getting delays at the end of 2018~ You could always save the link for that wallscroll and check back in a couple of months time, I saw it in stock at 3 different branches, so I guess it's not that rare. :)

I also bought some more merchandise in the last couple of months than I normally would. Figures I'm not buying much anymore, but nowadays it's a lot of apparel, small goods and doujinshi. Those 3 groups are also very dangerous LOL. Luckily I only have 2 pre-orders right now and nothing else on the way, so my wallet can hopefully have a break for 1 or 2 months before I decide to start checking out my regular second hand channels again. :)
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Randomly came across this big tapestry when I was browsing Mandarake and I thought you might like it: order.mandarake... Good price, too! :)
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Was thinking of making her like her color variant trading figure: ITEM #9380 ! :) Maybe also tie a small ribbon around her neck, so she has a similar tie. :)

At first I thought painting her similar to the China Dress version of that figure, but then I remembered ITEM #747119 also exists, which I can maybe acquire too someday!
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Yes! I just had my proxy confirm my order of ITEM #288514 ! Apparently she also comes with a Manual CD! :O
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Correct, haha! I also did not know of that GK existing until I found her for sale! And yeah, there is so much 'hidden' Mecha Musume stuff still out there! For example circle ENTRY #17974 supposedly has done a ton of older illustrations from Humikane in Garage Kit form (like for example ITEM #413703 ). I've seen pictures of their selling displays where I could slightly make out some other designs, but the resolution was too low to be absolutely sure and there was not enough information for database entries. There should be at least 10 others of them from these more niche designs, as they are supposedly releasing at least yearly a new one (that one I linked is also quite recent!). And then ENTRY #10464 also should have a more extensive Mecha Musume garage kit portfolio, but it's super hard to find more info about those also, with them it's because most seem to be mail-order releases.

But yeah coming to your point of doujin goods always surprising me: You probably know I am a huge collector from Baccano!, and while that franchise is 'dead' (the anime is 11 years old with no chance of S2 or reboot, and the writer of the books hasn't written new material in 5 years even though the series is not finished yet), I actually found a doujinshi recently that was just released a year ago ITEM #645682 . So you can say the same here as for those Mecha Musume designs. The publishers or original creators (barely) give attention to it anymore, but the fan goods, garage kits etc. never stop!!

Even if I don't manage to buy them, I'm really curious to the other items, especially GK's, that I will find from the 'old' Mecha Musume. :) Maybe I will own one of them some day! I will definitely let you know if I manage to do so!
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Yeah, she is so cute~

Also something interesting that just happened to me: You maybe remember this GK I tried to buy a while back (but wasn't fast enough): ITEM #288514 . Well, just a few days ago I found ITEM #747119 on an auction instead. She has different box art and a different release, but seems to be (almost) the same GK, but just wearing a china dress instead. Unfortunately my proxy couldn't snag her fast enough and now someone else has bought her. :( Ahhh, will I ever own any of these super rare Mecha Musume GK's??? I want to see them with my own eyes!
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I'm catching up with Wonfes announcements and ITEM #740199 is an amazing blast from the past, with amazing looking quality!!! I'm sure you will buy/order her? :)
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Indeed. Generally, I try to complete a set of figures from a same manufacturer. 1/4 forces you to cherry pick and make more serious decisions.
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Multiple houses, haha! But that's why I also like seeing pictures of people collecting from for example Meiko or Kaito, as you can have almost everything showing those characters and still display it in 1 detolf. ;)

What do you think about ITEM #675855 ? Not sure if we talked about that one before. I think a lot of people agree that the design is too simple for a scaled figure, but I guess you are going to pre-order it to be sure you can get it? :) And yeah Rin (and Len!) are in the middle ground of the amount of merchandise that they get. It would be possible to keep up with it all, but you probably wouldn't have much budget left to buy much other things for your collection. ;)
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Hehe, very true. It's very hard for all-out Miku fans to keep it to only favorites, as nobody has the money or space to get everything Miku. Even though a lot of the other Vocaloid characters don't have enough merchandise in my opinion, collecting the side-characters their items is a lot more do-able than Miku. :P

A lot of people find the Mikuzukin to be a bit lacking or they complain about her color scheme, but personally I like it a lot. But as with a lot of other Miku's, they are not hard to find second hand, so it's not a figure you need to rush. ;)
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