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Thanks for looking at my account. :)
I'm not that good at making this whole profile thing but it is something.
To try it out i bought 2 Miku prize figures and from that moment the collection grew a lot. From one little plate in the shelf to three shelfs in the room (and i still have a shortage on space). I think i am the person that have multiple tastes. Figma's, scale's, prices, Nendoroids, Amiibo, they all can make me happy.
So i'm just collecting and enjoying and let the Figure companies surprise me.
Dare to dream big. How bigger the dream, how harder to reach it, the more satisfaction it gives when your dream come true.
If you want to know something just ask. Because i don't bite that hard.

finished projects:
-I painted the LED base. Results are coming soon.

work in progress projects:
-At the moment i am making a Figma diorama that has the same size as one space in my shelf. The ground plate is already finished and i am now by painting the second part.

Greetz, Rajke

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126 dagar sedanAesthesiaAesthesia The Sleeping Soul
Heyyy, happy birthday!!
126 dagar sedanBlackfire89Blackfire89
Happy birthday! :)
126 dagar sedanMaitserMaitser
Happy birthday! \(○^ω^○)/
126 dagar sedanValestein3Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
Hello, Rajke! Happy birthday! I wish you the best, and that NOTHING will your ruin your day. It's your moment your time to shine.

*insert gif of Ankou team lighting your birthday cake, HERE&
126 dagar sedanChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
Happy birthday! :D

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