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Joyeux anniversaire, Sonico-fan! :D
5 månader sedan
Happy Birthday ;D
1 år sedan
Marco-Kun Sonico lover
Happy birthday! :)
3 år sedan
Marco-Kun Sonico lover
On a side note, I hate import tax. How do you deal with that?
Also, too bad I missed this :P ITEM #521862
3 år sedan
Marco-Kun Sonico lover
Yeaaah I'm going to be selective with figures! Too expensive haha
Gonna go through my Doujin too and select some artist that I want to keep buying like Ishikei.

I pre-ordered the Sonico Wedding thing too, but without the rings. That's soooo expensive! But you pre-ordered the one with the silver rings huh? Nice haha
You mean this one? ITEM #347654
She looks nice too :D
EDIT: I see you have some life size Oppai mousepads. Those price tags though... damn. not for me. I'm not sure what to do with the regular size Oppai pads I have. I'm never using them.... hmmm

Yeaaah I would have to look at the boxes I bought.
Hmmm not sure if I have all 96 cards then XD I have all 50 illustrations at least.
But I bought 5 boxes back then, totaling to 270 cards XD

So yeah, thinking of going through a lot of stuff and selling a bunch. I can't make ads for all that so probably going to make a post thingy. Maybe getting rid of cards I have more than once too. EDIT: Hmmm I don't think it is allowed to make a blog post about sales, so not sure what to do yet.

Kotatsu3 år sedan#19599418Hey ! long time no see ^^ .
Hahaha me either , I stopped collecting some figure like nendoroid or other series . I'm now only focusing on Nitroplus licence or doujin artist stuff.
My last pre-order was that Wedding Sonico silver box and Kasumigaoka Utaha Kimono ver.
Yeah I remember those card , I don't know where I put my box but you can see at the side of yours the contents .
Otherwise yeah it does have 50 illustration card but if you put holo (shiny) and signed card + normal card you have a total of 96 card (just SA-020 / SA-029 / SA-032 and SA-034 don't have holo)
50 normal card + 46 holo (same illustration but shiny card) = 96 card
3 år sedan
Marco-Kun Sonico lover
Hey! How are you doing? It's been a while!
I wasn't really on MFC for a long time. Haven't been ordering anything other.
I only have 1 figure on order now and that's this one: ITEM #500291

I was wondering if you remember this, since I can't find a lot of info on them:
ITEM #205044

Like, in the description I put "9 cards randomly assorted from 96 types" at the time.
At some websites I see 50, some 96. I'm confused. The photo I made back then has 50 cards on them:
So I assume it's 50, not sure where 96 comes from. Either way, buying 50 of those booster boxes was overkill at the time ... XD
3 år sedan
ღஜ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ஜღ Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY ღஜ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ஜღ

My Birthday cake for YOU! (´‿`✿)
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4 år sedan
Bon anniversaire !
4 år sedan
Joyeux Anniversaire !! (^_^)
4 år sedan
Kotatsu5 år sedan#3383308Here some figure I found :
Figma : order.mandarake...
Super Sonico Bunny : jungle-scs.co.j...
Valentine ver. : order.mandarake...
SQ Figure : jungle-scs.co.j...
1/2 scale : auctions.search...
Sonico Bondage Red ver. : order.mandarake...

thanks for the help ^^
5 år sedan
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