<3 Hibari
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I <3 Hibari Kyoya. Forever dedicated to my ani-hubby~

I collect all things Hibari. ^^


Ooh you got Sora too? He looks awesome. I dont know why they would ship them separately, didn't you get multiples? Lol
I got Hibari today, I don't know if I like the solution they went with for his jacket. But he's very cool! And Hibird is adorable. Trying to put him in his sitting/yawning pose. I put him on his own shelf since there's no space on my nendo shelf. And he hates crowding. :D
1 år sedan
That's awesome! I finally got the payment request and paid for mine on Amiami. Hibari and Hibird will be here soon! It's a Christmas miracle!
1 år sedan
Happy belated birthday! :D
I can't believe Hibari got pushed a month back again. I suppose he'll be worth the wait for you.
1 år sedan
Noooo not work! How could they this day only comes once a year?>_<
1 år sedan
Happy Birthday!! Hope everything goes to you liking!! Have a great day hun
1 år sedan
Did you see the new Reborn nendo announcements at Summer Wonfes? They're making Mukuro, Squalo, and Xanxus! Maybe there's hope for Dino!
1 år sedan
yeah...looks like it :(
2 år sedan
Yeah totally! I'm going back next month and I can't wait to go second hand figure shopping again *.* Also: all of the goods available over there <3 I've become such a slave to acrylic charms and rubber straps XD
2 år sedan
Yes (item #542905) I'm still giving away my preorder :)
2 år sedan
FTW indeed (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و You're welcome! I love when ppl have a lot of love for their anime bbs <3 Your collection is so adorable btw! So many smol Hibaris *.*
2 år sedan
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