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Update (25/08): All invoices have been mailed out already and for all those who have replied to them and as such, have received their items already, thanks so much, I am really grateful for that! For those who have not, I did appreciate it if you could reply to the invoice I sent you. If for some reason, you can't find it/deleted it by mistake/never received it etc, please drop me a email at least to let me know of it so that I am aware and can resend the invoice. There are quite a number of people whom I sent invoices to many months ago and till today I have still yet to hear from them. No offense meant but I am really busy and given the number of splits that I hosted previously before I went inactive, it is very difficult for me to constantly check, keep track and drop you guys reminders regarding your invoices, so I really need you guys to help me out so that I can send all of you your items asap. Hope you all can understand, thanks.

Also, if you did not receive a 1st invoice at all for a particular split, that means that the split has been cancelled (as previously mentioned already in my last update) and I just haven't been able to update its status. I apologise for any inconvenience/confusion caused because of that.

Lastly, I am inactive on MFC so dropping me a PM/comment here is not the best way if you need a quick response so as I have previously mentioned before, please email me. Similarly, a lack of reply on MFC to a user does not necessarily mean that I did not reply at all as more often that not, I simply emailed them directly and didn't reply to the comment/PM here as it's faster that way so hopefully that sets things straight. I will do my best to update the status of the comments as soon as I can but obviously if they have already been attended to via other means outside of the comment/PM posted, they are not particularly urgent to reply now anymore so hope you guys can understand that.

Update (24/04): I know a lot of my splits have been held up for quite a few months already due me being tied up by some major RL issues and I really want to apologise for any inconvenience caused. As I have told some other participants previously when I sent out numerous shipping invoices last month, I am still working on the various split invoices and packaging of your various items. As soon as I am done with a participant's invoices and packaging, the shipping invoice email will be sent out so I ask for your patience and understanding.

Everyone should receive their shipping invoices latest by mid May regardless of which split they are in as long as they have paid their first invoice. For those who are in a split where they have not received/paid for their first invoice yet but their names are listed as having a slot in a box that is already ordered, they will definitely get them as well; their first invoice and shipping invoice will be combined into one email. If no one has received a first invoice for a particular split, it means no boxes were ordered and the split is most likely cancelled due to lack of interest/my inability to continue hosting anymore splits as of now. I will do a proper update for those splits when I am able to but my first priority are the splits that have boxes ordered and paid for already so please understand that.

For the Bandai SNK swing split participants, the sets that we ordered from the local shop have finally arrived at long last (after 4 long months) and I have collected them already so everyone (including me) can rest easy about that matter at last. Same as the rest of the other splits I am hosting, you should receive your shipping invoices for them latest by mid May.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Last note: When expecting a shipping invoice, please ensure that you are checking the correct email account (the address you submitted along with your mailing details on the google form, unless you have personally updated me regarding a change in your contact email). I have quite a few shipping invoices that I mailed out a few months back that I have yet to receive a reply to...


I don't think so...but's okay~

bluewings (4 år sedan) #2569417Hi, apologies for the late reply; haven't been online for a very long while! You didn't get the second invoice I sent to you many months ago via email? I sent it to the email address you gave me back when you first joined my splits (the kaitokid one).
4 år sedan
Hiii (^^)/
I only want to know wheather you send out this strap? It was a long time ago. But I never got it. >_<
4 år sedan
4Arnd 4ア一ンド
If you participated in one of the listed splits/orders, you may not be receiving your items. If in doubt, claim your money back.

LIST #15638
4 år sedan
Your inbox is full so I'll leave this here in case you don't read your email.

I haven't heard from you since the last email 3 months ago. This whole issue is getting extremely tiring and to be very honest, stressful. It's already a year since I joined your splits. The other members are getting replies and their items while I'm still here stuck here with nothing, not even a single word from you AGAIN.

I have no idea what issues you have but this is taking way too long! You're dealing with people's money here! Is it that hard to spare just a few minutes to reply to messages/emails? You're being extremely irresponsible.

I wouldn't have mind that much if it was a small amount but the fact that it's not and some of the money I paid you with belongs to my friend, who wanted the items as well.

To end this whole issue, I want a full refund back. Nothing more nothing less and no, I won't even accept free shipping to me.

If you choose to ignore my emails and messages AS USUAL, I'll find other ways to settle this! You have no idea what I have to go through for this and the guilt I have to feel.
4 år sedan
Excuse me, I wanted to ask about the Karneval stick posters. As we all know, the thread has been open for almost a year now, and so has the money been paid. I believe it would not be too rude to ask you to send the poster that I paid for. In all the honesty, I'm getting quite tired of waiting. It wasn't much money, but still. If somehow you are completely incapable of sending the items within, say, a year since payment, maybe it would be a good idea to think about refunding the money that has been paid to you?
It would be nice if you replied as quickly as you can, or at least tell me if there's any chance of me getting the poster ever.
4 år sedan
I sent this via email too about a month ago, but I figured I should try here too. I read your profile message just now but it's at the end of March now so I figured I should try to touch base.

I was wondering if you could send me the items I've already paid for? I've already paid for the Hataraku straps, the Free! deformed minis, the Devil Survivor straps, the K posters, and the Karneval posters. (I think that's all of them?) It's been a very long time since I've heard anything from you. I just really want to make sure everything's okay.

Please reply back soon,


(Wanted to send you this through PM but your inbox is full...sorry for the wall post. >_< )
5 år sedan
bluewings (5 år sedan) #1922293*applauds* Maa, I guess in your shoes, I probably would have that too; just grab lol (bad Singaporean habit OTL). Your sister would make a fine businesswoman xD
Btw, I was looking at the mini clear files and it seems there's 1 version of Shiraishi where he's in Santa garb as well? Is that one available too?

That one's an illustration sheet, box tokuten only at JF. I bought the box mainly for that. I got some other stuff from JF too that I want to sell away since I failed to get Shiraishi 8'D (Atobe amepuri sticker, Atobe butler canbadge, Yukimura & Marui sticker...)

I don't think I'm going to sell away the illust sheet :X

so how ah? any other way to contact you other than pm? (your username somehow sounds familiar orz)
5 år sedan
bluewings (5 år sedan) #1922185HOMG *glomps you* DAT TEZUKA IS MINE PLEASE. Your friends wanted some of the characters, hence the second set?xD

noh. I was feeling evil. I went to queue really early, and when I rushed to the booth when the event started, there were only 2 boxes left ...so I took both. ('sides, my sister got the whole Rikkai clear file set, I traded two Kirihara mini CFs for her Niou CF)
5 år sedan
bluewings (5 år sedan) #1921908Heys, sorry for the delay in reply! Yeah my inbox is perpetually full all the time and I have given up on clearing it ^^; Tezuka is really no longer available?:/ Cause he was actually my main interest from the clear file collection and I figured I did just get a few others to accompany him for fun lol.

I actually bought another set so I now have another Tezuka to spare :d
5 år sedan
Hi there,

just wanted to let you know why my payment isnt still done, i moved, and i am waiting for paypal to verify my new bank account.

sorry for the wait.
5 år sedan
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