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Hey there!
Your inbox is full!
Just wondering if you ever got those pictures of Saber??
5 år sedan
tiramiss6 år sedan#2030283Thank you for the fr :D
np! your anime/touhou/figurine collection is so beautiful ;w;
6 år sedan
merry christmas
6 år sedan
Your message inbox is full >.< Have you already sent out the set I purchased?
7 år sedan
чибики,они прекрасны *О*
7 år sedan
tiramiss7 år sedan#1567874Thank you for the fr ^^

will be glad to meet you ^^
7 år sedan
tiramiss7 år sedan#1524847Hi ^^ Thank you for the fr :D
Super jealous you can speak so many languages. That's awesome.

You're welcome. ^^
Thanks! Well, actually I'm not fluent at all the languages I mentioned, sometimes I still have to learn more about a language. At the moment I'm actually not too far with Japanese. Speaking is not that hard, but reading and writing is pretty difficult. I'm trying to get fluent at all the languages (except French and German)
I mentioned, but it's still going to take some time. Maybe one day I would like to learn Chinese too, but first I would need to know Japanese and Chinese is so difficult to learn.
I see you have 2 Saber Dollfie Dreams, that's so nice! Currently I'm saving up for my first DD, but it's so hard not to buy figures in the meantime. I'm probably going to make a custom DD Kasumi as my first daughter.
7 år sedan
tiramiss7 år sedan#1521011Thank you for the fr ^^ You have a awesome collection. And I love your room pic.
no problem! i love your room pics too! ;w;
7 år sedan
All that touhou!
marry me please :w;

saw your room at figure.fm for some reason school pc's won't let me post there ><
but I just had to tell you I'm in love with that room haha.

keep on collecting! c:
7 år sedan
Thanks for accepting my FR! ^^
Very nice collection and display you have there.
7 år sedan
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