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willing to trade with my on sale figure for figures in this list2

Vocaloid - Kaito - 1/8 - Hanairogoromo (Stronger)Vocaloid - Meiko - 1/8 - Hanairogoromo (Stronger)


how much was the Price for the Figure again? i forgot sry.

But how about 200USD all in all?
11 dagar sedan
I am interested. Would you ship to Austria? and for how much?
14 dagar sedan
Do you still have got your Schwi Dolla for sale? If yes it's bought now xD.
How much for shipping to aistria?
15 dagar sedan
Do you still have the Antarcticite figure for sale?
21 dagar sedan
Sorry about that, I’ve cleared it out now. Thanks for letting me know! :)
4 månader sedan
Inbox full!
7 månader sedan
Hi there your inbox is full but I wanted to inquire about the frames arm girl Miku figure you have for sale ! Send me a pm is she's still available please !
7 månader sedan
Happy Birthday!
10 månader sedan