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Inboxes fill up soo quick T.T I swore I cleaned up a good chunk but nope haha
It's open again, thank you!
2 månader sedan
Hi I've opened my inbox again and can make a full payment on the remaining amount! Can you send me a pm again?
8 månader sedan
Hi! Super sorry, I’ve been busy. Would you mind I send you the payment on Monday? Thank you~! (*´ω`*)
1 år sedan
Hey, trying to respond to your PM about the BNHA figures, I have just paid so I need to drop you my address!!
1 år sedan
Hey I need to give support to mfc to open my inbox again, I should have this done tonight/tomorrow and will respond in depth then! Apologies, it's been midterms in college
1 år sedan
Your inbox is full but I sent my payment for the split (tracking w/ pp)! Sorry it's close to the date, if you need to wait till after your holiday, completely understandable~
1 år sedan
Hello! Are you able to send the photos of kashima? I would like to see if we can work out the details before you leave town.
1 år sedan
Hello, your inbox was full so I couldn't reply back to the PM and had to do it this way. But I do not mind, I can wait :). It is no problem and thank you!
1 år sedan
Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day!
2 år sedan
T_Reina3 år sedan#26750195Mailed out your items via Normal Airmail!Recieved Akko's parts yesterday, thank you so much~ (〃ω〃)
2 år sedan
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