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Hi, r u still selling the Archer nendoroid? Pls PM me if r and send some images. Thanks
1 år sedan
Hi! I was going to ask if you are still looking to buy ITEM #292400 and the rest of the set, but your inbox is full. I have them all for sale minus Mikorin, please feel welcome to contact me if interested!
1 år sedan
Your inbox is full :D
1 år sedan
Heyo! I was going to pm you about a figure you're selling, but your inbox is full...
2 år sedan
Here you go Natalie. I found a figurine that you have hunted for for over a year Kurumu . If you still have not gotten her I would say that she is quite rare took me 3 years to hunt one down. I never see them for sale.

Here is the link for you


Good luck.

= )

2 år sedan
your inbox is full, but im interested in your archer nendo.
are you going to be at AN2018 ? I could meet you there.
2 år sedan
I left you an inbox quite some time ago !
2 år sedan
Sorry for the late reply! My inbox is cleared now! Please send a PM. I am located within the GTA region!
2 år sedan
Ok I will delete some messages
2 år sedan
Hi! Your inbox is full so I'll be sending a message here :o

I just got an email from Navito World saying that they want the items picked up within 10 days o.o... I haven't ordered from them for a while (before they used to keep them any time xD).

If you will also be picking anything up within 10 days please let me know so I can bring Shiro with me. Otherwise, December would be great. Thank you ^^
2 år sedan
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