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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!
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Roleplayer, cosplayer, general anime weeb. Spends way more money on figures and merch than I should but I regret nothing.

I'm a collector of all things Yaoyorozu Momo, so if you're selling something of her that I have on my wished item page please don't hesitate to PM me so we can talk pricing!~

for reference of me as a seller, my eBay feedback: feedback.ebay.c...



Hi. I have sent you a private message.
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Hey there ^-^ Apologies for the random comment ^^; Just wanted to let you know that I completely agree with your comments on Water Armatus Sorey's page.

As one can probably tell from my profile, I'm a huge Zesty fan, especially of Sorey and Mikleo, so this figure is an absolute dream coming true for me and - just like you said - seeing it come to life after all this time means a lot to me ♡ Seeing so much negativity on his page baffled me too and I actually unsubscribed to the comment section right away cause I really didn't want my excitement for my boy tainted too much ^^;;

Being a huge fangirl admittingly I'm biased of course, but still, I honestly don't know why folks are so overly critical: His color scheme is totally on point, his expression - albeit pretty calm & serious - is fitting for the armatization, same with this pose - this is exactly what it looks like right before he fires a shot.

Sorry that you were being attacked right away, but I'm with you on this ^^ I didn't wanted to blow up the comments even more with arguments cause I know Mods don't like that xD But I certainly wanted to let you know, hope that's ok :) Many greetings ♡
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I purchased several figures from this user, they were all packaged very carefully and arrived quickly! She was quick to show images of the figures and their condition, and was very nice to work with. 10/10 seller thank you so so much again!!!!!
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Please check your messages from me :)
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Hi there! It seems your inbox is full :( Are you still selling your Hiyori figure?
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Sorry for being late again!

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Happy birthday!
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Sorry for being so late!

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Happy Birthday!

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Moribundead モリバンデッド
Happy birthday!
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