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2 månader sedan
Howdy doo, new friend! I like your pictures. :3
5 månader sedan
Keep it up composing great pictures!
8 månader sedan
Seems like no one here can have a conversation in good faith. Bloody hell.
8 månader sedan
Don't worry, all is well in regards to how things are going for me. My outlook on the "meaning" for life is simply one many would deem to be depressing.

I did see the "should", and still stand by the suggestion.
8 månader sedan
Can we get an option on the newest one that basically amounts to the typical depressing "Life has no meaning" type of answer?
8 månader sedan
Hi there! I've been participating in your community polls and was wondering if it's possible to list the poll options in the article body as well?

When viewing the poll options on mobile, the answers get cropped off and there's no way to scroll over and read the whole line. I wanted to make sure I could fully read what I'm voting on.

Thank you!
8 månader sedan
Heyo! May I suggest an additional option/s to your last poll?

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-"Yes, as long as It occurs before the first trimester."
-"Yes, because the pregnant person has a right to bodily autonomy which a fetus doesn't because while human, is not a human being"

Thought I could suggest these because some of the options in the poll don't mention these or the way some are worded don't fully define a few viewpoints or feel rather incomplete? Coming from a fellow user who also had to investigate the topic lmao.

8 månader sedan
i'm loving your interesting community polls as of late! can't wait to read your article on them ^_^
9 månader sedan
Milady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Just wanted to say I'm sorry people are not being fair in their reception to the points you were trying to make in that one article. It seems soon as people are feeling restricted or called out on something they are up in arms in their right to like or indulge in such things rather than peacefully or respectfully allow you to stand firmly by your belief against that thing. I don't mean to add or join the discussion but I just wanted to offer my supportive comment to you that at least some people read your replies seriously and supportively :c
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