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*shyly waves at you from behind a door. Hi! Hello. :3
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Mae335 månader sedan#75566605happy birthday!!Animezing5 månader sedan#75582282Happy birthday! ☆☆Stacycmc5 månader sedan#75636172Happy Birthday!!!! :DJosine5 månader sedan#75660270Happy birthday!!Thank you so much!!!! <3
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Happy birthday!!
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Happy Birthday!!!! :D
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Happy birthday! ☆☆
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happy birthday!!
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IcarusSkyhawk6 månader sedan#74771827Your collection is awesome too!Thank you!!! I hope I can go to Japan one day too
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Your collection is awesome too!
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Thankies~! i just got back from japan like last week and i spent alot on figures :33 i really should post pics of my setup XD tho its nothing special kinda all over the place tbh
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galablue9 månader sedan#69304725hi solar, i saw your comment on the subaru figure and thought i might tell you how i decided between ordering it or not ^_^
my mom ended up telling me to get out a ruler/measuring tape, which i was like ... why didn't i think about that! we measured out the space it would take up in my shelf which, even though the figure seems small, is pretty substantial width wise. we also measured my other figures and think that it'll be about as wide as most are tall. the measuring really helped me visualize the figure on my shelf, and i just really want something that was more "diorama" with an interesting base. i think the figure itself will be really detailed (well, i hope so for that price!)
That's such a smart idea! I realised I'm still in the "panicking because I have too many figures" stage of collecting, so I basically cut back on everything and am trying to downsize again, but I hope they turn out great for you!
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WindsorSeven9 månader sedan#70192119Hey, this is really random, but I'm that person who talked to you ten years ago a while back about the Akutagawa fig, and I just wanted to tell you that I finally started watching BSD ( a whole year later!) and I really like it. So uh, thanks for the recommendation! I've only finished season one so far, but I'm looking forward to all the others. Atsushi is the best! YES!!!! Atsushi is bae. Happy to hear that!
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