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Hey, I'd like to send you message about some of your figures for sale, but your inbox is full.
7 dagar sedan
i'm interessed in this one : CLASSIFIED #164521 (Ad #164521)

I've read it was displayed behind glass, may I ask for some pictures and if you have the box?

I aslo wanted to know how much would be the shipping for belgium (brussels)?
so I can see, if I can afford it or not. in advance thanks

Stay healthy too! :)
5 månader sedan
Hello, do you do worldwide shipping ?
in advance thanks
5 månader sedan
Hello, I'm interested in your Naoto p4 figure if you still have it :)
7 månader sedan
I just received the Gomamon figure. Thank you so much! He came so quickly, and in perfect shape.
1 år sedan
It says your inbox is full (otherwise I would've sent this directly), but in response to your question, I think it should be fine to declare it for the same amount that was declared for my previous order.
1 år sedan
Hi, just wondering if the spice and wolf anniversary edition book is still available? Thanks!
1 år sedan
My YagaKimi collectables arrived in perfect condition and on time. Thank you so much for the good care you took in making sure that everything was packed nicely so that nothing would get damaged. It was a pleasure doing business with you!
1 år sedan
Your inbox is full, but I just wanted to say thanks for the easy, pleasant transaction! I look forward to receiving the YagaKimi collectibles :)
1 år sedan
Canvases arrived safely and in perfect condition, love them!
1 år sedan
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