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I'm a simple man... call me an Idol Hell Dweller if you wish.

Vocaloid Hero by acclamation not by action!

Interest: anime, trains, modelism, history, archeology, architecture & astronomy.

Watching animes since 1986, watching religiously animes since 2002, wasting my pathetic life on animes since 2009, thinking animes is truly shit since 2015 yet still liking them...

Mainly interested in garage kits. Many of them aren't listed in the database.

I collect figures and paint garage kits since early 2003, focusing mainly on bishoujo from animes I really liked (often old school) or particularly hated and thereof developed fondness (probably some case of Stockholm Syndrom!). My preference goes for larger scales such as 1/7, 1/6, 1/5 and 1/4. I have a sweet spot for sailor fuku, but that's a given.

As my collection slowly but surely grows, a few trends are emerging:

1) Characters from old school animes I loved (habitually pre-2000 titles)
2) Cheezy idols
3) Modern harmless moe bishoujos
4) Conversation pieces (mildly sexy bishoujos; bikini, armor, etc.)

If it's old, it's good!

BTW, Likantz Seaberry is the best loli. It's a shame no figure of her.
Everything from Sailor Moon to Haikara-san ga Tohru except Dragon Ball
Architecture, History, Astronomy, Arts
SimCity, Transportation Tycoon, NES and SNES
A Real-Life Honor Student with Thick Glasses
Anything except hip hop and rap. Anime OST at work!
Canon PowerShot A2000 IS



You and I seem to be collecting the same sort of items. Would be great to see your set up as well. Do you have any pics of your set up that are current? Oh and where are you in Quebec city? I go down once every bluish moon. Could have a coffee if you are interested.

= )

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Got to love these reminders.. I got one saying that it was your birthday so I wanted to drop in and celebrate with you. I hope that you have had a wonderful day and that this evening will be one to remember.

= )


Happy Birthday !!!!


Si jamais tu est a Ottawa lache moi un coup de fil on prendra un cafe si tu veux.

= )

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sailormatlac (8 månader sedan) #38193023Got Mikan today. Beautiful as expected, though she's better displayed from a lower vantage point (some shelf reorganization to come). For me, the 1/4 bunny thing was THE rabbit hole I stayed away for years knowing it would turn out to be financial pit. It seems I've taken a dangerous liking to 1/4 which isn't a good news! ;-)

Glad that you like your Mikan :). I've got Mikan displayed just below eye level, and I think that's the best display option for her, as that way it looks like she's looking straight at you.

I like 1/4 scale figures, but they certainly can be cost prohibitive. For that reason, I tend to reserve 1/4 scales for my very favorite characters and series. Although FREEing/BINDing is kind of making it tough to stick to that paradigm with all the different 1/4 figures that they've been releasing...
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Hello~ I think your inbox is full?
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It's very disappointing.. Makes me think that they probably won't even bother with the Aqours girls anymore... ╥﹏╥ I mean, it's ridiculous when other companies pull the same stunt, but Alter?! I totally agree, school uniforms are great, but for a scale figure of an idol character? Nope. And like you said, there are already some pretty nice and cheap prize figures with both the summer and winter outfits. There wasn't even an update on the Yohane scale. I don't understand how the prize figures are at least trying to do different casual outfits and idol costumes, but these companies aren't even really trying to produce scales that are better than those.

The company with the You swimsuit figure only announced one more figure this Wonfest, and it's from some other series. So probably won't happen either. At least a swimsuit line up with a nice price would have been nice, but oh well.

I don't think I can call my self a big Aqours fan, but they are my fave girl idol group. Instead of being sad I am mostly bitter thought lol. I don't like the Muse girls at all, so to see this blatant difference in the treatment they are getting from all the manufactures is so infuriating! At least I will save my money. I see some very nice Super Soinco figures coming out in the future, so I will just throw my money at that.

The Stronger ones are okay, but yeah.. Something with the final product and choice of outfits is a little off. At least they went with actual idol costume, so props to them. Maybe I will pick the CYaRon! lineup from that one in a few years lol.

So how was this Wonfest for you?
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Have you seen Alter's new Aqours figure... I am serious, at this point they are just plainly being mean to us. I mean, how else can you explain it at this point..? If Alter is doing this, I am kind of giving up any hope I had of nice scales for these girls.
Do you think this one might get a set? It looks like a new company, but if the prototype matches the actual figure the price & figure are actually kind of nice.
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sailormatlac (11 månader sedan) #33810340Time flies by so fast! I also saw the one on AmiAmi, it's certainly a good deal for 10 380Y. ...
I was recently shuffling figures on my shelves and when it came to Hakufu, I let her keep her dedicated spot. Since I purchased her many years ago, she's been on my permanent display up to this day which can testify she has grown on my since then. She certainly has a lot of limitation (pale paint job typical of cold cast and wrong hair color), but that said, I still consider the sculptor did a good job representing her voluptuous body. It's definitely not that much detailed, but the proportions are right and the pose charming...To be honest, I also own ITEM #331607 and while it is technically a far superior figure in many aspect, I still think ITEM #11438 has more genuine old fashioned charm. Her belly and the way she sits certainly grab the attention. So to answer your original question, I wouldn't mind purchasing this figure again if I had to. Since you have a soft spot for oldies like that, I believe she would find a good place in your collection if you are inclined to purchase her.

Thanks for the reply. Part of me (my wallet) was hoping you'd say that you'd say that you'd gotten tired of that figure and boxed her away :).

I can completely see where you're coming from with that figure vs. the FREEing Hakufu. While I have no doubt the FREEing figure is in most ways a far superior figure, the chair Hakufu just seems to have a lot more personality; Hakufu's hook is her rather naive and clueless charm, and I think that shines through on the older figure.

EDIT: Ordered her. I think that whatever flaws she has is balanced by her cuteness and charm.
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Has your opinion about ITEM #11438 changed at all over the last couple of years? One of these showed up on AmiAmi not long ago, and I was thinking about getting her. This prompted me to reread your review which was somewhat critical of the figure, but we had a discussion about Hakufu a couple of years ago (that long ago?!) and you made a comment that you were sort of getting used to some of her flaws. Any change in your opinion since then?
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sailormatlac (1 år sedan) #32818031Beautiful pictures as always. Your attention to carefully photograph figures is highly appreciated. I'm more convinced than ever to track down this beauty. Interestingly enough, when the "lampshade" skirt rest on the base, it really looks better. Once again, thank you very much! It will be a pleasure to read your review!

I forgot to enable comments on the review when I first posted it, so by all means please comment away if you are so inclined :).
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Our discussion the other day prompted me to take some new shots of Orchid Seed's Push!! Cover Girl (I wasn't very happy with the lighting in some of the previous shots), and I'll probably get a review written sometime in the next few days. Please look forward to it!
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