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Currently settled in Houston, TX. Mainly collects Transformers but started collecting Japanese figures and toys as well from mid-2009 onwards but has currently cooled off due to now having too much of that stuff. Needs to re-arrange room to fit all the toys & figures that accumulated. Knows some Japanese and uses that knowledge to read, watch, and play raw manga, anime, and eroge. Lately been hooked on reading stuff from the Syousetu Ni Narou website.


shizen223 år sedan#24238565Hello! Was passing by and admiring your collection. Your dedication to old-school sukumizu is impressive! Main reason I'm posting is to ask how you get rid of your unwanted eroge and doujinshi. I have some that I'm no longer interested in but I don't want to just throw them away (it's a waste!). ^^; Any advice you can give is appreciated (dogeza!). FYI, I'm also in USA.
Hi! Thank you very much. In my experience eroge and doujinshi are very difficult to get rid of. Most of my unwanted stuff ends up going to a friend of mine. Otherwise there are always selling platforms. I don't recommend eBay because it truly sucks for sellers these days. But I know there are groups on reddit, LiveJournal and FaceBook specifically for selling this kind of stuff. If the item has an entry here, you could of course sell it through MFC too. I notice many people bypass the restrictions put on listing items for sale by just posting in the comments that they are selling and it seems to be effective. Anyway I hope I could help :)
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shizen22Konnichiwa~! Thank you for the FR! Good luck in your figure quest!
Thanks for accepting and likewise :D
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shizen22Happy Birthday! (I mention it now because I'll forget later. :P)

Thank you! Ha! Nice.
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Happy Bday :)
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shizen22Hi! Welcome to the board! I think you'll find a few familiar faces here. :D
Thank you! It's somewhat less daunting coming to a new site when there's people I recognize! =D
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shizen22Yeah, maybe; I visit both once in a while.
Either way, nice to meet you. :D

Nice to meet you as well. :D
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shizen22I know you right? I think I do. I just forget where... orz

I don't know if you know me, I just rather like your photos. You may've seen me on /toy/ or deviantart.
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shizen22Um, Happy Birthday? :P

hahaha thank you yanachan ^^ :)
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Thanks for the fave! Have a treat: mangacafeblog.c...
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