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Hey there everyone!http://33.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gcv6So5s1qzckow.gifYou can call me LunarSkye, but most call me Koi. I started off my collection with buying a Mikasa Ackerman Nendoroid in 2014 as a birthday gift to myself, but I actually gave that figure to a friend for Christmas in 2015. I got more and more into collecting as time went on. My collecting is slowly but surely growing as I get a new figure every 1 or 2 months. I'm wasting my money away but no one can stop me.

Other things about me
➺I can speak 2 languages and am learning 2 others
➺I'm one of the tallest people in my family but I'm only 5'1''
➺I've been playing violin for about 5 years
➺I have a cat
➺I'm a space and linguistics nerd
➺I run an aesthetic blog
➺I would fight one horse-sized duck rather than 100 duck-sized horses
➺My favorite things ever are coffee cake and strawberry cheesecake
➺Hideo Akuno is my one true love

☆Add me on some mobage!☆
♪Starlight Stage: 831160967
♪Theater Days: UE69WU7B
♪Live on Stage: 20948898
♪Cocktail Prince: 0780057102
♪BanG Dream!: 62568961

I run a SideM Live on Stage Discord server! Hop on over and say that LunarSkye from MFC sent you ;)
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Also check out my Kitsu @Hikaricht shameless plug
Noragami; WataMote; Are You Alice?; Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy; David Sedaris
Persona series; Ensemble Stars!; iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage; iDOLM@STER: Million Live: Theater Days; Touhou; Cocktail Prince, Love Nikki; Bang Dream! Girls Band Party
Kansai-ben; red eyes; white/silver hair, heterochromia; side ponytails; moe fangs; ahoge; chuunibyou
REOL; MARETU; Jesus-P; Meguro Shoji; Nujabes; Caravan Palace; saib.
21.5-inch iMac



Packaged SUPER greatly!! Wolverine couldn’t touch the figure or box!! Super Sonic shipping!

Amazing communication and seller!! Highly recommend this seller!!! Hope to do business with again!!
Love him!!
Thanks tons!

can't wait to do business with you again!!

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Happy Birthday ~
6 månader sedan
happy birthday lovely~
6 månader sedan
Happy Birthday! :)
1 år sedan
Happy birthday!!! I hope you have/had a wonderful day!!!
1 år sedan
Happy birthday!
1 år sedan
Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!
1 år sedan
Happy birthday!!
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LunarSkye (2 år sedan) #24240236Yeah and who tf are you again I don't recall
koiiIII nO pls u are the vinegar to my chips dont do this
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LunarSkye (3 år sedan) #6519444Knowing Aquamarine, ONE would probably be around 9k or so. Not too bad but not amazing either. I guess figure prices have been rising as of late anyway.
But I do remember exactly how the whole Vocaloid thing happened for me. It was back in 2008, when I watched a music video of an old MMORPG called Maplestory, set to Triple Baka. I know, great song for a first Vocaloid song. I searched out the original song and it just escalated from there. Then I took a break for about 5 months in 2010 and just randomly decided to pick it back up.
But who are your favorite Vocaloids? Favorite producers?
Other than IA, I really like Gumi, Rin/Len,
Luka, Nekomura Iroha, and vflower.
There are so many good producers I can't choose just one, so here are a few I guess (・∀・)
I would have to say Giga-P is my absolute favorite, with his stupidly catchy and upbeat songs. I have never listened to a song by him that I don't like. not to mention he's a really good singer
Jesus-P comes in a close second because I love her chiptune-influenced music, especially her Rin/Len stuff.
DECO*27's music is quite good too. I tend to like his more "punk-y" music (e.g. Ghost Rule, Streaming Heart, and Anti-Beat) than his slower love songs, but I find myself liking his slower songs every so often.
Pinnocchio-P makes extraordinarily interesting songs with a well-told story or moral behind them. His lyrics are amazing. Not too cryptic, but open to interpretation a lot of the time. I can talk about analyzing his songs all day.
Kikuo is the same way. His lyrics are more confusing than Pinnocchio, and I can't analyze them as easily (⌒-⌒; ) But even if you don't know the full meaning behind his songs, you can always tell that it's something dark. But Kikuo has a nice juxtaposition to his dark lyrics with really light-hearted-sounding music.
MARETU is someone I've been listening to pretty recently, and people compare his lyrics to Kikuo a lot because of how dark they are. His music is a little intense and always has a kind of "circus-y" feel to it. I really can't explain it. The best example of the whole circus thing is in his song Nounai Kakumei Girl. His songs are really good, but his lyrics can be a bit much sometimes.
Sorry for rambling on (;・∀・) I could talk about this for a long time.

here i am replying i like lots of vocaloids and lots of producers we have probably talked about it by now there pls forgive me i love u lots XXXXXX
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