Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!
with me, flattery will get you everywhere~
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Hi, my name's Katee. I like iced coffee, trash anime and ladies.





Happy Birthday & have a great weekend!
3 år sedan
missdeep ain't give a damn
meeraku3 år sedan#19023833Thank you! <3 I actually just got home from Japan last night so I've spent most of my time sleeping haha
And yes we do! I was thinking that the other day actually!

Resting after a trip is a gift to yourself haha! I hope you had a great time - you'll have to fill me in on what you got up to. I need to go back again but now I've got small children I'm related to who are crazy about Japan I think it'll be hard to have a chill holiday like I'd like... ^^;

Btw I've been thinking of you while I've been watching The Good Fight ;p
3 år sedan
missdeep ain't give a damn
Hope you're having a wonderful birthday! We need to chat again soon~! :3
3 år sedan
Thanks for accepting my friend request. It's good to see another artist on here and a Battlestar Galactica fan. A BSG Pilot was my first cosplay (^-^*)/
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missdeep ain't give a damn
meeraku4 år sedan#3458448Oh god, our dollar is absolutely terrible. It's starting to affect my workplace as we mainly import from the US.
Same here! I started a new job a few months ago but we've just lost two staff so it's starting to get full-on. Have a few days off in a couple of weeks time that I was planning to do something productive with buuuut I'll likely just end up sleeping.
How goes everything else? I think last time we spoke you'd been sick for a while? Hope you're all better now!

Yeah it's pretty dire in a lot of industries at the moment, I know we're likely to have to raise prices for our business services at this rate siiiiigh. That's without even touching on how much more I'm shelling out for dumb crap in my spare time lol.

How is working going? Having a few days off sounds amazing, but if I had them I'd totally waste them sleeping too hahaha~. Yeah I had pneumonia a while back? I'm fine now, though it did knock me down for the better part of a week. I hope you've been well :3
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missdeep ain't give a damn
meeraku4 år sedan#3438696I'm sorry, it totally slipped my mind I hadn't replied! OTL But thank you so much for thinking of me, I did manage to get them. I didn't even know about these! I've been finding so much on Surugaya lately that I had no idea existed!
How have you been lately?

Yay! I'm so glad you were able to get them. Surugaya is a treasure trove of random stuff, srsly (though with our dollar sucking I should really cut back on my spending there ^^;). I'm fine, just workworkwork as usual. What about you? Been up to anything exciting? :3
4 år sedan
missdeep ain't give a damn
Do you have the Geass prize shikishi of Cornelia & Cornelia + Euphie yet? If not they're up on Surugaya again~ here and here. I have them and they're so pretty, I thought you might appreciate them too because Cornelia never ceases to be hot as hell. >:3
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kanjiaragaki big ♥ & empty wallet
meeraku5 år sedan#3272283No worries, thank you for accepting! :) I've been following and have loved your tumblr for a while so when I recognised the username it was an insta-add!
Thank you! I just love them so much ;~;
Your Hanayo collection though <3 She's so adorable!

Waaah, really? Thank you!
I've really been neglecting Tumblr for a few months now though, haven't I?
But I totally recognize your tumblr now! (I should've earlier considering I follow less than 200 people..) Haha. I definitely enjoy yours as well. ^.^

You're very welcome!
I'd die for a spin-off centered around Shion and Yayoi... there wasn't enough. D:

*blushes* Isn't she? I just... want all the Hanayo. Haha.
5 år sedan
kanjiaragaki big ♥ & empty wallet
Hi there!
Thank you for the FR~
Your Psycho-Pass collection is incredible! (Shion and Yayoi are my favorites too.) ^.^
5 år sedan
missdeep ain't give a damn
meeraku5 år sedan#2808468Oh my god that's adorable. Thank you so much, Shiori! <3

You're welcome - it's not much but Namaashi's art is the cutest~!
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Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!


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