Import from Japan
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Great seller! Good communication, quick shippign and great condition!
8 månader sedan
Hello! I tried messaging you but it said your inbox was full. I’m interested in an item you’ve advertised and would like to discuss further. Thanks!
8 månader sedan
Really awesome seller, great communication all throghout the process and double checking in case something was amiss with the address. Packaging wise, one of the better ones I've seen, super wrapped and tiddy. Everything was intact, both the Nendos as well as their boxes Woiuld gladly buy from them again.

9 månader sedan
great seller! good communication, and a nice person overall:) my nendo came safely
11 månader sedan
Great seller!! Super quick responses easy to work with:)!! My figure came in quick and very well packaged!!
11 månader sedan
my order came in quickly and perfectly. they're very kind. thank you!!
1 år sedan
Great seller fast shipping and communication. Zenitsue came in perfectly, thank you!
1 år sedan
kiko085010 år sedan#1535637Haha oh snap your ordered list is going up =P
Lol. Yea, The May pre-orders should have been my last. But some figures are definite must have for me no matter what. XD Here's me hoping to have some extra cash by September... XO
10 år sedan
kiko085010 år sedan#1540641OMG you have Oboro Muramasa - Momohime?! i want that one sooo bad >< you will have to show me when i'm over there!

What?!? I totally thought I showed you the last time you were here.
10 år sedan
Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Ohayo !
Welcome to you on MFC :3
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