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Just Pm'ed you!
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Your Santa Pikachu Plush still for sale?
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I was trying to pm you, but your inbox is full! >/<
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hey mei!!! i hope you're doing well, we haven't spoken in a while! so i'm just checking in~
how have you been? hope all is good!
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I'm writing a response I promise (I got sort of super busy w/school and being short staffed so overtime out the wazoo ((and then I sort of coughs the cold plague hard so I was quietly expiring on a couch for like eight days))), but then I hadn't saved my word doc when my laptop decided to updated on me so what I did manage to write in between short answer responses I need to retype c':


It's not even WonFes yet and I'm so happy
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Meimei44 år sedan#5453369"No more preorders" I said as Megahouse wants to re-release Anbu Kakashi and Sage Naruto. Just why MH?! Do you want my money with all these exclusives?!
June death. Exclusives death. Expensive death. I'm dead.
Also, my day at work was completely shitty. I will write more about it in detail tomorrow. When I'm alive.
Good luck on your finals!
I'm so sorry for the loss of your wallet.
Sasuga MegaHouse, all those exclusives with the same release date and preorder windows
So glad I never got back into Naruto from my young teenage years as I am now

Thank you!! I made my 7am final so now I just need to head to bed for my one later today at ten. After which I just have work until mid-January bless the sun ;A;
But rest up, tomorrow'll be better, I swear! ✿
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Meimei44 år sedan#5356928What do you mean Law is coming in June? Nooooooooooooo! My poor wallet. Ok new rule. No more preorders. I need to save up for this cluster of exclusives.
Also, I will try to reply after work tonight
"No more preorders" I say as I grab an exclusive strap and an OST orz
(To be fair, the strap sold out right as I bought it so no regrets buuuuuuuut......)

June release, perfect for maximum wallet killing. At least it means a smaller wait time until she's in my (greedy) possession but so soon.

And it's alright! I'm about to hit Finals Hell so this week's going to be terrible!
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May/June/July for Nami/Law/Sanji respectively.
Aka the months where there isn't really any wriggle room, how lovely!
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I would imagine casinos being open 24/7 365 days a year. But that does sound like a hassle if closing for one day resulted in that mess. I think the only reason we’re even open for a few hours is so that no one goes without their medication. Because people tend to forget stuff with family over and the general madness of the holidays. A new casino sounds nice! Are you going to shift over there when it opens up?
And the answer to that is no one. Because backups are supposed to help prevent systems from going down. Not making them go down XD This is one of those once in a lifetime WTH moments.
View spoilerHide spoilerIt’s really hard. I haven’t seen my grandmother in almost 10 years because of travel issues and some personal family issues. And then I find out three days before my 21st birthday she passed away. I was a mess for days. I just really miss her and I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. And I made myself sad.
That’s what I mean by break from school. I feel like every time we have a break, I end up at work every day. Then I feel even more exhausted. College why you got to be so expensive? I dread to think about graduate school. That has got to be 10x worst in terms with payments and tuition. Send help ;-;
But yea. It seems silly, but I sit down with my family and we go through various Black Friday ads and see what we really need and if it’s worth fighting our way through the madness. Afterwards, we plan out whose going where and grabbing what. Typically, I’m on Walmart duty because I have a nasty temper (despite being 5 feet tall) and no one wants to tell me off. Only one year did someone try that. Never again was I bothered :D Back on track, this year it was decided that I’ll be on mall duty with my mom since I work near the mall and don’t mind pushing and shoving. So my dad and brother got Walmart duty. From what I understand, everything went smoothly, until someone started argue with another person for skipping them in the laptop line. It kinda spiraled out of control afterwards and ended up on Youtube.
That sounds terrifying and hilarious at the same time. A 60 year old using a momma insult must have been something to see. I’m glad no one was hurt! And your patrons sound so nice. The procedures for these kinds of things is always a hassle. I remember my first day at work in the old pharmacy I worked at before I transferred. Someone tried to jump the counter to strangle one of the other tech while cursing them out because we didn’t have the thing in stock. Luckily another tech stopped him, cursed him out, and then called the cops. It was…an experience. And then there’s the New Years incident from last year. That actually ended up being the last straw for my mom and she forced me to get a transfer. Fun times.
Aww! That’s so sweet of her! You must be adorable XD But no seriously, your patrons sound really sweet. And Grandpa Up sounds adorable! What are the chances of that happening. Pie? You guys have pie? I want pie now. (Shortly after typing this, my dad brought home some apple pie. He’s a mind reader I tell ya!)
Ewww. My family up North is always complaining about how snow clogs up the driveway and streets. Still never saw snow and I kinda want to keep it that way. I feel like I would turn into an icicle if I went out in snow. Even with protective gear on. And ewww. Increased gas prices are terrible.
I guess I am. That’s weird though. I always assumed that colleges followed the same schedule nationwide. You learn something new everyday. I would imagine your days are slow. Well, up until the holidays when everyone is off of work and such. I thought there would be at least one IT member for night shifts. What if something goes down like with the backup? You have to wait til morning to fix it? I’m one of the wonky ones at work too. It’s mostly due to my labs since they took up so much of my day. That’s why I’m usually on weekends.
That is oddly specific of your professor. A manila folder? My teachers usually are happy with us stapling or using a cover folder to turn in our papers/projects/ect. So about the same time
I have to decide which graduate school I want to attend! While my college is technically a university and does offer pharmacy school, their prices are outrageous. I’m trying to see if there’s any other schools in state that are cheaper, but my college is the top for pharmacy. I may have to take a break and work like crazy to afford it. Which I really don’t want to do. I still have a year to decide.
Ok the drama is going to be under the cut because drama. And it’s long. I apologize in advance because I’m still not over it. Kinda.
View spoilerHide spoilerSo with one of the friends that’s getting married, I’m fine with. We talk and hang out. Everything is cool. The other friend is more like an ex-friend. It all went down last year at another mutual friend’s wedding. It was the bridal shower and we all planned to go together in one car to save gas. Come the day of the bridal shower, I get ready and wait for them. It’s almost time for them to start the party and my friend still hasn’t arrived. I get worried so I call her and her sister, but neither of them are picking up. I tried texting them, calling their house phone, everything. It is now 3 pm, the party has been going on for 2 hours. Now the bride calls to ask where am I, did I get called into work. I tell her I’m waiting on our friend because she said we were car pooling and my mom was out doing errands with our shared car and my dad is at work. Then she says that my friend and her sister are already at the party. What the hell. Meanwhile, the bride’s mom calls my mom (who is unaware of what is going on and is under the impression that I’m at the party already) because she’s unaware that my friend is calling me to ask where am I, and she gets mad and comes back home to find me taking off my dress because it’s almost 3 hours into the party now so what’s the point. It is then decided that I will go with my friend (the bride’s) mom since she was in the neighborhood picking somethings up for the party that they forgot at home. They were very surprised to see me there.
Long story very short, I decided that I don’t need this in my life. I’m perfectly happy without them. If they want to plan something else and not tell me about and ignore me, then I don’t have to put up with this.
Fast forward to like three months ago. The ex-friend is getting married. How do we find this out? Because everyone keeps asking my mom if she knows about it. She doesn’t want to tell us? Fine. Saves me from giving her cash for a wedding present (because everyone uses the no boxed gifts thing now). It wasn’t until last week that she comes to my house to invite me like 3 weeks before the wedding. I really don’t want to go. I know it’s a bad habit, but I hold grudges forever. I was planning on skipping town and going to Disney or somewhere so I can say I can’t come because she didn’t tell me like 3 months ago and there’s no way I’m cancelling for her backstabbing butt. Unfortunately, my friend that I am on good terms with is having her wedding and other parties (why does my culture have so much parties? Are we secretly Shanks?) are like alternating days with the ex-friend’s parties. So now I can’t skip town because my friend will be super crushed if I don’t attend. All in all, I have no idea what to do. Half of me says go to the parties and eat for free without getting her a gift (or minimum $25 or something). The other half is saying that I should just ignore her and flat out refuse to go to any of her stuff. Idk what to do.

Ok rant over. I apologize again. It’s just really upsetting to me. I want to punch something.
Lol! That sounds awkward. Normally weddings in our cultural community are huge and it would be hard pressed not to find someone you know at one. Like seriously, everyone knows everyone. It makes Black Friday shopping a little awkward since EVERYONE is there. I swear everyone that we know in a 50 mile radius is at the mall.
Hah, it the same for me in the opposite order. Everyone thinks I’m the youngest because I have a baby face and I’m only 5 feet tall. On the other hand, my brother is 5’7 and has facial hair. So most people think he’s the older one. He stole the good growth genes :P I’m the shortest girl in the family though. Even my cousins that are younger than me are taller than me (we all joke around that I’m the middle child of the cousins in my mom’s side of the family. Since everyone is either older than me or really younger than me.). The only think I have going on for me is being the most stacked out of everyone on both sides of the family. I envy the lot of them. They can find cute bras easily, while I feel like it’s a quest to find the Holy Grail for me.
Lol. That will cheer me up right away!
It just doesn’t sound the same :/ I mean I want to move out, but I don’t feel fully comfortable with the idea yet. Mostly because I think of rent and jobs and my soul dies a little. I think I would be ok living far away from the coast because tourist flashbacks are not fun. But I would have to live in a city area because quiet areas tend to drive me up the wall. Like some silence is ok, but full on silence when living alone is not a good idea. My parents are the opposite. They are like you better live in a city or heavily populated area. They fear me being a wood cabin murder victim. Eh.
That sounds like a good plan. I don’t have a separate savings account, so I use my Paypal to hold onto preorder budgets. It’s easier that way and everyone is happy. But your card sounds nice. I’m glad I have an internationally accepted card, or we would have problems. Law’s shoes are going to hurt, Corazon and Law will be slightly painful since I did pay the deposit already, Ciel is going to be the almightly death when his time comes. No July releases for me. Unless it’s Law, then I will do it.
Speaking of Law, I’m ready to click that button when the preorders for Saladverse!Law go up! I think that will be the extent of my exclusive preorder for now. Aside from the ones I already ordered >.> Hopefully, we have some nice standard releases so I can save up and buy at my leisure instead of waiting up all night. Izaya is a must for me since I missed out on his first release because I wasn’t into figure collecting, and his renewal looks ok. I mean it’s not as bad as Shizuo (what did they do to you my poor baby?) but the lack of his rings drives me up the wall. I want his rings darn it! I was fortunate enough to find Shizuo’s first release on Manda for a decent price, so it was an instant buy for me. I got Celty’s second run and I’m liking it so far. Her box is lovely~ But yea. I do plan on picking him up since his face looks closer to the art of season 1. And how can I resist my favorite trashcan? XD
HEPTA’s work is amazing! Here’s to hoping they work on more sculpts! I agree that Shirahoshi is a great example! She’s gorgeous and the details are very nice! I don’t own her yet, but the comic book store near campus does. I always go in and look at her. So pretty~ Maybe his next project is Monet? Who knows?
Oh nice! Pivix is a really nice place for fanart! I love so many artists on there * u *But I really don’t understand why everyone is complaining. Yes, Oda originally drew the cast as genderswapped because a fan requested it. So what if MH wants to jump on the money market of skimpy female figures? It’s not like they don’t already do that. And as far as nsfw figures go, Law is pretty tame. I don’t understand why they decided no bikini top, but I’m not too upset over it. And why are people complaining about Sanji? Like, it’s a dude on a chair with his shirt open. Calm down people. OP has a heavy male cast, so why wouldn’t MH market to the fangirls as well? Look at Law’s V 2.5. People love shirtless men. Now give us a beefy Zoro for you and give me a Mikhawk or Crocodile. Because hot damn I will get behind those in a heartbeat XD
The mystery of I.R.O will be solved soon hopefully. What if means topless? Everyone will be topless mwhahahaha! But seriously, it probably means something fanservicey. I know that feeling ._. My mom already has issues with Law V 2.5. I can only imagine the lecture I’m getting when Boa and Law arrive. Or she may just kill me. Who knows. Either way I leave you my genderswap Law and my friend gets Boa should my mom kill me.
As far as the Film Z bikini goes, can you make the swimsuit and have a photo shoot by the beach? That way it does feel too uncomfortable? *has never owned anything more revealing than a wetsuit* I guess it depends on your comfort zones. Props to the cosplayers that go to cons in next to nothing cosplays. That takes some real confidence given all the idiots I have seen at cons. Maybe you can make a Crimin shirt to go over the bikini and maybe wear shorts underneath? Like Nami’s brown ones? Just a thought.
As stated above, what the hell people? Why are you all complaining? Just ignore the damn page if you’re not interested in the figure/want to whine about something that offends you. No one is forcing you to look at them. I give up with people. I like it and that’s all that matters to me. Also, I see why you can’t unsub since you help edit and keep the pages up to date. But still that must suck with everyone’s whining and bitching. I’m sorry you got a rude PM. People really need to get over themselves. Did you report them? Like what’s wrong with Sanji? Nami’s getting another figure, so that brings hope for another Robin, and what’s wrong with SA V2 Luffy? He looks so much better than V1 that’s for sure! I’m going to pass on him only because I have Film Z Luffy and they look kinda similar. But more importantly, Ciel payment. That is top priority.
Lo. You mean the Let’s Take More Money From Customers train XD But I’m all for it. That’s my only problem with her, the waist to chest portion. Just if they fixed her rib cage a little and it would have worked so well. But I agree with you on the face and ponytail. Those are perfect! Maybe keep both? You can decide when she arrives I guess. I would die if they made a P.O.P of Sunflower shirt Luffy. That will be all I need in life. I can die happy. Yea, MAS is totally willing to push comfort zones, so hopefully we can see him making figures for some of the characters from Zou. They have yet to make a female figure, but hopefully they are willing to do so! Because their sculpts come out so nice and clean! And I know, but the prices for both Bepos is so high. Re-release damnit! Also, give me Penguin and Sachi. Law loves his crew and they love him too. Make more figures of them. It worked great for Whitebeard’s crew! Please MegaHouse, pretty please?
I would say wait it out. Their prices will definitely drop, so you can probably afford them later down the line. I’m just really impatient. Very impatient. I want James’ preorders to be open already! I know you posted that they’ll be up on the 3rd, but the wait is killing me. Especially since Amiami put Jessie back on the front page. We can’t win them all. I’m glad there are so many figures of Pokémon around, so I can probably get a Staryu or Starmie to go along with Misty. As for Ash, I think my Bulbasaur that came with Red’s nendo should work. If not, then it’s figure hunting time. I’m actually making a team for Cynthia atm! I got a TOMY Spiritomb (one of her Pokémon) and hopefully I can find the rest later down the road.
Winter Wonderfest is almost here?! What. No. Please don’t have any exclusives I want. Please don’t do this to me GSC. Because their release date would fall around Ciel’s and that’s something I will not chance. At all. Just give me standard releases I can buy in the aftermarket for decent prices.
Yea, the US releases of the Pokémon Center nendos are missing their nendoroid box number. As someone who likes to organize her boxes in numerical order, it really makes me frustrated. What’s the point of not having the box numbers? With the proxy, I’m actually paying $45-ish? There’s some odd change there. But that is cheaper than the US one. By 5 dollars. And it’s EMS. Proxy wins. It has my box numbers and is cheaper with fast delivery.
Box safety is a must for me! Because my logic is that it has to be in nice condition on the off chance that I may have to sell because college is the great evil ever introduced. I cry when I look at my tuition bills. All you do with my money is maintain the campus’ landscape. That’s it.
I have learned my lesson with Crunchyroll. Never again after Robin. I will gladly shell out the extra money to insure that I actually get my figure. According the CR Itachi has now been pushed back to mid December. At this rate I’m becoming less excited about getting him. Hopefully, that’s resolved when he shows up. Because everything will be worth it. I hope.
I’m glad Nami’s amazing despite her defects! Hopefully you can get that sorted out. I think her waist is as noticeable since she’s laying down? Not like BB V2 with her hands above her head, so it makes the tiny waist and very thin abdomen area more visible. I’m really excited for Boa now! I hope her box is as nice as Nami’s. The tropical theme works well since I’m in Florida XD I have an idea for 2016. Bring Back The Tans. Please? I know Robin was never supposed to be tan in the first place, but it looked so nice on her. Also, mad that Oda did not go with the short hair prototype for her. It looked so sleek and nice on Robin. I can see why Zoro’s tan got lighter with Mihawk’s island being cloudy and dreary. That would definitely lighten a tan. But hopefully we get tanner Zoro now that he’s back on the sea. A girl can hope right?
Law is probably my only variant that I own by choice. The other ones are the Super Styling figures that come boxed together, so no one has a say in those. But I got him for the sole reason that he’s shirtless :D And that smirk. But mostly for shirtless. Surprisingly, he also makes a great reference for his tattoos. Imagine that. I saw the Lawson Editions! Are they really worth it? I’m not too fond of metallic paint on figures (but figures like Sadie-chan are ok) so I never saw the appeal in them? Eh. And yea no. I’m happy with my first KoA Law. Even if he still hasn’t left his box yet >.> Space issues why?
Speaking of tests, I have one in the morning. I should really get some sleep ._.; But how was your test? Did you do well on it?
Ahh. Ok, so probably no reisin based figures for me. Mainly due to the fact that my house has AC issues, so I can imagine all the havoc it will cause any reisin figure I own. Seriously, I just went a week without AC. It’s too hot. Also, Zombie ordering is not a good idea XD
But why all my money? ;-;
That sounds like a plan! Hopefully you get the time to mod during Winter Break :) And aww poor puppy. At least you can see her when you visit. I can’t see my cat since the couple that took her in lives like 30 miles away ;-; I am weak though and ended up feeding a cat that had a litter in our neighborhood. She’s so tiny. And her kittens are adorable! They’re all terrified of people though ._. But they are ok with me standing a few feet away from them. One of the kittens (there’s two) was brave enough to sit next to me today! Progress!
I didn’t even think about that! Oh hell no. They better keep Law’s tattoos. Oda clearly has the hand tattoos in artwork, so they better have the chest tattoo or I will find the nearest profession GK artist and get the tattoos added on. Also, would doing that really decrease the value? I think it should increase since it’s part of Law and his design. Maybe we can ask the person on MFC that did that really awesome Sailor Moon GK paint job if they’re willing to do so?
Also, in regard so Law’s availability, I think it will be the same as the other L+E figures. Mainly since Kolektakon announced on their tumblr Law will be going up for preorder on their site soon. How soon? Idk. Please not January though. Have mercy on my wallet.
Sleeping schedules are lost to me. Even in the summer because the rest of the year has conditioned me to stay up late. My college makes us take 2 classes for summer semester or no loans. And I refuse to pay $2.5k for one class. You can’t make me! So I go to the community college for summer. Because it’s cheaper.
Let’s see what I have on preorder so far. January I have Robin’s Jeans Freak figures, The Tobio regular nendo, The Tobio casual nendo, The Hinata regular nendo, The Hinata casual nendo, and a Mew plushie. Then February is Law Hell with a side of Corazon and Jessie. But no seriously, I have the Cora+Law bundle, Law’s regular Jeans Freak figure, them heels, Boa’s CreatorxCreator figures (I couldn’t say no to the blue version ;-;), Boa’s BB (which will undoubtedly be late =_=;), and Jessie. So more accurately Law and Boa hell. March so far is just Boa’s Jean Freak figure. Thank god. April is Utsu-tsu’s nendo. June is Yami Yugi’s figma. And July is Ciel. That’s it for the year so far. Hopefully it stays that way. But January is so expensive ;-;
I think you should be good. MH is seeing how well received Ginko was, so that means that other genderswap figures should be ok without the conditions added on to them. Also, on tumblr I saw the newest Law SC figure prototypes go up for voting. That second sculpt though. I have mighty need. Please let that on win. Please. Back on track, I don’t think that Nami will be a cast off. Boa had a cast off and remember how that went? People complained that the clothes were no longer fitting their slots. I doubt they want a repeat of that. So I’m guessing you should be safe from the wrath of your parents.
Good luck with your hunt! Definitely check online and in stores because they have good 3DS+game bundles for the holidays. Because kids. Not that has ever stopped anyone before XD
The Digimon exclusives make me cry. Why are all of you so expensive? WHY? Hence why I gave up on them. Plus, their G.E.M figures are so tiny. I know the Pokémon ones are around the same height, but the Digimon ones are exclusives. No way am I paying $80 for a 4 in or less figure. Nope. Not that far gone yet.
Yes, everyone in the world is Eevee trash XD Despite what that one guy on the bus believes. He was dissing Eevee and her evolutions saying that they’re all useless. Excuse you. Most people use the evolutions in tournaments and online competitions. But Vaporeon and Flareon are cute! Sylveon is amazing! They can take a hit and take out other Pokémon. Plus, she’s fairy type (we got a new type after how many years?) so immunity to dragon type Pokémon and dragon type moves. Cute, but deadly :D
I have plushies everywhere! I’m actually in the process of selling some of them to make room for the new ones I’m getting. The endless cycle.
I typically got to Mega Con and Super Con. One or the other, mainly depending on where my friends want to go. We lean more towards Mega since it’s larger. The summer and heat may melt you, but think of the beaches and ice cream! :D If you do work at Mega let me know so we can meet up! I will most likely be the short Law in the super groupie heels XD As for the wigs, I will keep you updated on what happens. Most likely I’ll be Law, so it might be Epic’s.
And after many pages of scrolling, a lot of nsfw posts, a couple of great fics, I found the picture! It’s a navy/royal blue mix I want to say with white fur. It’s adorable! Here you go! bpdzoro.tumblr....
And no worries. If life was a bit kinder and it was colder, I would break out my Law hat. Or maybe my Eevee one. As it stands, I can’t so I settle for my Law wallet. Low key weeb XD
So, I’m off to bed because I want to function for tomorrow’s test. So have a nice night! <3
(P.S. I forgot to type this in the reply, but that Lucy figure is gorgeous!)
It never rains, it only pours! So this last week was sort of terrible because one of my supervisor’s quit suddenly, so there was a bit of scrambling to make sure schedules were shifted around to make sure all shifts were covered on top of the usual fallout from school and family things. ; ω; I can’t wait for finals to be over so I can try to breathe for a little before I have to start hitting the books for a new term. ((Also I was reminded Motorcity was a thing so I’ve been rewatching that in between studying and it’s a productivity killer))

But!!!! On the bright side, I just have to come up with something for my sister and I’m donnnnnnne with shopping for people (other than myself, I’m waiting to get this next check before shopping around for a 3DS…..) |[And then I go to work today and find out we’re doing a Secret Santa and I was one of the last people to find out and I ended up with Boss……At least it’s a reasonable price point of $25 but I’m not quite sure what to get her……..]|

Aaaaand continuing the message I had mostly typed up before getting side tracked….
Assuming I’m still attending university here when the new casino opens up, yup! The move’s going to be interesting for my department, since they plan on shutting down the section of the old casino down to renovate for Bingo before we’re able to move to the new casino so we’re probably going to end up at the outpost casinos to issue cards & the like since there’s no room in the other section to squirrel us away c’:
But yeah, its nice that you’re only open for a couple hours! And convenient because I’ve been that traveling airhead before trying to find an open pharmacy during holidays before ;;

Sometimes it’s easy to deal with anniversaries until it punches you upside the gut and reminds you that things are terrible. Alas, nothing to do but wallow for a little then pick yourself back up since life’s worth living!

My entire plan for graduate school is choosing a “we pay for a year, you give us two in paid service” type of deal because I’m pretty sure even if I start saving after the financial help work will give me next year, it’s going to be a mess that I’m not going to be able to completely pay for on my own. Why does higher education cost so much and why do I want this so badly? ;A; I do attend one of the best Pharmacy schools in the West, but I kind of want to hit one in a bigger city, since I’m more likely to be able to live in Portland or Seattle during school than not! But I hear you on the silence part. I’m staying with relatives ~10-15min drive down the interstate right into campus, but that little bit is just enough that everything is so quiet, it drives me absolutely nuts because I lived in the city for all but five early years of my life and I still have a hard time without that white noise. I don’t want to think of rent & utilities but I really miss city life and would take it in a heartbeat. So instead I drive everyone slightly nuts because I can’t sleep without white noise yet I can fall asleep in a heartbeat if there’s any and I’m tired. Slash I don’t want to wake people up trying to fall asleep so they worry a little because I use earbuds to play music so I can sleep. (It still amazes people that I can be holding a serious conversation one minute and the next be out cold. But if I’m somewhat vertical, tired, and trust the people I’m with, that just tends to happen~)

It’s not silly, it sounds really cute. Not to mention smart, since it means you get most of what you want! But I’ve never been brave or awake enough to want to be out with the masses that early before. Of course you’ve got to watch out for the small ones, you lot are so vicious c; But honestly it seems like you just got lucky not having to deal with that mess the year everything went down so congrats!
It was tense, but it was seriously a ‘did you really just say that?’ worthy moment because you don’t expect people to actually use super cliché lines like that. I’m just glad it didn’t escalate to a full blown fight because then I would have had to write a report and I always feel terrible writing them because I pay so little attention to what our patrons wear 90% of the time so my descriptions always feel lackluster to me.
Also New Year’s incident??? That sounds fairly ominous. And a lot worse than my major event story, in which one of our patrons got really drunk before coming in to watch the Super Bowl with other patrons and was hitting on all the female staff until he wandered up to the hotel to sleep it off. (And we had pie because it was one of our promotions. Earn so many points and you got a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving the next day. We’re doing the same this month but with apple pie (lol coincidences) and Christmas Eve)
Speaking of which, Christmas Eve/Day is going to be fun. We don’t have anyone scheduled during the morning, nor a supervisor at night on the Eve, and Christmas Day we only have like three of us with no one on mornings. So my manager is going to see if we can have different hours for those two days (and she’s going to work the booth) just so everyone can keep their scheduled leave. Also all the fun stuff is going to happen on Christmas night so we’ll manage no problem since we made sure there would be staff.

i.imgur.com/QQ7... This was my campus sometime this last week (time is kind of a fluid thing right now, but I’m averaging like five hours of sleep so it’s sort of understandable). It looks super bad but I was running around with a light jacket and jeggings. Then you have days like today with terrible winds with no snow and I’m freezing. Black ice is not fun and all I wanted to do is curl up in a blanket fort and never leave the house. But school and work exist unfortunately. Gas prices aren’t terrible! It’s just switching from one with good mileage to one with decent mileage always hurts.

I know they never sync up because I’m always on different schedules than other people, so I’m kind of used to it. You’d be surprised though, days are kind of slow but there’s always around 100 people between three properties most of the time, even during the day. I know this because I have access to the program that keeps track and I get bored. 0u0 As for when things go wrong not normal hours, they’re supposed to be on call, which is like triple pay, so they can come fix things. However, no one ever answers their phones even if they’re the one scheduled to be the on call IT so it usually resorts to running down the list until someone answers. ;; ((Wonky hours are nice for this, it means I miss a lot of the more slow days and I’m always there to help during busy nights))

Yeeesh, that sounds like a mess and a half. No wonder why you wouldn’t be over it, getting ignored and missing out on a friend’s important party with no returned calls? Sounds like plenty to not bother with after that mess. But I’m kind of blunt with grudges because I was subtle for so long and all it did was cause me more trouble. With so many parties maybe Shanks is your culture! Honestly, that’s sort of terrible how it ended up right between events you want to attend. I wouldn’t go, but I’m also burning out from not sleeping so I’m already skipping out on my workplace Christmas party (mainly because it’s literally right after my first round of finals and I could be using that time to brush up for my Econ two days later) ((Also I had to look up “no boxed gifts” because while I’ve had people do similar, they just requested specific gift cards to help them either modify their home or furnish it)) Honestly I end up just sticking with family because everyone’s too spread out at the ones I end up attending, and I’m never in the right age group, it’s usually just that little bit older.
Also I would highly recommend keeping cheap, breakable things around. It does wonders for ones mood to hear something shatter. Because even if it feels wasteful it’s better than having a complete meltdown or actually punching someone :3c

“Quest for the Holy Grail” that’s perfect. And super true but thankfully the internet and specialty shops exist so it’s not too hard anymore. At least your brother has facial hair? Mine’s super tall but has a baby face so people never seem sure as to the order of my siblings. I am middle of the road height for my family, one side’s all taller or almost my height, and the other’s super short.

It’s an excellent plan, the only problem is I tend to space exactly which account is supposed to be for what. Slash I just kind of jump between accounts after letting money build up because if I have a lot I don’t spend it? I need to go get my direct deposit reworked so I can automatically siphon little bits everywhere to build up misc ‘emergency’ funds (ie gas running out sooner than anticipated, etc), but I don’t want to deal with having to hunt down the physical check that doing so results in before auto resumes again. But yeah, three banks, five different accounts/checking-savings between them. Because of a number of reasons, but the main one being I just expanded on two that my parents set up when I was younger to hold onto money I received for me. My card is nice, but my best friend’s is so much nicer. Not to mention, he’s so laid back about my using it because I always pay him back plus some when I use it, and it has a killer point system that he utilizes all the time. Occasionally I feel guilty for using it, but he gives permission p easily. (See: He let me use it when I was trying to figure out where my funds were/waiting on the payday after the check that cleared my bills for Ginko so I’d stop worrying)
Speaking of Ginko, I’m slightly peeved that partner shops now have her, but at the same time, I only paid ~$15 more and I’ll have her as soon as she ships domestically after paying proxy to ship her. uvu
I’m sorry Ciel is the wallet killer to end all wallets but super detailed and cashing in on hype.
I really hope Law gets a July release, because then it’s like a birthday present to myself! ✪ ω ✪ Also I could probably talk someone into buying a/the second one for me as a birthday gift to save my budget a little. It’s how I ended up with Celty this year, because I was switching positions so sort of jobless but not quite and didn’t know if I’d have the cash come her release. So the bff just ordered her and told me when he did so he could laugh at my impatience for like four months. (Thank all my lucky stars she didn’t delay!) Her box drives me crazy though. It’s absolutely gorgeous but I can only see the opportunities for it to get scratched or noticeably dirty, so after I pulled her out the onionskin it came in went right back on and I need to reorganize my closet to make sure she’s at the top. ;; But I’m so glad I don’t really care about Izaya, as the lack of rings would drive me nuts but I’d never be able to bring myself to pay his initial release prices. ((Shizuo I didn’t grab for the absolute best price, but still sealed with a non beat up box from AmiAmi I was so weak. But he looks fantastic with Celty and that’s all that matters to me!))
Unless something amazing and new is unveiled at Jump Festa/WonFes, I think my only exclusive preorders for next year that I’ll pay to add are Law, Nami, and possibly Souko (waiting on sculpt & outfit). At the same time, I’m still going to sit with fingers crossed for what seems like impossibilities because they threw a bone and I adore them for it. Now they just need to make more saladverse characters because I’ll buy them all. I’d honestly adore for Hepta to get to take a shot at Shirahoshi too, since she’s super lovely except for Ajiken sameface, but she’s not going to show up for a while so I doubt it’ll happen. So I’ll sit and wish for Monet ;u;

Pixiv is so based, and like a good chunk of why I even know bits of Japanese because I’ve been browsing for years!
Everyone’s complaining because it’s not what they want. Completely ignoring the fact that some of their wishes are really out there and not really anything Megahouse has done? Or have the possibility of being flops, since MH has taken more obscure character risks and they don’t always pay off. ( I legit wonder if Lao G will make it to production because he didn’t really receive any attention with his reveal….) Honestly the only nsfw part is the lack of a legit top. But it’s not as if over half the male cast runs around with open or no shirt like 90% of the time, so I don’t get what all the fuss is about because she’s covered. Even if it makes that eventual costume harder because there’s a better source. (That’s honestly close to what I was going to do anyway, minus the no top part)((Which is the hard part, I’m going to have to figure out support somehow because fashion tape only goes so far………))
Beefy Zoro, Saladverse Zoro, I don’t care I’ll take either or both! I’ll also be super disappointed if they don’t do saladverse Luffy, since they’ve made two sculpts for Nami that would work wonderfully, to the point where at one point I was debating a legit custom. (Also legit surprised they haven’t done a Mihawk with his frilly shit because you could hear fans in the distance when it was shown)

I keep trying to come up with English possibilities but knowing my luck it’ll just be romaji and really simple. But crossing fingers paint happens super soon so the Hobby Japan info can come out and reveal. Also so it’ll be a later release but still 2016.
I’ll cross my fingers that you mother doesn’t commit murder! But I can’t think of a feasible excuse for owning them, I gave up on bothering to explain ages ago!

I honestly have no idea why I bother, other than there’s always a slight possibility someone says something interesting??? I completely gave up on Luffy’s page, because that was going nowhere fast and there’s not really anything newsworthy now about him until release day. All those constant comments about how the original is so much better because it comes with all those parts and nitpicking details that make the sculpt unique and not plain. I didn’t report, because both forgot you could do that, and made it obvious I didn’t care about their opinion and wouldn’t continue the conversation past the response. Honestly, people act as if we’re not all individual human beings with our own opinions! Or they just make the assumption people are easily swayed or guilted into changing their minds, which is the worst tactic to try on me because too stubborn for my own good sometimes. ;;

Oh I meant for Law! I only bother with bikinis for beaches, pools, or ColossalCon because waterpark party con. It has to have some other elements for me to even debate wearing outside of those situations, just because too many opportunities for wardrobe malfunctions @_ @ I don’t understand people who do it alone, because I know I’m pretty free to wear whatever I feel comfortable in, since I’m always with people who are reaaaaally overprotective and make claims I’m ditzy and oblivious at times. :T I don’t think I have anything to worry about though? The only time I could have had a ‘bad’ experience was when I was still really young (Like 14?) and crossplaying with a long coat & everything. I got separated from the friend I was at con with at a meetup and ran into someone that was a little too enthusiastic about being in character. But then said friend (all 5’4” of her) found me, all but growled at them and escorted me back to the friends we were looking for. (Actually now that I think about that, any sort of harassment I’ve gotten while cosplaying was in that costume, and it’s one of two male costumes I’ve ever worn……) Which is kind of funny to think about, because since then I’ve worn shorts + crop tops, mini skirts, short dresses, swimsuits, Nami’s bikini + pants combo and while I get hit on, I’ve never been harassed, even the few times I’ve ended up on my own. And yet the times I was completely covered and pretending to be a guy are where the almost con horror stories are, what even is my life.

So many people would throw them money, Franky and Sadi proved that. Not to mention everyone loves Barto now, if they can squeeze in a repaint they can totes squeeze in a rerelease that would have everyone praising them to kingdom come! I think I’m kind of stuck with both, since the resale value on my Film Z is really low because of the defects, and Animarket still hasn’t responded to any email inquiries so I’m super tempted to see if I could actually get in contact with Megahouse. But I need time to sit down and write out a not-so happy review on them because there has been no attempts to respond and I’m so mad because I could have just gone with a different store I had good experience with and I didn’t because all positive remarks. I’m irritated enough with the lack of communication that it’s super tempting to just officially burn that bridge and file a complaint through PayPal.
Anywaaaaay, crossing fingers they give MAS more sculpting chances and that he steps out of his comfort zone, since it seems they’re sort of utilizing him for more recent sculpts as primary anyway. I didn’t even look at the prices, but with so many Laws I could see his navigator being pretty pricey. I’m honestly surprised Bandai didn’t with FA0 since they have a pretty decent turn around. But maybe with Zou?? Possibly? Hopefully??

Jessie getting back on the front page made it super tempting. But crossing fingers they’re cheaper in the secondhand market, since I really can’t break the budget for Jan-March now because a pricey scale got delayed (again) until March, booooo. Small favors, not a lot on the actual humans but Pokemon galore, even for regular western releases, I remember that much.
And yeaaaaaah WonFest is almost here, rip wallet. Except not really, it’s kind of rare for anything I’m interested in to get something new. I say as I got ITEM #331601 out of last WonFes and I’m not looking forward to that price tag. At all. (At least it’ll be a late 2016 release? /sobs)

It doesn’t help that people are constantly posting coupons and the like for Crunchy, but really shitty customer service is the biggest turn off, so I’m d o n e. I saw that people were commenting on finally getting shipping notification on Itachi (comment surfing during break is a bad habit I haven’t broken whoops), so at least you almost have him! One step closer, I just hope Robin’s smoother, though I’m not really that optimistic since they just barely started shipping Nami, too :x

I’m literally waiting for them to jump on the tan wagon because canon to early anime style. Like, even Fairy Tail got tanned figures and those two characters have never tanned. At all. One can always hope! I’m just kind of disappointed with Oda’s choice to go with making everyone’s hair longer, because Nami and Robin’s short hair designs were super adorable and I would have adored.
I was a terrible person and got Ver 2.5 for the head. Then ended up displaying as is because I got attached to the disguise face. But perfect reference for tattoos yes! Even if it made my sister weep, because she’s the makeup artist in charge. I honestly like Zoro’s Lawson, since the paint actually looks really nice. Plus it has the bonus of his swords already coming seated inside the holster, so you don’t have to fight with trying to get the sheathes in and risking paint transfer. 8D;; Just pop and display, it’s so handy! I’m kind of tempted to grab Nami’s Lawson instead of the regular release, even if double the price, since her climatact looks better metallic imo. But then I’d have her shiny base sticking out against everyone elses’…….. Hopefully I make up my mind after seeing her regular release, since I bought her for my friend’s Christmas present since I couldn’t think of anything else and he didn’t own that Nami yet.
I’m hoping I’m wrong on Law, but his shirtless sculpt’s initial showcase already had the tattoos sketched on, yet nothing on her. It’d increase for me, but you never know with some people! Also having a sealed on just appeals to me because it’s more money I’m tossing at MegaHouse to show I’d be interested in a line continuation/expansion. Either way, if they don’t do them I’m commissioning a GK artist in a heartbeat. I didn’t know Kolektakon already had made an announcement! Either way, super hype so hopefully she’s painted at Jump Festa in a week! So def making sure I have money squirreled away so I can grab if so~

Test wise I did okay? Finals next week, trying to study in between work is a pain but it’s actually fairly handy for getting away for like ten hours to not stress myself out.

Zombie ordering is sometimes the best ordering! Until you look at your bank balance and wonder where that extra hundred ran off to.
I need to see if I have the paint in the color I want already, but I’m probably ordering the film when I do my brother a favor and grab his present for our mom for him. Then I just have to hope I can manage on my days off, since we got a new schedule and I got half my days off filled with shifts. Which is great for my wallet since no longer worrying about small checks but not on the other hand because that was time I was going to use to make my display cases pretty! I deeply appreciate that my mom tries to visit at least once a month, every two months if she has to, and that she always brings my dog! And that’s super sad, but also kind of cute that adopting strays! My sister’s cat is actually one she found off the side of a park walking trail, and the lady that was feeding her helped her get Sissel (totally not named after a video game cat no siree) to trust her enough to get her home. There’s few things more amusing than watching a legal adult lay on the side of a pathway with an outstretched arm with chicken breast trying to entice a skittish cat. But now she’s spoiled rotten and is super tolerant of forced cuddles so apparently her persistence was worth it to both parties! While I’m tired and on the topic of weird cat stories, she brought my sister a live mouse on her birthday. Whether it was animal intelligence or just lucky coincidence, I don’t know but that cat adores her.

Sleep what is sleep, we just don’t know. I’m kind of shocked by how often I’m staying up until four am, but at the same time I have an eight am class next term so sort of just planning on not sleeping Monday/Wednesday to make that and napping after lab. Because I just can’t willingly get up that early. ;; All our summer classes are like morning, which sucks because taking two to skip out on taking them during the school year since term courses condensed into four fast paced weeks. And Monday-Thursday only, bonus!

I waffled on Boa’s blue version too late and missed the preorder date ;A; So that’s a secondhand market purchase I’ll have to find. But that’s a lot of exclusive nendos for January, I wish you well! As mine got lighter by like 6k yen because the box split for straps I was looking forward to got cancelled by the maker orz
And then like I said, March quickly became terrible because Orca delayed their Lucy AGAIN by another three months so that’s 10k tossed onto March that I was looking forward to this month. You had me beat with a July preorder but then Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun tarot cards happened so I have a preorder for August 2016 now and I feel terrible.

Crossing fingers for a not exclusive Souko. Pauses. Laughs at myself. Thankfully fulfilling a quota within a week of opening preorders did wonders for their immediate sales printouts so less fuss for future releases! The second sculpt was the hatless one, right? Because if so it won by such a wide margin it wasn’t even a contest. Which is sad because I liked the battle torn one. And I hope so, but those seams look so gross right now it’s easier to believe in intentional cast off. Which Boa wasn’t but people did anyway! And I may just hide her on a lower shelf, or make sure I put her away instead of spacing it off when parents visit since they thankfully give advance notice of visits. Except for when they do things like not stop that night like they were going to and I’m still at work when the arrive so I couldn’t put certain figures away >A>

I’m getting through finals then treating myself c’: Costco had a pretty good deal on the new one, but only available in boring gray, eww no thank you. Also everyone knows young adults are the real target audience next to kids. We can actually buy things for ourselves, no begging needed!

Cute but deadly is my aesthetic~ Also super pink and a fairy type? Too cool for this school. Also psssssh who cares about people trying to be hipster if they’re super effective?
Mine just end up in storage because how can one choose what to keep and what to get rid of?

Both have been on my list for a while for a couple reasons, but it’s pitching to my two default co-cosplayers to make the trip that’s hard. Because neither likes heat or humidity. That and I made the mistake of mentioning NYCC & Otakon plus a Canadian con, so they’re kind of stuck on those while crying about Katsucon being so early. So trying to push them towards Mega is like herding cats. But there’s still time so we’ll have to see! I’m so hype for Sakura, since it’s in March so I’ll have my beautiful shoes to take along to con!

I miss Tumblr for good art, but not much I can do about it until I get stable internet again. But that’s super cute and now I’m stuck debating. Because I would totally wear that in my daily wear. The only reason I haven’t broken out my Law hat in this weather is one simple fact: I’d have to wear a scarf since I hide my hair up in my hat so it doesn’t look dumb. ;;

I’m terrible about being low-key, because not actually. Just not being fanatical all the time. Because I wear some of the accessories I have out quite a bit, and ITEM #218190 is my default purse. I’ve only gotten comment shopping once, and that was because the cashier saw the Jolly Roger when I opened it to dig out my (boring) wallet. Yet my phone with it’s Law strap and cookie Luffy & Zoro straps didn’t get any comments. I use ITEM #279481 as a laptop bag for class and even if I thought it was the more subtle one (because printing only on one side and it’s easy to overlook at a distance) has gotten the most comments.

(But thank you, she’s easily one of my favorites but I adore the art the figures based off of so it’s p easy to see why!)
And it’s now almost five am so I really should crash, but it was driving me nuts that I hadn’t been able to finish this for one reason or another so goodbye sleep!
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Awww. I’m sorry to hear that. I had that same issue on Wednesday with certain insurance companies. Half of their servers went offline, so we couldn’t process any medications. Luckily, they fixed the problem overnight, so we could reprocess the orders the next day. It sucks that if one thing goes down, everything kinda stops. Do they have days where they clean out the backup system? I feel like they should (especially during holidays) if everything stops because of it.
View spoilerHide spoilerI am sorry to hear about your grandmother’s dog. It’s never easy watching a family member in pain :( And I’m really sorry to hear about your aunt. It’s never easy to deal with the first anniversary. I was really upset over my grandmother’s passing, even more with this being the first anniversary. It’s hard to deal with the fact that they’re no longer with us. But I keep telling myself that she didn’t want me to mope around. So that gets me through the day.
Moving on from super sad stuff! My break was just straight up work. The two days I went to college I had work right after, and then the rest of the week was opening to closing shifts x.x I was so dead. My boss took pity on me and gave me the next three days off since I look like death (apparently). The Thanksgiving shift wasn’t so bad. We were closed by 2, so I went straight to the mall. Since JcPenny decided to open at 3 pm. Why? We will never know. I got my Macy’s shopping done on Wednesday since they started their Black Friday deals then. Less hassle and less me dragging kitchen items around on Thursday. We got a few things, ran off to Target to get Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, and then went home. All in all it wasn’t so bad. We got home by 11 pm with everything we wanted, so I would call it a success. Although, my brother and dad went to Walmart to grab somethings, and apparently a fight broke out. And now it’s on Youtube. Welp. It happens every year.
Snow must be nice to look at, but terrible in general. Be safe while taking other modes of transport! And it’s ok. I thought something was wrong with my router. Again. Then I saw the FB page was like oh. And that’s really late! My finals are in the second week of December, so I’m on crunch time rn ;-; After that I’m on break til the first week of January. Freedom! Kinda. My friends are getting married, so there’s that. Literally as soon as my break beings so do the parties and such. OTL At least there’s good food…
Why do professors give us so much work on breaks? Like literally I had six chapters of material and short quizzes due by last night. And some people didn’t even know about it! I was dead this morning since I spent most of last night finishing up the assignments.
I guess Sunday/Monday shifts feel like that. I very rarely agree to do Monday shifts because that’s the day that we work on all the errors and issues that occur over the weekend. And trust me, that’s a lot. I normally do the day to night shifts, so I’m there for a long while. A very long while. I want to cry sometimes.
Aww, that’s sweet of you. It’s hard to say no ;-; Like, that’s how I end up with some of my shorter shifts. Because someone has called out and I’m normally nearby. The stuff we do for our co-workers. And I’m glad you’re going to be getting a new co-worker! Hopefully, you can get some days off or shorter shifts.
You should be good for a while! I think. I’m not sure if you’re graduating soon or not. I lucked out and got a job at a pharmacy a year into college. Good since I want to go to pharmaceutical research. It definitely helps in the long run since I have a background to build off of when I go to graduate school. I do love my job that being said~ <3
I wonder how I would react if I went out of state for college. I’m pretty ok with living on my own, but I love my family too much to do so. And my mom said no for undergrad ;-; I see her point but still. Oh well. I’m going to hate the change because I take a week to adjust to writing the new year XD
It was terrible to me. The people behind and around me got a laugh out of it. And same for my mom and brother. Lying about being an adult is stupid. Like being an adult is a pain, why lie about it? And lol. Serves your brother right. Jk. That must be frustrating at times. Everyone thinks my brother is older than me because he’s taller. Like the hell? The poor boy is like “No that’s my OLDER sister. Yes, she’s tiny.” I resent the last part.
That’s a good plan! I’m glad I made my final payment for the semester as well. Now December is going to be just preorder pay offs for exclusives and setting some money aside for Cora and Law and Ciel. And those shoes. Because we ended up deciding that my mom will pay half and I’ll pay half. I get depressed when I think about February. Definitely thinking of maybe parting with some of my stuff that I’m not too interested in anymore/space eaters. It will help in the long run, or so I’m telling myself.
This is madness! Extra money? With no obligations? Whaaaaaattttt. I say set some of it aside just in case. Personal experience.
This year’s MegaHobby was nice~ I like the new photos of the Psychedelic Izaya figure! And I was surprised too with the amount of figures from HEPTA! I guess they had a busy year at MegaHouse this year XD I agree with you. This would have been a perfect time to announce/show off a prototype of Monet. Maybe at another event? Or next MegaHobby? They need to make her soon! I did not see genderswap Law coming at all. When I said MegaHouse should make another Law figure, this is not what I had in mind! Saladverse is what we call it? Nice XD (Although I’m really reluctant to admit that any version of Luffy does like/not crazy about meat) And it looks like it’s going to be a new line! The Sanji figure they revealed is also classified as I.R.O! Fanservice time? With equality? Sign me up! :D Hopefully we get the others in both original and genderswap form! Because hot damn that Sanji is amazing! I’m definitely getting Law if it’s the last thing I do. Which it may be when my mom sees her ._.; Oh well. A lot of people are complaining about it though. I understand this is not what anyone was expecting, but it doesn’t mean that you should be dicks about it to people who are genuinely excited for Law. I adore genderswaps and this is a dream come true! I ended up unsubbing the comment section because someone would complain every 5 minutes.
Also, speaking of MegaHobby, they had their Pokemon G.E.M figures there! I saw James and Meowth already, but seeing them next to Jessie is great! Definitely an instant preorder when they go up for preorder! And they unveiled Ash and Misty! In their season 1 outfits! I’m so happy! My only complaint is that used Charmander in Ash’s sculpt rather than one of his other Pokémon and gave Misty her Psyduck. That’s not to say I don’t love them! But I was hoping maybe Bulbasaur or Butterfree would have been used. Same with Misty. Psyduck is one of her most memorable Pokémon due to him being a running gag, but I would have liked to see Staryu or Starmie since she used them a lot in the first season. Oh well. At least Pikachu and Togepi made it. I hope they make a Brock to go along with them. That would be prefect since the 20th anniversary is coming up~ Now I just need GSC to announce the next Pokémon nendoroid and Koto to show us a prototype for their Red figure they announced a while back. The first official scaled Pokémon figure. So excited!
Hopefully we get those rereleases! I know I would help you keep that train alive XD Speaking of Bellemere, what’s your opinion on the BB V2 Nami? I love the ponytail, but she seems a little too thin? That might just be me. Eh. They might have given Dressrosa up for now. And then they’ll revisit it years later with more exclusives. *cough*Film Z*cough* As for Zou, doesn’t MAS do half animal/human hybrid figures? I know he’s done several Choppers, half transformed Marco, and Leopard Lucci. Maybe he might do Wanda or Carrot? I hope so. Or better idea, Bepo! I love Bepo.
It’s hard getting exclusive figures when you’re not in the OP fandom ; u ; Pokémon did us a favor by having a US Pokémon Center that we can order the nendoroids from (even though I always buy the Japanese release because the US ones don’t have the box numbers for some odd reason). I have had to give up on certain exclusives because there is no way I’m paying almost $50+ the original. Not including shipping either. Yes, I’m looking at you Angemon and Angewomon. They were too much for me. Plus, Corazon and baby Law take priority.
And yep! Animplex+ has a partnership with TOM. They have their own little section on their website and they always get exclusives. Although, the boxes tend to be a little bit…crushed when they arrive. The figure boxes I mean. My Animplex+ Sebastian was really badly damaged when he arrived. The sides were crushed in and the front had a huge crease :/ And it happened to several other people as well. I haven’t ordered from them since, but I do have some coupons and points leftover there. Maybe if a deal pops up or something. But back to the main point, I guess I’m ok with the $30 difference since it means I can wait to pay him off and that the box doesn’t get thrashed. That’s the most important parts to me at least.
As for Itachi, I only have myself and my cheap ways to blame. He was a deal of the day on CR for $85 with free shipping, so I thought why not? I didn’t realize until after I had placed my order that they delay things by months. I guess I will have to suck it up and wait it out. Same for Boa too I guess. Also, they seem to have changed their policies since I ordered Itachi. With him, they didn’t take out his payment until a month after I ordered. With Boa, they took the payment out ASAP. Huh. I just think that’s a tad strange. But yay! I’m glad you got your BB Nami! How is she? Is she as gorgeous in person as she was in the pictures? And same with Robin! I prefer her with her tan. I’m biased I guess. And lol. I’m in the same both since I had both Law V2 and 2.5! I sold my V2 for tuition a while back though ;-; The good news is he went to a friend’s house, so I can always visit. Otherwise, I tend to stay away from variants. Unless there’s a huge difference that I like. Which is almost never. Case in point, the Jeans Freak crossover with King of Artist Law. It is the same as the KoA Law I already own, but with different color jeans. I don’t even like the other colors ;-;
Ahh, that makes sense. MFC is a nice place to look up whether to order certain figures or not. And this was when I first starting collecting. I saw that JF Luffy was available for a good price and ordered him at 3 am. I want to say the second order was made about two weeks later, because I had no recollection of zombie ordering him at 3 am XD Since then I have used MFC’s list system to keep my orders in well order. He’s just so precious! Like the faces he made on Zou. So cute~
Whitebeard’s price is totally and forever more out of my price range. There is no way I will ever get him unless someone gifts him to me. Is resin that bad? I mean I saw the Zoro unboxing and all the warning, but is it really that sensitive? Does this mean I will never get a garage kit? Because Florida is hot as hell, but my house is like a freezer.
GCS is a nightmare if you’re only ordering one thing. The stuff I do for exclusives. A friend of mine decided that we should order together in order to save money on shipping. It’s been amazing~ The only thing is that I have to take a box with me to classes until lunch time rolls around. Otherwise, we have no complaints.
I will send that PM as soon as I’m done typing this. Because seriously, this is the only time I have to myself OTL We both need a better sleeping system. LOl, don’t worry! I’ll send you the links on MFC so you don’t have a hard time looking for the Kuroshitsuji straps XD I feel that way sometimes. READ: All the time. Especially with exclusives. Why?!
Thanks dear! Hopefully I can get everything sorted out soon, so I can do sales for Christmas. The hardest part is going to let some things go. But I must, or no space to display my newer stuff.
And good luck with reorganizing! That sounds difficult. I’m glad I only have to worry about my bed shelves and entertainment center for now. Maybe one day I’ll get a detolf. When we move because I have no room for one OTL I put all my boxes in bigger boxes, so now I have a mountain of oxes that also needs to be sorted out. Or my mom kills me. My cat never went near my figures. I think she was scared of them. I miss her so much ;-; And her tv remote stealing ways. But she’s with a good family. Stupid apartments with their no pet rules.
Maybe you can put the figures in their boxes just until you get the detolf sorted out?
The beginning of the year is looking to be expensive! Jan-Feb are murder, March is still debatable (since I have yet to confirm if I want Dark Magician Girl or not), and April is one nendoroid. So far. June is Ciel. Nuff said. Please let any exclusives be after this time frame. That’s nice of your proxy! Hopefully, Souko is announced for release in the second half of the year. That way you can get her! I would say hold off on getting two Laws, unless they have variant heads or something. Then it’s ok to get two, For posing purposes. *terrible friend* Sanji is looking good and your friend has good taste! As for BB V2 Nami, I’m going to pass on her. Mainly since I do not need my mom trying to kill me over nsfw-ish figures. (Wait till she sees Boa and Law. Hahahah I’m dead)
And that’s ok. Black Friday was crazy this year. Plus, the system down thing at your job probably made you tired, and I would never recommend going out on Black Friday when tired. That’s asking for trouble. If you didn’t get a 3DS yet, you can try Gamestop! They have Nintendo approved refurbished 3DS XLs for $99! That is over half off! And maybe you can pick up a game or two while you’re there. Whatever works. Or if you want to try your hand at some of the newer Pokémon games, let me know! I have an extra copy of Pokémon White that I don’t mind selling off.
Pokémon is probably the most nostalgic thing for me aside from Batman and the whole of the DCAU along with other cartoon. It’s one of the first things I really got into and never got told off because I was girl. I’ll be old and gray, but I will never stop loving Pokémon.
We are all Eevee trash XD She’s just so cute and fluffy! My favorite Pokémon is Eevee. As you can probably tell from my profile with how many plushies I have over her. I love Espeon though! My favorite out of all the eeveelutions. What’s yours? :3 If you have one based on looks.
A nice, cold con sounds nice. Here it’s always con season in the middle of the summer. So half of the cosplayers are sweating and dying of heat. Even with AC it gets hot ;-; But I think you should definitely do Punk Hazard Nami if you’re going to steal your Sanji’s coat either way XD I will check out Epic since my next cosplay is either going to be Law or Luffy and I will need a shorter wig. Arda is one of my favorites since their wigs are so nice. I’ll see when the time comes.
Commissions are time consuming. I guess you should only do it if you feel like you have the time to. Also, just a suggestion, but if you do the Bear Hoodie for yourself do want to try making it with light blue? I saw a fanart on pivix and it have Law and Luffy with the bear hoodies. It was adorable! I’ll see if I can pull it up later.
So it’s almost 1:30 am here, so I might as well call it a night. It’s been raining all day long and now it’s colder than what I’m used. So sleepy. Night~ <3
Lol literally what are holidays even to us. We never fully close, as the one time we did it was apparently a pain to find the keys, figuring out who had authority to actually hold them, and we got a ton of complaints because we closed. So we get paid holiday and time & a half on holidays but there isn’t a single day we close. Even the plans for opening a new casino involve never being closed, but slowly transitioning things over in stages so the new one can be up and running before we shut down the current/”old” one. But I honestly think IT does sometime during a weekday day often? No one knew what was going on, even the people who have been working there for at least a decade hadn’t seen those errors before, so it hasn’t happened before.
Seriously, though, who expected a backup to be what breaks a system? Servers I can see, but a backup????

View spoilerHide spoilerNot easy seeing a family member in pain, not easy seeing a pet you’ve known for almost half your life pass. I’m sorry for your first anniversary, since it never really gets easier but the first always seems the hardest.
So it’s harder to kick myself into gear to care about important things like school, even if the reason I didn’t get to travel cross country with the rest of my adult family members to be there for her is because she threatened to get out of her sickbed and knock some sense into me if I ditched school for her.

Breaks from school you mean more like more hours at work to help pay for school. It sounds like you had an attack plan beautifully planned out! I’m sort of jealous since I really need to make a shopping list of stuff I need to buy this season, whether it be presents or just stuff you can only get during the holidays (ie I need more star shaped lights to decorate around my bed with ;; ) I didn’t hear about any major fights happening during sales around me, but I did almost have two patrons start a fight over cutting in line. A ~60 year old man then proceeded to escalate the situation by insulting the 40 yo line-cutter’s mother. It would have been funny (because really, a shot at his mom how cliché can you get?) had it not almost been a violent outbreak. We had to get security involved and the whole nine yards, even if they both finished their business and stormed off. I will never not get over how sweet some of our patrons are, because my department is all either really short females or really young (20-25) ones. So they saw the possibility of a fight and were getting ready to intervene on our behalf before they broke up and security arrived to do follow up.

Also today was a huge drawing night and one of our patrons made me light up like a Christmas tree because she was nudging the drawing winners next to her while we were waiting for our last winner to come and commenting about how I’m always smiling and isn’t that the nicest thing? So of course a number of regulars had to chime in about that and I wanted to sink below the counter and hide. ;;
And then Grandpa Up called me awnry and the world righted on its axis because I got to be faux offended and reminded him that only a terrible, horrible person would have delivered his hot seat winnings with a pie and a smile. ((Also while I’m talking about patrons, Grandpa Up is called such because he looks exactly like the main character from Pixar’s Up. About as grouchy appearing as his movie double too! But he honestly likes the nickname it’s super cute, and half the time he won’t respond to anyone from my department unless we call him that!))

Preaching the choir, I hate driving in snow. The only thing it’s good for is scenic photographs and reminding me about how fun childhood is because it was just fun and there was no worries about how to safely arrive from point a to point b. So I had to bust out the truck I borrowed from my mom with it’s four wheel drive and snow tires. But the gas mileage is worse than my car so I’m going to wince at not being able to fill my tank for $20 until spring rolls around again. ;n;
You’re about a week ahead of my schedule then? Finals are the week before Christmas (the third week of December) and I go back the second week of January I believe? Idk I have to check that because work does two months at once so I have to make sure my manager has all my relevant school dates down since I’m kind of on a wonky one and days during break instead of my usual steady weekend nights. I prefer my nights to days, even if it seems like everything starts to go wrong as soon as IT goes home. Days are just kind of really slow, since no one’s really at the casino gambling until they get off work and want to relax and try to win money.
As I pull an all nighter to try to finish a couple projects before heading off to class, and hopefully picking up a manilla envelope at some point to put my giant ass mapping project in to turn in, because it has to be so specific and I haven’t had time to grab one. And I’m fine for a while since still sort of stating off, I’ve got a good year or so before I can start looking into graduating and moving onto the more intensive parts.
Good food and happy friends, it could be worse? I’ve been drug to the weddings of kids of family friends and got to awkwardly cling to family because I literally knew no one except for them and the mother of the groom. It’s so bad, I didn’t even know the groom’s name, but neither did the minister when he was doing their vows, lol

Haha, he’s like a brother but he’s just my best friend who’s older and tries to make me the oldest. My baby brother has SUCH a baby face that the only reason people believe he’s 17 is the fact that he’s like 5’10” and still growing. Because he’s a brat who apparently stole all the good growth genes. :I (Even if people claim I’m the one who stole different genes because tall and stacked but I think my sister got the better deal because she can actually bra shop at non-specialty stores if she wants to) Like I think the shortest member of sort of immediate family is my sister? She’s 5’6”/5’7” and really skinny so she looks so tiny it’s cute. And I’m occasionally guilty of being a sibling who teases her about her height.
It’s annoying in the sense of the fact that they can’t explain why they think I’m the oldest, because they then turn around and remark about how I don’t look my age??? It’s just like make up your mind please.

Also anytime someone gets you down just remember than Luffy’s VA is 60 and she still gets asked if her mom is home when she answers the phone!

I’m already throwing fits about having to give up writing 2015 because 2016 just doesn’t have the same pizzazz! But I honestly can’t wait until I fully move away, since I kind of really want to live on my own for a while to see if I can actually manage it, since college was kind of picked so I didn’t have to work hard to establish a support network to start taking baby steps towards independence. But I went out of state and hate it, but I’m too west coast to like being anything more than a couple hours from the coast. Not to mention I love Washington and Oregon and don’t particularly like living anywhere else in the states. ;; As I cause my parents great anguish because they don’t understand how they managed to raise a city girl and they’re not too enthusiastic about my want to live in a major city. (I remember looking at Portland for college and how hard my dad was fighting it, only to see his face when I started seriously looking at San Francisco because I had friends I could apartment share with)

I’m planning on leaving a good chunk of it in my Oregon credit union account, since it’s out of sight out of mind (sort of). I’ve finally gotten most websites to stop defaulting to that account, since I switched to a national bank for my major banking since traveling and I like being able to use atms without having to pay a fee for not using that bank. But emergency preorder money/extra emergency stash is happening. After I prepay for everything I can because I can’t really afford to pay for Hancock & Robin in their release months, and I’m sort of planning on trying to pay off the new exclusives coming out as soon as possible, since I vastly prefer having to do nothing when the release date rolls around ;; Law’s shoes are going to sort of hurt, but a little less so since I’m just making sure my credit card’s cleared so I can either manage to pay for them all at once, or if need be, stretch the cost out over a couple months. I feel sort of bad because the company’s sending me a new card with chip technology and I’m just using them because no foreign currency transaction fee so it’s Visa’s conversion rate and almost all the foreign shops I use love my card. c’:

I have no inclination to buy Izaya, but hot damn did they plan the stage for him perfectly. It was almost enough to make me change my mind, but I’m super pleased with just Celty and Shizuo’s first release for DRRR scales. Unless they release the kids in which case all bets are off! I’m going to remain super hopeful that they pull one out for Spring, since HEPTA’s proving more than able to sculpt such lovely hair that it would be a waste if they didn’t. Not to mention, Shirahoshi got so many releases because even non-OP collectors were buying her because the sculpt was solid, she was cute, and mermaid figure. So with non-OP collectors taking a look at how solid HEPTA’s work is, it’d only make sense to make a cute harpy girl with gorgeous wings, right? ;A;
Saladverse is what I saw once and it stuck! (The pixiv tag is Luffy’s tagline from the original SBS “I’ll eat salad and become the Pirate King! And it just sort of shortened from there I believe. Even if I’m also a fan of Luffy sticking with all his original habits even if alternate universe) Haha, I’d forgotten that! But yeah, genderswap was probably the furthest thing from everyone’s minds, even with the Gintama scales. Because canon source vs extras as a source. OP’s actually really male skewed as-is due to the fact the cast is so heavily male based, that it would be a flat out crime if they didn’t give them the same treatment. I really really really want to know what I.R.O stands for, and I’m hoping it sticks around for a while and has a wide cast variety~ Also I’m sorry, but I understand since Nami’s still in her plastic prison since I can’t figure out where I can display her than anyone walking by my room can’t immediately see her. Granted, my parents saw my collection shortly after I got my first detolfs set up, and I had ITEM #174735 front and center and my dad commented on it. But not negative, just enough of the fact that he noticed was sort of embarrassing. I’m more worried about what will happen when I invariably use her as basis for a costume, because while I had an idea worked out for that eventuality that involved an actual top, I’m curious if I could manage to modify something with enough support to pull it off for a shoot at least. Because I’m terrible person. (I’m still making that top anyway, because there is no way I can walk around with no shirt, nuh-uh no way)

Haaaahaaaa, I don’t even know why I’m still subbed to the pages of any of the newer POPs. Especially since I’m usually plugged into everything enough that I’m the one adding info as it’s made available. Maybe I’m just too masochistic for my own good? But yeah, if it’s not someone complaining it’s someone else trying to sway someone else, which just flat out doesn’t work when they’re this set in their ways. But genderswaps are so nice, I’m glad MH is taking risks and releasing figures!!! (So voting with my wallet is happening happily, and I can ignore everyone else’ opinions so long as I get them)
But even not on Law’s page, Sanji/Nami/even Luffy’s Ver.2 are filled with people complaining! It got bad enough that apparently a whole lot of comments got deleted while I was at work, because I had the email alerts but the actual comment section was deleted up until the day before I believe, because MODs had to step in to stop personal attacks. Hell, I commented after the fact and still ended up with a PM that wasn’t nice. : /

All aboard the rerelease/renewal train! Only stopping when they reach our wishes! And I absolutely adore her everything, save her waist. Even though it’s pretty much the same as her original, the pose kind of draws your eye right to exactly how thin it is, whereas the other’s pose diminished that fact. But her ponytail hair and face are perfection, and with all the complaints against her I’m probably grabbing and debating on whether to keep the original Film Z or not. Lol, I’d take a L+E Luffy in a couple years if it means I get a large scale sunflower shirt. Oooooh right, yeah MAS is willing to step outside the box, I’d forgotten! He also did Jinbe and Moira! (But I don’t believe he’s done a female sculpt yet) Wanda and Carrot would be cute, but I can already hear the complaints in the distance…… Bepo got a ‘POP Stuffed Collection’ and a FiguArts Zero, but then that seemed to be it for Law’s crew? Which is kind of a rip since he obviously loves them so.

I saw all the Pokemon figures! I’m like super tempted to grab them again, because it’d be a pretty wide spread set already, and if they’ve started the ball they’ll likely keep it rolling! Also not L+E is suuuuuper nice and buying would only encourage them to NOT make everything such. Butterfree would have been nice but I would have probably shed a tear or two. Running gags always seem to win out though, even if Staryu is one of my favorites and I would have preferred too. But WonFes 2016 Winter is only two months away? 2016.2.7 so says the official site! Plenty of time for things to get painted or unveiled and announced!

No box numbers? What even. Also that’s when you give up and just default to proxies, since that’s usually only $10-$20 depending on fees. I’ll have to take that into account, since I put way too much value on a box, but most of the time they have effort put into making them pretty, so of course I’m going to try to keep it intact. Also I like having the ability to move them around safely, and busted boxes just don’t store as nicely as near pristine ones.

I never ordered anything important from Crunchy and yet I regretted doing so anyway. Mainly because I split one of the sets from them and it took forever and I was stuck in a state of worry as to whether or not the other parties would want to back out in favor of getting an immediate one vs the one that was supposed to be to me a month after WonFes. Both times I had to pay immediately, so it might have just been them being weird? But Nami is sooooo nice! I keep going on about HETPA and their sculpts, but I can see why MH likes them a lot. Pictures just can’t do her hair justice, since it’s just so layered and yet manages to be so neat. My only gripes are the super thin waist, which as I think about it, if they’d just widen her ribcage a little they improve the overall balance to be better, and mine had two manufacture defects: a glue spot and her hair’s just missing a spot of paint? So I’ve contacted Animarket to test their support system, but worst case they’re minor fixes. I’m suitably excited for Robin & Hancock now, since their boxes should be just as compact (it’s so small and nice!) so they’re not even going to make a dent in storage space. I miss Robin and Zoro with their darker tans, but also biased. I’ve made two exceptions to the variant, and that’s for Law’s Ver2/2.5 & Zoro’s first Strong World. Because a) I got Ver.2.5 for the head and ended up displaying it on it’s own since I started to appreciate it as is and b) I got the Lawson Limited sealed for a really good price when the yen:dollar ratio started to widen in our favor. And now that particular figure is worth like 15k which is vaguely ridiculous. I sort of liked the black version, but not worth it in addition to the original. At all. Because still trying to figure out where I can display it. ;;

No one can be expected to remember what they ordered at weird hours of the morning. Nor should you really take a test then but alas that’s what I’m doing shortly. ;; Resin’s sort of sensitive, but it’s mainly just heavy as anything. The casting’s also temperamental and has more room for error, but really just super heavy. I end up shipping stuff to the east coast for my group splits, but it works out better anyway since stuff tends to go through SF customs to make it to me, and that’s the fastest customs I swear.

I’ll come up with a better sleeping system….come summertime when I only have like one class ;; And because exclusives want your money. All of it to themselves.
Sales are so slow and I’m so busy that I can’t sort through things I should work harder to sell. But storing in boxes while I mod shelving is probably my attack plan, I just need to survive until all my time off in order to be able to sit down and work on actually modifying them. And maybe then I’ll sit down and organize them into the new arrangement I’ve been thinking of! But I’ve made space in my room because cats and I don’t want to be constantly dusting.
I didn’t get to bring my dog with me, but to be completely fair, at least she’s home with her best friend and has my parents and brother to dote on her all the time, vs my super hectic schedule where I wouldn’t be able to properly spend time with her. Doesn’t make me miss her any less, since she spent a lot of time just curled up next to me. :c

I’m totally going to end up with two Laws, unless they actually do keep his tattoos. Because thus far it doesn’t feel like they will. So I’ll need one to keep mint and another to commission a GK artist to properly mod. But yeaaaaaaah. Jan is like ~20k without Hancock because box split, a scale, a nendo, and a Variable Action Hero. Feb is Feb, enough said, and March is almost as bad. Hopefully April is just one Nendoroid and Luffy. June’s paid for other than shipping. So if I survive the first three months I’m home freeeeee. MegaHouse tends to have a four month time frame from orders opening and shipping. I don’t know if Souko’ll have the same conditions as Ginko, but even so, I should be safe? I hope??? I’m more worried about Law, and crossing fingers she gets the same treatment as recent L+E where they’re everywhere for the foreign market. But I just have to laugh, because it was an immediate knee jerk “help me get him” and there isn’t even paint. And then I wanted to cry because my sister saw Nami and told me she 100% expected me to get it because of the Crimin shirt and ponytail. As long as she’s not castoff, I should be safe. And even if she is there’s no way I’d ever display her without her shirt if I want to live. ;;

I’m just waiting on the two wonderful checks I’ll receive the middle and late this week, then I’m going hunting. For both a new DS and gifts. (for myself and others) I think games are going to be picking out of a hat, because theres so many I’ve wanted to play, but no working ds *A*
There are so many nostalgia things I want to get back into but at the same time, I looked at Digimon for the first time in a while and winced. I’m tempted to give it another go but all those exclusive figures….
I know everyone’s Eevee trash, because everyone loves fluffy and cute! And off the top of my head, it’s a tie between Flareon and Vaporeon. 2qt~ Though the newest magical girl looking one is super cute too. I’m tempted to look into the plushes, but I already have so many that I didn’t even take a portion of mine to college, so all but like five are in storage. And I’ve bought more so my bed is slowly getting taken over by stuffed animals!

Sakura’s always during Easter, so it’s spring but spring in Washington is still chilly! I’m super tempted to try to work in an east coast con next year, since I’ve only been to Colossal and Katsu on that coast. But all summers and heat. I can deal with cold no problem but I melt like icecream in the summer. I’m best friend I get clothes stealing privileges. If he wasn’t broader than I am he’d probably try to steal my stuff too but it’s impossible~~ I do need to stop being a lazy potato and get back on an exercise regime so I’m prepped for next year. But Arda’s thick and nice, their longer wigs are just kind of a pain to maintain, which is where Epic’s super nice!

Like what shade of blue because that’s tempting. Cosplay affects my regular wardrobe because I have no shame. I’d wear my log pose as daily wear if I wasn’t terrified of it breaking and being unable to replace it.

And I should probably post this and take a test and finish coloring maps because whoops both are due today. Maybe I'll take a nap after I get out of class, or maybe I'll sit and continue to play this addictive cat game that was recommended to me.
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