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~☆About Minty☆~
Hey there! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ
I'm not sure where to begin as i'm terrible with introductions but anyway lol! I'm Lisa, a 24 years old girl from Australia! I first began collecting back in 2011. It was after i saw scale figures for the first time ever (Cure Marine and Blossom from Heartcatch Precure!) that i fell in love with how beautiful and amazing scale figures were. I bought them both when i was on a trip to Japan that year and after that there was no going back! I just love this hobby! Besides scale figures, i also love collecting prize figures and nendoroids. My favorite of all would be goods though like straps, keychains, towels and clearfiles!

As for me, i'm quite shy but i'm a very cheerful, easygoing and happy person! Other than figure collecting i also love to sing, dance, cook, draw and mess around on Photoshop in my spare time. My absolute favourite series would have to be Magi, Haikyuu!! and Free! I love Magi the most though and it's the series which i can't seem to stop collecting from! Alibaba Saluja from Magi is my favourite character of all time. I love him so much and he is a character who means a lot to me!♥ He's such a kind, caring, cute dork. XD I also love Yato, Kageyama Tobio and Tachibana Makoto. Also adorable dorks ahh! >///<

Thank you so much for stopping by and also for taking the time to read this! It means a lot! I hope you're well and having a wonderful day! Take care!

Haikyuu!!, Nanatsu no Taizai, Shingeki no Kyogin, Heartcatch Precure!, Uchouten Kazoku, Madoka Magica, FMA: B, Free!, Shiki, Parasyte. Cardcaptor Sakura
Magi, Adventure of Sinbad, Haikyuu!!, Nanatsu no Taizai, One Piece, Noragami, Shingeki no Kyogin, Kuroshitsuji, FMA, Gin no Saji, Tokyo Ghoul
Lana Del Rey, Jpop, Soundtracks, Classical, Trance
Toshiba Kira Ultrabook




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Hey! haven't talked to you in awhile, how are you?
4 år sedan
mintyusagi (5 år sedan) #2631958It really is...I'm sorry you've struggled with it too. ;__; Nah, it's not weird at all! You're right! It's great to have something to keep your mind off things and especially things that make you happy. I love this website for that reason too. I think i'm still trying to find other methods that would distract me best from my sad thoughts...i tend to overthink and worry to too much that i can't think of anything else. Yeah, friends are amazing! Thank you! Yes, i am feeling better than i was. Still getting some moments of feeling down but i'm trying to stay as happy as i can. I'll try not too! i know if i let it control me, then it'll consume me...though anyway, I'm sorry to bring something so sad in like this. How have things been? I hope school is going okay for you! I've had my relatives over this week so it was really nice to see them. ^//^
He really is. Yato is way too cool! ^^ Hopefully sometime soon we'll hear some news of a second season.

Yes depression is not so easily gotten rid of. I know for some people it's because they are not independant or have a job. Still hang in there it will get better with time. School, I don't start until Feb.17 so soon again. It's been quite a while for me because I was taking some online classes so I may be overwhelmed my first day back because their is always so many people. Also the teacher better not make us introduce ourselves I hate it when they do that. What have u been up to u in school or do u have a job.
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mintyusagi (5 år sedan) #2631985Aw, no worries! I'm so happy it was awesome one! <33 ^//^
That's okay! I'll try and support you where i can!
That price is fine, it's understandable as i live really far away lol! To save time i'll message you my address and paypal e-mail so you can invoice me when you're ready.
Hope you've been well! <33

I received your private message with your address. I will soon send you the notice of payment. In the meanwhile, I will package the calendar and will send it to you as soon as possible. I'm glad that it will arrive in Australia, one of the most beautiful places in the world and the farthest place where I sent one of my calendars :D
I hope you will like it...let me know what you think about it when you receive it^^
Hear from you soon and take care! Bye bye! (^__^)/
5 år sedan
mintyusagi (5 år sedan) #2610198HAPPY BIRTHDAY AIAKOS!! <3 I hope you had an awesome one! ^//^
Thank you so much for being so sweet! <3 ;w;
I'm really looking forward to your book! It's going to be so beautiful! <3 Oh! Thank you! If it's still available i would love to buy it! Do you have a store link or would you like to discuss it over private message? ^^
Aw, it's no problem! It is among one of the favourite photos and your photography captures the characters so perfectly and the lighting is really wonderful. I'm sure you will! You'll only get better and better as time goes on. You're already incredibly talented!
Same here! Durarara!! is really awesome and i've fallen back in love with it now that it's back! It keeping me hooked onto the screen and i love pretty much all the characters. Celty is my favourite! <3 She's too adorable!
Take care and wishing you well! <3

Thank you very much for your birthday wishes, very nice of you! Yes, it was a very good one, I enjoyed myself^^
It's a pleasure for me knowing that you like my photography, and I thank you for your support :D
Regarding the calendar, I just wanted to let you know that the shipping costs for Australia are €17,80. Being a far away nation, the costs are obviously higher. Let me know if it's ok for you just the same. Don't worry about it at all if it's too expensive for you!
Hear from you soon! ;)
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mintyusagi (5 år sedan) #2595934It really has! I'm still really sorry about that. I was feeling quite depressed for a long time and became withdrawn though i'm feeling better and i don't want to be like that any more. Thanks for being so undertanding. ;w;
I'm so glad you're doing okay and had an awesome Christmas/New years! What have you been up to? Thanks i had an awesome one too! Also spent lots of time just chilling lol!
I just caught up to the Noragami manga (Ch:50) and i've fallen in love with Yato all over again. I hope they make a second season of the anime in the future. I would love it!
Take care and talk to you soon!

Oh man I know that feeling quite well. Depression is tough to deal with and I'm afraid that's something that I have also struggled with. I find this website to be a good distraction and also video games have proven to be the best method for me. I know that may sound a bit weird, but they distract me from sad thoughts. Friends are also very helpful and make you all around happy so chilling is good. I'm glad that you have gotten better though. Don't let depression ever take control of your life.:) Now a days I am going to school and yeah glad your reading the Noragami manga. I just love how Yato is so comical, cool, and just around a great character. They have to make a season 2 because it's so awesome.
5 år sedan
mintyusagi (5 år sedan) #2595942Aw Aiakos, your comment made me smile! Hi! Hi! I'm so happy you're doing well! That's so wonderful to hear! (I'm really sorry i left you hanging for so long...i was feeling quite depressed but i'm getting better!)
That's so exciting! Ahh, oh man your upcoming projects sound great! I would love to see a book with all your amazing photos! I've been looking at the posters you have for sale and i can't pick which one i would like! It's super cool that you're still full of ideas! I wonder what you have planned >w<.
Thank you! I had an awesome holiday! It was really relaxing and so nice to not be at work for a change.
Oh and the Winter 2014 season has just started and there is so much to watch! So far i love Death Parade, Maria the Virgin Witch, Yoru no Yattaman, Tokyo Ghoul S2, Durarara!! and Assassination Classroom.
Take care and i'll talk you very soon! <3 ^////^

Hi, don't worry if we didn't write each other earlier, the important thing is that you're ok! Yes, I plan to print a book in the future, and regarding to the 2015 calendar, I've sold all the copies except one, therefore, in case you're interested, you're still in time to get it, lol! Thank you very much for appreciating the photo which I posted yesterday and hope to realize other good shots. I searched Mio for so much time and finally now I can admire her :3
P.S. Durarara is one of my favourite anime, and I'm really glad for the second season!
5 år sedan
mintyusagi (5 år sedan) #2591329Hi Aiakos! How have you been? I'm so sorry it's been so long! I hope your photography is going well!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! (This is super late i'm so sorry about that!)

Hi!! Everything is going well, thank you!!! Yes my photography is going quite well :D I've realized many interesting projects like a book and a calendar with my photos, and I still have many ideas for the future. I hope you had good holidays too! Hear from you soon!!!
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mintyusagi (5 år sedan) #2591333Hi Kaito! ^///^
How have you been! I'm so sorry it's been ages! >0<
Hope you had awesome Christmas and New Years! Much love! <3

Yeah it has been a long time and I'm doing fine Minty and yes I had an incredible Christmas and New Year's and I hope you did too.:)
5 år sedan
mintyusagi (5 år sedan) #2587196Happy Birthday Kita! I hope you have an awesome one! Hope you're well! <3

Thank you very much ^_^

I'm well, how are you?

I think I responded to your last mail, but I'm worried I haven't (and I deleted all my mail recently so I'm not sure if I did. Sorry! If I did D:)
5 år sedan
Raithos Stagnant
mintyusagi (5 år sedan) #2460896Aw hey, it's no problem at all! I'm sure you have loads of stuff going on so it's completely okay! I'm just really happy to talk to you again. ^__^
You're welcome! I hope your birthday was amazing!
I'm so sorry you're going through some rough times. ;.; *hugs* I hope that things get better for you soon. If you ever want to talk about it, no matter what it is...I'll be happy to listen.
Take care <3

Yeah it's working out, I'm taking it one stride at a time but it looks like things are reaching a good resolution, my birthday was actually pretty nice, thank you ^^
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