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I bought Inuyasha's doll of Toynami from Satansbakesale. He arrived really quickly having in mind that I'm from Spain and she's from USA. I expected him to take longer to be home, but he did it in a good timing.The package was super well packed, the box suffered a bit, but the figure was untouched because it was a lot of paper protecting it. Also, she was super nice to me and answered always all my doubts and she was really nice enough to ship to Spain. I mean, long roads are always kind of scary (more if u are the seller) Really a friendly and a trustworthy person. Glad to have had the chance to buy it from her! ^^
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Bought a Statue Legend Kakyoin from Satansbakesale. Very friendly and really prompt communication, on top of fast shipping and secure packaging. Very pleased with my purchase! :)
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I purchased a Kakyoin nendoroid from Satansbakesale. She was very helpful and friendly. Packing was nice and secure. She shipped package right away and provided tracking. Lovely working with her and would purchase again.
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I bought a Sebastian nendoroid from Satansbakesale and he came quickly and safely! It was carefully packaged and in its box. She was very friendly and responded fast.
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Satansbakesale sold me a Jotaro nendoroid. Once again, she was wonderful to work with and gave me some extra time for the sale. She gave me the tracking info once he shipped, and Jotaro arrived safely and quickly. Thank you so much! I really appreciate everything :D
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Konakona135 Teru-chan
I purchased a Kakyoin SAS figure from Satansbakesale. She was lovely to work with - friendly, fast with responses, and packed the figure nicely. She notified me of shipment and made sure that he arrived safely to me. Thanks so much! I would enjoy working with her again. Rero rero rero~
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