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hello-- just a busy college student & artist here!

**I'm a very busy person so if I forget to reply to something about a sale or I forget to do something please nudge me. I'm a forgetful person and I truly don't mean to be.

Thank you.
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Your inbox is full! I shipped the items today, want to drop you the tracking!
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Glad you like her! Sorry, your inbox is full. Thanks for the feedback!
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Hi, your inbox is full.

Anyway answering your question in previous message: I can, no prob ^^
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Hello, I just want to remind you about the Racing Miku Straps Split. The deadline for the payment is on 26/02/2018, please PM me if you have any questions!
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kilani Sayaka Rank
Hi there,

Are you still interested in this split? ^^ club/618/discus...

I saw they are on clearance now, so we could get them for half price. I'm willing to order even though we don't have fillers for mars.
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Your inbox is full so I'm replying here!

You're welcome! I only have Yarne, Brady, Ricken and Basilo for sale at this point but if I find more on your wishlist I'll let you know.
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Hi! Are you still interested in the Nowi keychain?
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MFC has the best database that you can ever hope to find relating to figurines and goods. The site adds items via users that take the time to do so and it is greatly appreciated.

My favorite part of the site is my profile as well as others users profiles. It is a chance to express our love for characters we see in anime's or game or elsewhere. Some do this via their avatar, others personalize their profiles to the max by becoming a donor. Being a donor does unlock certain feature that help you with personalization of your profile like a back image and a few other perks. For me I used some Jpegs to give my profile that little extra umph. There are many ways you can customize your profile and as you get to know the site features you will be able to make this site your home.

If you are new to this hobby and you have questions about a certain figurine that you do not know then please refer your questions to this club: club/99/discuss... Many people peruse it and the answer is usually found very quickly.

Enjoy your stay in the MFC community.

= )

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Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayou !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
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Welcome to the board vatimortis! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
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