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Hi Everyone, My Name Is Samantha and I am 13. My Favorite Games are The Sims and Babysitting Mama for the wii. My wii's name is heather. And by the way, I've been into some Sci-fi stuff lately. I just finished Ender's Game and its great.


I'ts like I have an on/off relationship with my favorite shows. Unfortunately, Electric Company and I are 'off' at the moment. :( I still love it, but I've had enough. I haven't had to much, but I've had just enough to satisfy myself for a while. This is the third time I felt like I've had enough of it.


The first time was after watching 'Alice in Wonderland', The second was after seeing the movie 'Matilda', and the third time is after watching 'Star Wars'. Yeah, thats right, I like Star Wars now. I never thought I would like it. Heres some Star Wars yuri. I don't know who the redhead is (probably an OC anyway), so don't ask.


I am also a recent fan of Star Trek. I never saw myself liking that, either. I saw bits of it as a child, and 2 minutes of it as a teenager, and I already love it. I even have a Star Trek OC named Silantro. She's Spock's sister.


Speaking of OC's, I also have a Star Wars OC named Victoria. She's the younger sister of Leia and I think she's lovely. I have a few pictures of her, but not many. I want more, and I might draw some soon. Here's my favorite out of all of them.


Along with me liking Sci-fi comes a bunch of other things. One of these things is me finding stuff that definately is my style, but I still don't like it. For example, I don't like Lord of the rings, but you would figure a sci-fi nerd would, right? I asked my dad to buy me World Of Warcraft, but he said it's too expensive. Thats why he recommended Lord of the Rings online.


No thanks, dad. I think I would rather play WoW. >:( Also, he recommended this show called Battle Star Galactica. I never saw it, so I don't know if its good, but what a beautiful name for a tv show. I wish I came up with that!


Speaking of names for things other than children, isn't Shurz a pretty name for a school? I don't want to go there, but what a pretty name for a school! Nevermind lets continue talking about Sci-fi. Anyway, you know how I am with my yuri, and if I like Sci-fi, I'm going to want yuri of it. So here it is.




Another 13 year old ;A;

I thought I was the youngest, but I'm not aloooooneeeee :))))
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yes! they are amazing! *-* As you can see I have a few myself! The two lesbians Mia and Hiromi are my favorites! *-* sammizu0Thanks but I didn't draw it. Also I'm glad you like my characters
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You're welcome! And thank you for accepting it!;D Also, thanks for the comment about my profile pic! Yours is cute as well! Did you draw it? And, you are a very talented manga artist! (:0 I have a few oc's myself! I'm about to post one of them with another oc of a friend on Tsuki board from an rp we've been doing for a couple of weeks! =Dsammizu0Thanks for the friend request. Also, nice profile picture :]
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sammizu0Thanks for the friend request!!!

Welcome! you screaming it out loud! you must be excited WOOT, I love ichigo meow <3
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Sammizu ^.^!
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wow-lovely collection! *_*
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sammizu0agreed well at any rate whats new right now im planning to build a diorama for some of my mecha with the kits i got recently found a couple of koyobukita mechanical chain bases cheap
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that picture of the cat eating the sheep is a little creepy looking.
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Wow, you have some really cute figures. ^^
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