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Hello and welcome to my page!

If you have any urgent matters that require my immediate attention, you can contact me at my line account, tipsygnostalgic, otherwise a pm here will suffice, I check back here compulsively every day unless I am out of town. Cheers!

Sales list and feed back

Major collections and shrines

Kagerou Project


Fire Emblem


Pandora Hearts

Dangan Ronpa

Touken Ranbu

@ thatbubbletea

myanimelist.net, Avatar The Last Airbender, Steven Universe, Miraculous Ladybug, Game of Thrones
Kagerou Daze, D.Gray-Man, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Pandora Hearts, Harry Potter, Skulduggery Pleasant,
Nintendo, Square Enix
Has a thing for girls with big ass weapons and bootiful boys.
Imagine Dragons, Mumford & Sons, Bigbang, じん, Soraru, Neru, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, BABYMETAL, Fallout Boy,
2013 Mac Pro 13 inch


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Thank you for joining the Trigger Club! :)
7 dagar sedan
LovelyIdiot (25 dagar sedan) #26503766Hi just letting you know that your payment for the Love Live straps club/618/discus... was due four days ago? I hope nothing's wrong on your end, please let me know if you have problems.

Oof sorry! I totally thought I confirmed for everything there already ><
24 dagar sedan
LovelyIdiot (1 månad sedan) #26121150Hi! I just wanna let you know that I sent Ruby (ITEM #588293) out yesterday!

Thank you! c:
1 månad sedan
LovelyIdiot (2 månader sedan) #24911357Hi! Your inbox is full and I'm trying to send you your invoice for your Pokemon straps!Cleared it, sorry! ; A ;
2 månader sedan
LovelyIdiot (2 månader sedan) #24398667Hey! Thanks for letting me know. I've gotten eCheques before so that's not a problem. I can just explain and ask for an extension from that person. I think that Paypal will only send eCheques if they've only got your bank account linked. They'll let you send instant payments if you have a verified credit or debit card linked as well.I had this account for about 10 years now, and I remember sending it to you before not as e-check, so I don't understand why they go back and forth lately. It's trying to echeck everything past few payments. Sigh.
2 månader sedan
LovelyIdiot (2 månader sedan) #24400599I think most people just leave it as Australia for their location, like it's a big country man, could be a lil more specific XD I know a few Perth people who do that. Only found out they were in Perth when I was selling stuff to them lol.
Yeah thats true xD
Mine was recently set to just Australia xD
Too much info can be dangerous afterall
2 månader sedan
LovelyIdiot (2 månader sedan) #24398751Hello hello! Thank you for the friend request, and yes it's always nice to see another collector in Perth! We're rare but I think we're steadily growing in numbers xD
Yeah xD slow but steady.
I rarely find Australians let alone Perth, but soon i hope more Perth people join xD
2 månader sedan
LovelyIdiot (2 månader sedan) #24393060Hi, your inbox is full so I'll leave the message here. Is everything okay on your end? I know I said Sunday and it's now Monday where I am, and I'd really like to pay someone else with the money.I struggle with PayPal badly, lately, as they keep adding problems with "oh you have to deposit check into your PayPal before you can use it" and now they slapped me with another problems... sigh... I'm sorry but it is sent. It may take few days to clear into your account. Do let me know if there are other known problems.
2 månader sedan
Sent a f/r because we're both from Perth and its rare to see other perth people on here xD
2 månader sedan
LovelyIdiot (2 månader sedan) #24203677Hi, I'm wondering if you got my invoice for the final fantasy straps? Payment for your moogle strap is due today but I'll wait one more day.

I apologize, I've been offline and didn't see the message! I'm sending the payment to you right now.
2 månader sedan
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Great Figure, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!