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Best Goods from Japan
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A bit about me
-I've been watching anime for as long as I can remember. Pokemon, Slam Dunk, Desert Punk and Hajime no Ippou were my childhood animes.
-Watching Welcome to the NHK! and Oreimo made me want to collect figures and other merch. Kirino Kousaka and Kaoru Yamazaki's collections made me realize I need figures in my life.
-Started Collecting on August 2k15.
-ITEM #269686 was my first ever figure and ITEM #236190 was my first Nendoroid.
-I studied Nihongo for 3 years, Unfortunately I didn't take it seriously! Although I can read Hiragana and Katakana, I cant read Kanji. :<
-My Top Animes include: Steins;Gate, Love Live!, Pet Girl of Sakurasou, Erased, Date a Live and KanColle. Rick and Morty is not an anime but its one of the funniest shows ive seen!
-I mostly like Rap Music but have gotten more into Anime music lately (Thanks Love Live). My current favorites are Fuyu ga Koreta Yokan (BiBi), My Dearest (supercell), Euterpe (Egoist), Sayounara Memories (supercell) and Brave Shine (Aimer).
-I'm a perfectionist.
-I also love to procrastinate A LOT.
-Currently obsessed with fictional idols who do nothing but burn money in front of me.
-I want to be a Columbian drug lord so money wouldnt be too much of a problem (watched too much Narcos on Netflix ignore me)
-Self made millionaire debt wise

Nico Yazawa and Tsushima Yoshiko




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Happy birthday xD
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Abby9960 Aquamancer Mage
Happy Birthday ^^!
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Happy birthday! ^_^
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RedCloud Alibaka
Happy birthday!
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RedCloud Alibaka
T-dawg3 år sedan#26345121Bro you are going to LOVE JAPAN. 3 weeks? Damn I was only there for 10 days but I will be back! You can check my blogs out if you like, it was such a blast #selfadvertising lol. Oh and dont go too crazy on the arcade machines in Akiba. Unless you're as skilled as me on crane games, lol They are designed to eat money haha. One more thing if you like kancolle you are also gonna love the arcade there. Lastly, get a big af bag if u plan on buying scales because THEY ARE EVERYWHERE SOME OF THEM YOU CAN GET SO CHEAPLY! Please do me a favour aswell...... Write a blog during your Japan travels! I would love to hear about your experiences!
Haha I'm not too fond in crane games so thankfully it won't kill me but I definitely want to try my luck at a few regardless!
And I'm going up there with my sister so it's made accomodation considerably cheaper, and we are also getting a rail pass as we are planning on venturing outside of Tokyo so we want to take full advantage of the Shinkansen as well :)

How good was your Japanese when you were over there? Did it feel like you needed to know a lot to do stuff like buying at the counter, ordering food etc.
Sorry for the all of the questions aha.
Thanks for the FR as well btw, I sent you one on MAL as well :)
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RedCloud Alibaka
T-dawg3 år sedan#26312485Im from the NT, Alice Springs to be exact. The true definition of being in the middle of nowhere hahaha but yeah. I used to be a bartender at the local casino but shit happened and I resigned. What course are u doing? I think I've taken like 2 gap years now haha but I was gonna move to Melbourne for uni to study Aviation but I decided to spend my savings to go to Japan during February and Philippines during March this year and now I've been in Indonesia for almost a month now haha.
Oshit so does that mean you're still in Indonesia right now haha?
And holy shit yeah you and I know all about isolation it seems lmao. I've never been up there, I'd love to visit sometime tbh.

I'm also going to Japan btw! I'm going this November for 3 weeks, it'll be my first time there so I'm keen AF lol
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RedCloud Alibaka
T-dawg3 år sedan#26306781Thanks! I see you've got quite a collection aswell and whereabouts in Australia you from? Oh and don't worry I do slave work at KfC too quite a downgrade frim my previous job :;(∩´﹏`∩);:
Haha thanks man. I live all the way south in Victoria in a tiny town, Portland. It's on the border between South Australia so yeah, pretty isolated and far from Melbourne lol.
I'll be moving to Melbourne for college next year though as I'm taking a gap year :)

And yeah man I feel ya KFC fucking sucks lol. It's money though and it's been paying for my figure spending so I can't really complain aha. What was your job beforehand?
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RedCloud Alibaka
Nice collection!
Also nice to see more Aussies here in MFC :)
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Hey man inbox full so hittin you up here... you back yet?
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Best Goods from Japan


Yohane's Little Demon
Date a Live, Guilty Crown, Bakemonogatari, Shingeki no Kyojin, Sakurasou no pet na Kanojo, Steins;Gate, Love Live!, Kantai Collection, Plastic Memories, Welcome to the NHK!, Highschool DXD and a whole lot more!
RPG's, Anime, Visual Novels and Strategic games
Cat girls nya! Tsundere, Yandere and Airheads
Absolute Favorite Anime Songs:Fuyu ga Koreta Yokan, Cutie Panther-BiBi (µ's subgroup) Absolute Favorite Rap Songs: Notorious Thugs (BIggie Smalls), Life Goes On (Tupac)
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