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Hi! I checked my old account to see that you sent me a FR on it... I'm sorry I never answered! So I thought I'd send you a FR on my current one. Lovely Rin collection, by the way!<3
4 år sedan
hello :D

have you check mikatan posted about nendoroid kagamine append len and rin...?
7 år sedan
Rinny7 år sedan#1513822thanks a lot :">
awwwwwwwwww ~! they are so cute :">
i am so happy that GS decided to make more Rin and Len :">
ps : next time , i want Graphig ++ Rin Len ChanxCo ver too :"> man ~! i love chanxco's art :">

yes me too
it nice finally gsc want make another len and rin ver :3
and both of nendoroids look really cute too
yes me too, ChanxCo art really cute :3
7 år sedan
hello :D
sharing news ~
finally happy kuji hatsune miku summer ver prizes show up
B and C prizes >v<
ITEM #155950
ITEM #155951

and this one
ITEM #155946
ITEM #155953
7 år sedan
there will be happy kuji hatsune miku summer ver
guess what i found...?
good and bad news, good news finally more kagamine nendoroids, sad news it will be lottery prizes
the B and C price will be Nendoroid kagamine Rin and Len
7 år sedan
thank you for accepting my FR :D
7 år sedan
Rinny7 år sedan#1480538no i haven't seen it yet ~! they are so cute :">
thanks for telling me :">

yes all of them really adorable
you're welcome~
7 år sedan
hey, did you see this...?
sega will make this, based from project mirai :D
ITEM #153802
ITEM #153803
7 år sedan
good news
aku no metsukai and aku no musume already available to read via online ^^ * must online pixiv to read both of them *
here the link:
7 år sedan
Rinny7 år sedan#1476806oh ~! i see ~!:3
yes ~! they are kids , they don't think much ~!
those song are amazing ~! and i will show them Story of Evil too , it is the best series of all vocaloid series ~!
yup ~! Miku already has enough ~! now let's share our love for Rin Len ~!

yes ^^
yup it better not think too much about them
agree and synchronicity songs too :D
yup give all love ot the others vocaloid~
7 år sedan
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