looking to get rid of literally 90% of my merch send help ㅠㅠ
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NON MFC OWNEDNON MFC OWNED♡NIGHT HAG LILITH - MaosouHouse+Myethos♡https://d3ieicw58ybon5.cloudfront.net/exq/65/820.1111/shop/product/dfff3472a2fe4d518fae64d4b957fc13.jpg
☆WHITE RABBIT - Myethos☆https://d3ieicw58ybon5.cloudfront.net/exq/65/600.800/shop/product/89bb646f3c044f809850b8ebd9d73f66.jpg





if I commented something stupid anywhere on this website. i dont comment it bc I did. No I didn't <3

actual abt meif u feel like readingbeen collecting merch/figs dec 2014 ! i remember seeing ITEM #264423 unpainted proto somewhere n made it my life goal to own him... did a ton of extra chores for my dad for a month because i was...too young to get a job......to afford him and PO'ed off kotous w bonus face <3 and it went downhill from there _(:3 」∠)_ i've been thru a ton of collecting phases since i got into anime back in 2011... first i started collecting manga ! i remember i would get a $12 allowance from my dad every 2 weeks and so id buy 3 $4 used volumes at a time off amazon and eagerly await the next after they arrived... the first ones i remember ever buying were d gray man and fullmetal alchemist and i still own them today :* both series still have a huge place in my heart... after that i moved to figs obv, starting with nendos primarily along w a few scales (kaneki etc.) when i could afford them, most of them unfortunately being male bc i only got figs of charas i liked at that time and all i ever watched+read was shounen/seinen back then (aside from klk, love live and madoka) lol! </3 after that i had a MASSIVE keychain/small merch phase as you can. probably tell by my owned goods list :'((( and well bnha s2 started airing around that time, thus i got back into bnha majorly so uh.....yeah! didn't help that they pumped out new merch for that series weekly at all. At all. i became obsessed w acrylic stands near the end of that phase too... and once i owned so much small merch it stressed me out i started purging my old merch/figs, and moved onto scales only for a while ^__^ then i moved to my current phase, which i've been on since late 2019, - older figs (from very late 90's to early 2010's)! also just buying figs based solely on design in general? though that kind of started with scales in late 2018 :p i adore all the different styles on the older figs, and the early '00s generic anime style in general... older figs r just so much more diverse than the ones being pumped out today and... WAY cheaper LOL i think perhaps my old fig phase happened at this time for a reason . but i do think this will be my final collecting "phase" because i'm pretty content with my collection right now! there's not a whole lot i want anymore (esp with the pricing lately :/), and owning a ton of stuff stresses me out now, even more so with moving from place to place in mind... need to save more too >____<
also i dont own kaneki anymore bc i fell out of love with both the chara and series rest in peace . u will not be forgotten
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Gintama, Hunter x Hunter, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Monogatari series, Cardcaptor Sakura, Made in Abyss, etc
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Mob Psycho 100, Golden Kamuy, D.Gray-man, Beastars, Dorohedoro, Fate series, etc
Steins;Gate, Steins;Gate 0, Danganronpa series, Fate/Grand Order, Fate series, etc
melanin, RED EYES, short hair, petite, green/blue hair, fangs, devil, animal(♡cat♡)ears/anthro, high energy, chub, cartoony, big hands/feet, sitting/midair pose, goth/punk, red+black, cheongsam, nurse, 2 characters, wide eyed :D smile, MIDRIFF, etc~



to be honest i don't really watch a lot of anime/read a lot of manga anymore i just think figs r neat. and i am attached to all my old favs from when i was a kid/teen :*
but man i really went crazy on the bnha merch who let me do that.
trying 2 sell it off pm me if ur interested TBH.