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tacotouchdown21 timmar sedan#93154407Don't buy from these people they say they have something in-stock, but don't in reality. now I have to submit a "support ticket" on something that should have just been a instant refund here I am 2 weeks later writing a review and still waiting on my money. Stay away! indeed, they're shit , if someone has to buy always use Paypal.. I'm about to dispute 500$ items because they're shit ,they barely respond too
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Don't buy from these people they say they have something in-stock, but don't in reality. now I have to submit a "support ticket" on something that should have just been a instant refund here I am 2 weeks later writing a review and still waiting on my money. Stay away!
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Despite the bad reviews I could find on the net about them, I decided to give them a try for a PO I couldn't find anywhere else.
Well, it ended as a big mistake, PO was out at the end of november and my order is still stated as "Preparation in progress" two months latter. After asking twice by mail and only getting an apology mail about covid delays, I had to escalate that to Paypal and got my refund today.
Never order something on their site.
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What I can say for sure is that this store is not a scam, BUT they have a bad customer service, half answer your questions when you're lucky, otherwise you won't get any anwser.
After months of battling with them, finally they sent a figure their logistics system had failed to put in my monthly shipment for the past 4 months. Just received my december package, with it, and surprisingly with an item that was supposed to be sent in February, but they put it early (I guess as a way to appologise or something).

Their monthly "My Private Warehouse" system is a scam though, in the sense that you won't "save big on shipping costs" as they pretend, at least for preorders. Just try it yourself, put some items in your cart, you'll have some cheap shipping options. Choose "my private warehouse" instead, wait for the month of release to come, and you'll get shipping options twice the price of what you expected..
For this reason, I switched to ami-ami for my POs, and will only use Nin-Nin for rare items only they have in stock (and will only use direct shipping choice, no MPW).

And related to that last point, their biggest advantage is that they don't close POs after preorder deadline, and you can often still preorder a few days before release if you're lucky, and at cheap preorder price! They saved me once or twice thanks to that.
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i wanna order from this shop but i dont want to get scammed i want to order this item www.nin-nin-gam...
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Absolutely terrible customer service. I ordered 2 Zero two figures and after the figures being delayed for 4 months and literally no communication from their support I received my package and only received ONE FIGURE! The order was £400 worth and I’m put out of one figure and honestly I can not be asked to contact customer service as they never responded to me so I’m just going to bank charge back. As I requested a refund before and they never responded to me. Don’t buy from these scammers.
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I ordered a figure from nin-nin-game.com and am having trouble regarding shipping price. The original shipping wasn't available (Japan Post) so they asked if I wanted to upgrade for 1000 JPY. I said yes, and for a few days there were no updates. Nine days later they decide they want to charge an additional 1000 JPY to "upgrade" the shipping that was already upgraded.

Is this a scam? I was under the impression that nin-nin-game was a legit site based off what I have seen on here as well as it being listed as legit on MyFigureCollection.



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Hi, I have sent quite a number of tickets for a pre-order that I have paid for with you guys and have had no response (I first placed a ticket 3 weeks ago)
My order number is HACGWJVLU
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SquishyBc1 månad sedan#89681649I recieved my item after contacting them 3 times (via their email, their customer support website, and after I messaged them for a dispute on PayPal). They did not answer on Paypal, until the second to last day before the deadline, where they rushed out my order and gave me a tracking number. They held onto my order for over a month, and they would not respond to me until I asked for my money back via a dispute on PayPal. Their actions show that they could have shipped my order anytime, but instead waited until I reported a problem and wanted my money back. I cannot say enough, do not order from Nin-Nin-Games. Anyone who had a good experience are the minority. I got my order, but I would never, ever, order from this company again.

did your account at their website get blocked after you opened a paypal claim? Or can you buy again?
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As of 1/8/2021

Actually, you can look now. I'm not too familiar with posting links and images. Their website states FATE/GRAND ORDER LANCER / SCATHACH REISSUE [PLUM] is in stock 6 hours ago. Time of this post is 3:44PM.

You go to their link, and it states out of stock. Already kind of suspicious at the start.

How is this suspicious? Well let me tell you. I brought this figure on 1/1/2021, where they had one in stock. I purchased it, now still waiting, no response, no changes in order activity. Their FAQ, stating that it will be within 2-4 business days to process and ship, I hardly see any of that being true. But the more I look in this forum, the more I notice small things like the thing I said above. Don't say you have some in stock when you actually have none.

This post will be updated almost weekly for any changes. I will give them another 1.5 weeks before I file a claim for scam with PayPal.


I cut to the chase. I did a PayPal dispute. They didn't respond to Paypal, I won my case. After the case, Nin-Nin-Game respond with a generic email that has a few grammar problems and typos. Literally a "buffer" email that says that they need extra time to pack and sort things out due to covid.

Not only did I miss out on a figure I wanted for many years, I now can't find a reissue that has the fixed neck in brand new condition. Thanks Nin. To everyone, please avoid.
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