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Hello, I'm tundras! I started collecting in 2013.
Vocaloid and Animal Crossing are my main interests.

My collection is strictly limited to things I absolutely adore.
Anything else is not worth keeping.

💕 Personal Preferences I collect based on design. As a result, my choices generally depend on the following points:
(✔) Original characters with no backstory
(✔) Confident poses
(✔) Simple designs
(✔) Flat design style
(✔) Vivid colors
(✔) Almond/round eyes
(✔) Rubber straps
(✔) Thigh highs and pleated skirts (especially high waisted ones)
(✔) Straight torso+wide hips/thick thighs body type (ex. Phat's Parfom line)
(✔) Seamless bases (ex. Racing Miku 2014 Thailand Ver.)

(✱) Considered, but typically avoided:
  • Trading figures
  • Mini figure charms
  • Plushes
  • Linens
  • Apparel
  • Wall decorations
  • Stationery
  • Things with words written on them

(✖) Unknown characters
(✖) Busy patterns and textures
(✖) Polygonal bases with more than four sides
(✖) Heavy usage of armor, mecha, frill or real fabric elements
(✖) Synthetic or brittle-looking hair
(✖) Busts or partially sculpted characters
(✖) Debossed metal charms/keyholders or enamel pins

In terms of display options, I prefer the half-sized Ikea Billy because it:
  • Is a solid color (clear shelving gives the impression of objects floating in the air)
  • Has no reflective properties without doors
  • Has adjustable shelves
  • Is possible to add more shelves
  • Has a decent amount of width
  • Has a top shelf that is actually reachable for shorter people

📃 Holy Grail Wish List Snow Miku 2013 Tote Bag
(雪ミク 2013 トートバッグ)

Animate USA Online Shop, Animate JP Online Shop (?) | March 2013
Last seen: In one of the User Sales threads in the Bargains / Sales / Coupons club here on MFC
I like the patterning and flat coloring (so long as the actual bag stays true to the stock image). I'm pretty sure I saw this in someone's list in the forums once, using the picture above. I'm also pretty sure they sold it at some point. Pre-orders apparently opened for the US before Japan on the old Animate USA site.

「トエト」特大缶バッジ 新星堂限定オリジナル特典
("Toeto" Oversized Can Badge Shinseido Limited Original Benefit)

Torabotic Symphony (トラボティック・シンフォニー) | June 5, 2013 | Store-exclusive bonus
Last seen: Never

Toeto is me.

(WEGO/DIY Nylon Square Rucksack)

WEGO (ウィゴー) | Summer 2016 | Black | Drink pocket | Two detachable sheets (black/white)
Last seen: Rakuten (¥1,069)・Mercari [dead link] (¥3,000)・TwitterTwitter

This is basically everything I want in an ita bag. Square in shape, large in size, is a neutral color, has a drink pocket, can be worn or carried...all while allowing me to display my stuff under the protection of a zippered full window! Why did I discover this a year too late?

Please drop a link if you happen to see any of these somewhere, whether sold out or not! Any sort of help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

💭 AC:NL - Welcome amiibo Dream Address: 4C00-0032-9D13 💭
🐧 Last updated: March 10, 2019





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✨✨Happy Birthday✨✨
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123585 items, Rare/Limited/Exclusive, Since 2007