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Heya, just a Fire Emblem fangirl extraordinaire here, at your service! :) I respond to the name of Lord Derptor but feel free to call me whatever you want.
(I'm also secretly wishing for Fire Emblem figures ELIWOOD LYN HECTOR that do not involve Tharja's butt. You know it.)

I tend to collect Tales figures because, you know, Tales is 34405940590459 degrees of awesome!




vesperia6 år sedan#2177621HAHA OOPS SORRY FOR IGNORING YOUR COMMENT FOR SO LONG ORZ I've been drowning in exams these days......... orz I am sooo done studying but my last exam is in late july T_T But at least I got something to do instead of just spending my days counting down to ToX2's release : D also for some reason it's supposed to come out 9 days later in my country..... o r z
NO WORRIES, WE ALL GET BUSY. OMG, 9 days later?! That's too long of a wait. Right now I'm dying for August to come here so that it's released, so it must be worse for you. ;o;
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Hullo Vesperia! How are youuu?
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vesperia6 år sedan#1975431They are :'D And so is any figure with any big ass weapon! Except I don't have any of them x_x I can't wait to have that Alter's Labrys because she looks so cool! It's funny because I used to dislike axes for some reason (I played a lot of Fire Emblem and never used any axewielder)... and then so it happened that my favorite character ever had to be a big dumb guy with big axes orz
Yuri's poster reminds me of Lloyd's lolololol

Yeah I used to not be that fond of axes myself, but then some of my fav FE ended up usin em and I was like "Well I like em now! LOL." And that goes for Persona as well. XD Hahahahaha, it's one of my fav scenes between those two. OMG it does you're right. XD
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Hiiii vesperia!

Axes are very cool. :'D
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vesperia6 år sedan#1916205Yaaaay thanks! Actually when I typed in that I was kind of afraid it'd be taken already BUT WOW NO IT WASN'T :'D although i feel kinda guilty for having this username when my vesperia copy is sitting there on my shelf and I haven't played it in ages (I don't have a 360 so I had to resort to a PS3 version and my japanese isn't that great >_> although that is always good practice)
AND YOU HAVE ALL OF XENOSAGA GAMES /IS JELLY they only released the 2nd one here out in the EU sobs and ps2 are region-locked SOBS

I know that feeling! Before I decided to get this username I checked to see if it was available and when I saw that people combined words with this one I was "WHA?! YOU GUYS DIDN'T THINK TO GO FOR JUST THIS? Oh well, it's mine now. LOL." Speaking of that, I own a PS3 but bought a 360 ages ago since there were a few games I wanted for it so my friend got me Vesperia for the 360 but I rarely use my 360 so it sits there collecting dust and so does the game. I'm terrible. orz
OMG that blows so much. D; I don't see why they never released the rest for you guys. As much as I'm glad they released it here, they censored out so much in Episode I and III that it makes me cringe at times. I'm like "Reallyyyyyy?" Still, it's a great game series. ;w;
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Can I just say that I love your username? Vesperia is a great game. <3
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vesperia6 år sedan#1858412LOL sicuramente è stata solo fortuna, ma per caso ho letto la tua ultima review di Saber, ho visto la foto col paesaggio e ho pensato "doh questo tipo di paesaggio sembra familiare" e poi ho visto che eri italiana! uahahahaaha

Ahaha! Tipico paesaggio italico xD
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I see (^ ^)! That's good then! Well, he wrote the guide, but we always play Tales games together.

vesperia7 år sedan#1717142OOOOOOOOOOH
Then you should know how much I should thank you (either you or your bf idk)! Without your guide for the japanese PS3 vesperia I would've NEVER got that far into the game!!! :°) I was waiting for a translation but it never came, your guide was such a lifesaver : D
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Yes, it's me (^ ^). Or rather my boyfriend. We share the same PSN account~.

vesperia7 år sedan#1709793Hi! This is probably kind of a long shot, but are you AppleKratue from PS3Trophies? o: if you're not i'm sorry orz orz orz
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
vesperia7 år sedan#1704201Uploaded! I was afraid I'd end up uploading way too many pics since this book's so great...
It's because I haven't played Awakening yet, and I'd really feel bad getting a figure of a FE character I know next to nothing about maybe that'd spur me into buying the game <_<, and somehow figmas aren't really my thing! I'd rather see previous FE characters figures anyway.

Thanks! It does look quite nice.
Awakening is actually the only FE game I've played, but if all the other games are as good then I can't wait. My backlog is huge though, so technically they will have to wait... Maybe after you play FE:A you'll like Tharja's butt :D
How're you liking Xillia?
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too many >_>
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