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Happy happy birthday!! I hope it is a great one for you!!
2 år sedan
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
6 år sedan
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
All good :) Oh wow that sounds amazing! A lot of work though no doubt hahaha.

I got back on Monday! :3 We went from the 16th November to 1st December :) And it was so good!

OH CONGRATS!! Whereabouts did you buy? :D
6 år sedan
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
Don't worry, don't worry! I was really sick last week too! And I was sick a couple of weeks before that. I don't even know why, I haven't been licking things I shouldn't be :(

Mhm :( It's been taking it's toll on me too, I barely have time to relax when I haven't been sick haha. Oh well, 2 more months and uni will be done forever. I'm looking to the end goal! :P

I'm hoping January before I start a new job/new contract, but it may end up being a little later, it all depends on how things pan out over the next few months :) All I know is that after heaps of thinking, I need to go overseas for myself.

Aaaaah, nice and easy! I can't wait to see it when it's done :D If you ever need a hand, shout out and I'll see if I can help :3

All good, good luck with the catch-up! I'll talk to you again when things slack off :)
araiko7 år sedan#1690981Ahhhh I'm so sorry for the super late reply. Been really sick for the past two weeks >..< I felt like I was going to diiieee lol. Tried going back to work early and I couldn't talk so I had to keep Skyping instructions to everyone haha. HOw have you been?
Oh gosh, does that mean you're doing the workload of three people? O_O
Oooooo when are you going to Japan?
Building upon an existing CMS so I don't have to code it from scratch - looking at something built on PHP so I should be ok :D
Sorry for the short(ish) reply...still need to catch up on work eep!
7 år sedan
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
Kind of? I'm now working as two and a half people at work through haha. Two people went on leave this week and one person has quit, so the load isn't going to ease up as much as I was hoping. Yeah, it's freaking annoying because it's like "you get paid to do your job, I shouldn't have to do it for you".

Good 8Db Things like that make me so frustrated XD I can't articulate very well when I get like that so I'm glad I still made sense ahahah. Thank you! I hope I do too :P Though compared to some of the PMs I've been dealing with recently, I think it'll be quite easy XD
Yes! I'm pretty much set on Japan now, though I've got a lot of planning to do before I can start saving :P Need to know where I want to go first after all :D I'm tempted to go on holidays a couple of weeks before my contract runs out just to use up all the leave that disappears haha.

Hahah XD What language are you planning on building it in? I understand what you mean, it's hard to do personal project when you spend so long doing other things. I've got a plush project I'm working on for Manifest, it's been so hard getting motivated :P
I understand completely :3 I started collecting after she was already released and the value had jumped heaps, so I missed out big time :'( I think people didn't expect her to be so amazing with that Monolith. Aw thank you :D
It's pretty great :D We still need a coffee table though XD We haven't been able to get out and look for one since we got all the other furniture! Everything's unpacked and it feels like a home now, which is really comforting :3

Aaah, yeah. I get exactly what you mean. My family is all from Borac, so it's kind of similar. No electricity, typhoons and all that jazz. All of my cousins are in medicine, with one in IT because of that kind of expectation(?).

Yep XD

Good luck! You'll get through it, don't worry :D I hope you get to relax this weekend and don't have any work crop up!
araiko7 år sedan#1646859Oh no that's not good. Did you manage to get all your work sorted? I get annoyed when other people don't do their job properly and I have to pick up their slack :/
LOL nah I got what you mean XD yeah I'm amazed you're taking on so much! I reckon you'll make a great Project Manager :D
That's alright, once you finish Uni and work fulltime, it'll all be worth it and you can take a few weeks off and travel :D
Yeah definitely. Although first I need to build the site XD I'm just a little slack nowadays because the crazy workload I have at work makes me too tired to work on my own projects lol.
Ah haha yeah I don't know if I'll sell Lacia. I can't believe not many people ordered her (which I guess makes her rare-ish?). But if I do, I'll let you know, she's still MISB the poor thing.
How's your house going? Is everything unpacked and you're settled in?
Well our family (this is my Mum's side) weren't that well off - they were living in one of the 'slum' districts of Manila (still are actually but they're doing far better) to the point where they didn't even have electricity connected to their house...so I guess it's one of those things where even though a scholarship was offered to him, the family were hoping that he could go into a career to help them as well? You know how it is over there.
Oh gosh it was cringe-worthy though XD
...better get back to work I guess :/ lol. Hope you have a great weekend if I don't speak to you before then!!!
7 år sedan
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
Oh thank goodness! Happy to hear it. I had to work on the weekend myself and it wasn't fun, especially since I had to do it because people didn't do their job earlier.

Mhm ;___; People keep assuming that I'm just going to uni because I've been saying I've had to keep doing uni stuff even though I'm supposed to be on holiday. Then I say I'm working full time too and they're like "Oh..." I'm not trying to brag about doing the load of over two people, but I don't like it when people assume that I'm not doing a lot of work ahaha... That sounds terrible and not-English lol. It makes me sad to think that I'm missing out on the long uni holidays even though I'm still at uni :P

Cool stuff :D If your business grows enough and you hire people, keep me in mind ;) I'd have to have a look through my collection first to see what I could fit in if you were to sell it, but the only thing that I'd love to get (though I would imagine you'd never sell it) is Lacia haha. Oh man D: I've got a few unopened things right now too because I have a few more display bits and bobs to get before I can open everything. It's getting there though!

Darn completionist tendancies! :P Hobbies like these are terrible for people like us, but oh so good haha.

Oh how awesome! Though I understand why his dad discouraged it. It is honestly quite difficult. Though with a fully-paid scholarship, would it have really mattered? :P

I saw a bit of last week's episode where they were doing the Superman film thing. It was kinda funny to hear all the accents and really awkward American-Filipino mix humour attempts XD

Things are so-so. I'm sad about not being able to have a uni break and I'm terrified about taking 5 subjects this semester in hopes of graduating this year, but at the moment, I'm thinking of the end goal XD Living out of home has been great too, it's been really nice to feel free and do things without being told to haha. Don't worry about it :> It's been busy for me too, though it's a lot easier to reply at work since the job is quite monotonous at this time of year :P
7 år sedan
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
That sucks :( You'll get through it! \o/ Especially since you have a good enironment :D
Luckily not so much, though uni isn't letting up. It's horrible since I'm supposed to be on holidays from uni until the 22nd.

Oh what the heck :S That would've sucked big time if you took leave for that! But yeah, hopefully everything's done by Friday!

We all seem to be going through it lately haha! :( You should definitely let me know if you start selling off ;) There may be somethings I'd love to get :3
It's hard, isn't it? You spend all this time trying to get a complete set, so unless you can sell them all together, it's almost impossible to sell them off.

Eeeeeeeeeeeee~ :D Your uncle seems really cool to be keen on working on random GKs \o/

Yeah :< I hope it doesn't too. It should be about "the people".

I didn't =w= I watched my Dangan Ronpa because obsession. And we were silly enough to make a ton of mac'n'cheese XD How was it? :3
7 år sedan
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
Haha, never fear! I was ridiculously busy last week too thanks to EOFY :( I worked from about 9-6 without a break on Friday despite everyone else leaving between 3-5pm.

Hehehe XD Hopefully you'll get internet soon! It shouldn't take them long honestly, we got ours in about 4 days.

Because I have nowhere to display them ;___; And there's no good little display thingies I can put them in either. So they're the first to go. I can't justify keeping figures if they're staying in the box. It's not too bad, since I'm still keeping almost all of the sets :P

Brilliant :D So excited gosh XD \o/

Haha, yeah... I wish they'd stop letting their egos get the best of them though, they're meant to be running a country, not a midday drama. :P
7 år sedan
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
Yes it is! :D It's really nice.

LED LCD :3c Holy wow that TV sounds nice. But yeah, it sounded like it'd be crazy expensive hahaha.

I wish boxes were easier/cheaper to store :P I've actually been getting rid of mostly Nendoroids! I think I've sold off about 10 in the last few weeks. It's so hard being a collector ;)

That's not a problem! Ooooh my god awesome. I can't wait until he has time. I'll order my kit, ship it to you/your uncle and work from there. I'm excited about potentially having my Tooko ♥ And there would be no time limit on getting it done either since I understand being busy :P
7 år sedan
kittokatsutsu SHSL Magical Girl
Haha, alright! No more apologies then :3c

It's a lot shorter! From the front door to work, it's about 30 minutes, where it used to be over an hour. The train trip itself is only 25 minutes, with a 7-8 minute walk.
Haha we ended up getting the TV! 50 inch, so I'm hoping it's got a good image, my workmate said his (with a 100hz refresh rate) has a lot of bleed.

I imagine I'd be the same :P Being able to look at everything is great fun. And I find I've still got pretty good control over my orders even after moving out. I'm almost exclusively ordering up front unless I missed out on orders at BiJ.

Haha yes........ *cry*

I KNOW. I'm not opening up my trading figure box because I don't have enough cases yet.

Everything's pretty great right now! I had time off work so I feel a bit more relaxed, we're all moved in and just have a couple of boxes left to unpack (though mine are pretty much all done ;P)
Oh awesome! :D

EDIT: Oh! By the way, did your uncle end up being able to send you photos and say whether he's willing to paint GKs? :D
7 år sedan
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