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Non-MFC figures (Owned)


https://i.postimg.cc/1tcjgR9J/QOh-copy.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/ZK4zJ9wP/stardust.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/CK8tgH9y/Rabbit-copy.jpghttps://i.postimg.cc/8P4jNTNd/MFCchar-Template-copy.jpghttps://i.postimg.cc/zv4K8W9M/mermaid-copy.jpghttps://i.postimg.cc/hjP9rKLC/rukia-copy.jpghttps://i.postimg.cc/9fhkDJv6/MFCchar-Template.jpg


Non-MFC figures (Ordered)





Hi! Thanks for your friend request! I'm so glad you like my photos :)
8 dagar sedan
Haha same. I actually ship them when she gets older. Here’s hoping it’s Rin.
1 månad sedan
She was a tad taller!! I was gutted because all that foam pieces were fickly to put back but she is all packed. We may be moving to a bigger place towards the end of the year but it all depends how this Pandemic is going. I would like 1 room to just to display my figures lol
2 månader sedan
I finally had time to set up and display Little Mermaid then realised that she wouldn't fit into that pigeonhole shelf Q~Q

Time to get new shelves haha
2 månader sedan
hm i think the boring bases on the koto figures kind of look like their MHA figures as well. what's up with them doing the rock bases? i am sure they will get delayed because of Covid, it seems like most everything is being delayed (GSC put out a nendo for pre-order without a prototype of it ... lol). i'm excited to see which of the other cast mates you get :~)
3 månader sedan
haha, those koto kimetsu figures! i wanted them pretty bad but i'm holding out for a goodsmile figure ... i like the FIRST faces they are with but i just don't think the second faces match at all! i can't wait to see your review on them when you get them :)
3 månader sedan
Good idea!! I'll have a look to see who I can rotate out and go from there (Thanks btw, but having figures out in the open tend to get dusty super quickly Q~Q)

I don't mind the wait if she turns out to be good. I'm kind of concerned about potential leaning issue with the way Cheshire is positioned like that. Also when I saw that they announced Cheshire I was hoping it would be a male figure hahaha
3 månader sedan
I forgot I have a lot of TOM points leftover and purchased Little Mermaid with the points and only paid for shipping (which wasn't as bad as TOM covered half of the EMS costs)

She's arrived but she's massive and I'm not too sure where to put her haha ^^;

I can't wait until Cheshire Cat goes on PO so I can finally complete my Alice in Wonderland set with Myethos <3
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Sorry for the poor grammar, it’s 2 past midnight here.
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Thanks, I started figure collecting December of last year. Stardust was the figure that really kicked the hobby. I am a bit lazy tbh, still didn’t set up my profile. Most of my prized figure are from Chinese manufacturers, so I didn’t setting up my profile. Thanks for the warm welcome :)
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